Friday, August 7, 2009

Site visit

Friday, 7th August 09

3rd Year students from QS Department, IIUM went for a site visit of Tan Sri Azman Hashim Complex which is still under construction.

This complex is located inside the IIUM campus which is near to the river side and The Great Hall of CAC.

Tan Sri Azman who is the owner of the Am Bank has contributed some of his wealth to the community specifically to the IIUM community by constructing this complex. This luxurious complex will accomodate for book shop, Banks (Bank Islam, Muammalat and Am Bank), and exclusive cafeteria.

The Boyz + Bro Azrin

The contract sum of this project is approximately 6.5 Mil. However, due to the complexity of the design, the curtain walling alone cost about 2.5 Mil.

The expensive curtain walling

Actually, the date of completion for this project was on 27 June 2009. However, due to some discrepancies in the drawings and some other problems, it is expected to complete by October this year. The contractor is still applying for EOT to be approved.

Constructing the drainage

Thanks to Bro Azrin and the part timer together with bro Amru (S.O.R) for accompanied us during the whole visit.

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