Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's hard to make a decision


Dah missed berapa hari posa?Joking! (But it's a FAQ during the childhood life whenever we met each other)

So,the last 10 days are coming soon.For those has prepared,just smiling and flashing the upper white teeth as a symbol of happiness and 'yeah I'm ready!'.

Allow me to divert a bit from Ramadhan topic to R.A.Y.A/ Eid Fitr. People might think that I'm crazy and kind of 'yea,yea nak raya' but no no no..It is just about how to go back for hari raya.

You need to plan right?For those who stayed in the eastern part,if you just start thinking to buy bus ticket,then u're in a big trouble.Most probably you should start collecting 'lagu-lagu raya' and roll it during hari raya as you'll be in 'perantauan'.

Choosing the right date and time to travel is very crucial.Or else you'll stuck in crazy traffic jams.

Me?I've booked a ticket for a charted bus for Anak-anak KEDAH.Alhamdulillah I'm managed to get a seat.But yesterday I just cancelled cause I planned to celebrate Raya here.(I bet u won't believe it.Of course not.Joking je..)No, actually my sahabat invite me to join him travelling by car from KL to Kedah.So,after considering few things like 'I never 'bermusafir' with this particular sahabat,then I agreed.

But then I received another invitation from my cousin to travel with him.Also by car.Alhamdulillah..Banyak sungguh rezeki kawe nak kelik nih.

The point is,how to decide?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The time has come...

The time has come...

Just counting the days..

.::. The ring where two souls become one .::.


Nuzul Quran


This post is not really reflecting the title.I just can't find the suitable title for this post.As Nuzul Quran was yesterday,then I feel like,oh nuzul quran sounds good.Sorry for that.

I really forgot about Nuzul Quran.Don't make it wrong.I didn't mean that I didn't remember the story or I've 'abandoned' the Quran and what not, but I just didn't aware that yesterday was Nuzul Quran.Make it worst,I totally forgot that Selangor and some other states in Malaysia make it that day as a holiday.

Hence,early in the morning,I walked all the way from my college to the faculty to attend the class.On my way to the faculty,I did realized that the library,banks and offices were closed.

There were nobody at the faculty that morning.No cars,bike etc. as usual.I sent an sms to my friend and 'she' replied,it is Nuzul quran holiday.I thought UIA is under Wilayah persekutuan KL.Believe me,for UIA students,please turn backside of your matric card and read the university address.

"IIUM, Jalan Gombak,53100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia."-Notice it stated KUALA LUMPUR.

So,I wasn't wrong although I'm in my final year and had the experience of celebrating the Nuzul Quran here.But I can't remember whether previous years it was holiday or not.My mind messed up.Thinking lot of things.

Yesterday was a very very good day for me.I can feel it.I really enjoyed the Friday sermon delivered by Asst.Prof... He is a Moroccan.Although it was in Arabic,but Alhamdulillah,I managed to get the gist of his khutbah.He didn't used any script as what other khatib used to do.Penuh bersemangat.Allahu Akbar!!

The terawih was led by brother Mustafa from Palestine.It's difficult to explain what did I feel.Bacaan Brother Mustafa is so so so nice.I've come across many Imams and some of the Imam I can feel the 'ruh'.I bet,those who never cry during solah,will Insya Allah at least menitis satu or dua titik eye drops.If tak juga,memang something wrong.

Rasa bersyukur sangat dipilih Allah untuk sambung belajar di sini.I can't imagine if I terima offer untuk buat dentistry di .... once upon a time after SPM.Or I accept to join AET (American Eagle Tanker)and study di ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia)as a marine engineer.

Memang perancangan Allah hebat.Here,I make many friends especially international students.Yamen,Sau'di,Turkey,Burkina Faso,Kenya,Ivory Coast,Algeria,Morocco,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Palestine,Syria,Brunei,Thailand,Indonesia and many more.Saya banyak belajar their culture,history,foods etc. Alhamdulillah..

Ok la..cukup dulu for now.


1)My dissertation supervisor is so nice.Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan so far.Now dalam proses nak muntah sebab kena banyak baca articles,journals,books etc.Please pray for me.

2)Shu'bah,ana dah dpt keje part time..hehehe..Tapi macam busy je and can't give full commitment.Well,at least I can work based on my schedule. 2 or 3 or 4 or even 1 times a week.It's so flexible.

3)Tomorrow ada invitation untuk iftar at my turkish friends' house.Esok tu ada iftar organized by my department.Haih..makan je..

4)Petang ni ada talk di EDU LR6 pukul 2-3pm.Jmput mai.Syeikh Dr.Muhammad Mahmood Siyam,Imam Masjid Al-Aqsa, Palestin datang.Jom pi kutip mutiara dari beliau.

5)Sekejap je nak habis dah part 2 Ramadhan.Jom boost up ke gear 5..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Media and Psychology


This post is more towards 'educational' scopes rather than 'sharing moment'.However,this is just based on my cynical perspectives.After all you will judge my idea and hopefully not judging me as a personal.

I've read online articles regarding the proposal to construct an Islamic Centre or Masjid near the 'Ground Zero' which previously was the WTC grid lines before the attack of September 11.And this proposal has beaten the drum for almost the whole community not only in the New York itself but the entire world.

It is really a controversial issue as the proposal has taken into consideration by the US President,Barrack Obama and the recent news stated that the proposal has been approved.

The approval of this proposal has created a little chaos around the NYC and people are questioned about it.Muslims has been pointed for the tremendous destruction and yet,they are allowed to construct an Islamic centre at the Zero Ground.

When Obama announced to the world that Muslims especially in the NYC has rights to construct the masjid and practise their believe without facing any anti-sentiment,some Muslims started to claim that Obama is actually a Muslim.He is more tolerate to the Islamic issues compared to the other US President.Some even declared Obama as the 'HERO'.

Personally,I didn't agree and I have my own reasons and interpretations about this issue.But right now,I'm trying to relate it to the Palestinian issue e.g. the embargo against the Gaza Strip.

After the Freedom Flotilla i.e. Mavi Marmara has been stormed brutally by the Israeli soldiers, both the USA and Israel received condemns from the whole world.Barrack Obama's reputation is stretched for being the 'back up' to the Israel, defending their uncivilized actions i.e. killing 9 'peacemaker' on board of Mavi Marmara.

Apart from that,we heard that the USA will keep on defending the Zionist Israel and supporting them.The USA even contributing sum of money to fund the Zionist army for developing their army based researches etc.

But people tend to forget about this Mavi Marmara issue which was almost a month being 'the front page issue' of each and every newspapers.

Personally,I think it is only a political tactic to 'rejuvenate' Obama's reputation.Media nowadays is trying to create peoples' trust on Obama by 'wooing'his goodness and his 'Islamic' thinking and approaches.How come the same person encouraging evils at the same time prohibit it.Doesn't make sense right?

This is nothing except Psychological attack.As time goes,people will be diverted from the main issue i.e. Palestine to the 'Obama The Muslim/Hero'.

Picture from

We as Muslims and have the understanding of it,shall have the 3D views.We cannot accept 100% from what we heard or looked.Allah says in surah Hujuraat verse 6:

"O ye who believe! if a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, Lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done."

I believed that the Family members of the martyr aboard the Mavi Marmara,would not accept Obama as a HERO.Our brothers and sisters in Gaza indeed.Why?Because they were the victims and they felt the missing of their loves one.We?something wrong with our heart as we didn't sensitive enough.

Believe me,we need to speculate the political issues and at the same time make our strategic planning to overcome their Media and Psychological war.Play our role as an individual or jema'ah to stess on the main issue before people started to be focus diverted.

Ustaz Noorazman Shamsuddin always said: "Tinggalkan maksiat dalam diri kita dahulu jika kita nak berjuang di Jalan Allah.Kemenangan akan terhijab oleh sebab maksiat yang ada dalam diri kita."


1)Sorry for writing something 'educated'.Hope it'll benefits others.

2)Ada gaya further studies in Psychology/Political analysis/IR tak?

3)I've bought an English novel entitled "Barrack Obama:Dreams of my father".Obama wrote the novel himself.400+ pages.Just read it halfway during the last semester break,but as soon Mavi Marmara was attacked,I have no mood to continue reading.I have a bad perception against him although I was thinking he is kind of "saviour" at the beginning of my reading.So,nak lelong je la novel tu.Ada yang nak beli ke?Still in good condition.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramadhan..Testing your patience


Ramadhan kareem...
Time waits for no one.It's just like in a blink of eyes and suddenly the first 10 days of Ramadhan left.Too fast! (One of the Qiyamah signs)

I've been tested by Allah few days ago and yet still under HIS tests.

Last three days,my precious sandal was stolen at the masjid during the terawih prayer.I love that sandal very much as it really fits and comforts my feet.Just bought it last 1 and half years.Still in good condition and of course it's quite expensive. (branded.RM...?)huhu..It really drives me crazy.Isk3..I did put my sandal at the shoe rack + a bit hidden area but still someone could find it.Sabar je la..

Anger?Innallaha ma'a assobirin

The next day,I went to the Bank to pay my fees.There were 5 peoples before coming to my turn.I was about to lose my temper as I couldn't accept the inefficiency of the Bank operation.Only one counter was opened and the person in charge at the counter seems like a trainee.Asking a lot of things from her boss who was sitting next to her.In fact there were other staffs at the back,doing nothing!
Was it happened due to Ramadhan?The productivity turn down drastically.I've waited for about 1 hour before coming to my turn.(I've wasted my time and I have lot of things to be settled)

And due to the 'human error' the lady behind the counter pressed twice the button to call for next customer.And it droves me and the guy who supposedly after my turn to go to the same counter at the same time.
As we reached the counter,the lady said, "siapa-siapa dulu pun tak pa."I just like to 'HOI!!'I've waited for 1 hour and she treated her customer like that.What on earth! I just kindda 'tapping the guy's back' (his turn should be after me) and showed my queue number without saying any words to him.I didn't smile at all (I'm not a guy likes smiling,and I don't really know how to smile.)

I just realized the moment I went out from the bank that the guy I was 'tapping his back' is actually a lecturer from IRK/HS if I'm not mistaken.-Tiba-tiba terasa bersalah and kurang ajar.I should let him get the service first although It was my turn.-Ramadhan memang menguji kesabaranku.Ya Allah...

Dahla..Tak mau cerita banyak-banyak.Not in a good mood.I've done lot of mistakes during the 1st 10 days of Ramadhan.It's not really a good start for me.Feels like better if I shove foods inside my stomach and go to sleep.Cranky!


Please pray for me..


1)I met my old friend at masjid today,after terawih.We know each other during my 1st year in the university.I was about to leave the masjid when he suddenly slapped my back.As I turn around,he just smiling showing his white teeth.He hug me as never met after about 3 years although we are in the same campus.Well,I'm busy with my stuffs and he's busy his.Just having a short talk with him before I left to my room.Oh,he is a postgrad student from Comoros Island.

2)The new cashier at my college kiosk dengan ramahnya berbual-bual denganku time nak bayar.He said I'm having a Malay look.(He is not from Malaysia)Well,this is the first time people said so.I'm confused now.Do I have an Arab, Cambodian or Malay look?(For sure not European)..

3)My best friend from Turkey (he is kindda a big brother to me)sent me an email.He finished his studies last 2 years and I thought he already went home,but he said that he is currently working in Malaysia.Huhu.I've lost his phone number,thus I never keep in touch with him after his graduation.Alhamdulillah he has my email.He wished to met me soon.hehe..(tiba-tiba terkenang zaman muda-muda dulu.I gave him 'baju melayu'as a present before he finished his studies here.Me 'melayu' kan orang turki kononnya.kekeke)In return,(of course I didn't ask for something in return)he gave me a great book from Badi'uzzaman Said Nursi.

4)My sahur menu are:Bread(sandwich bread),milk and dates.Alhamdulillah.Time kunyah roti pagi-pagi I teringat my friend (Architecture)who likes to eat roti.(Sambil menjeling Syafieq Mawi)He has finished his studies and still waiting for the convocation this coming October.He is like 'Raja roti.'He knows which bread is the best in terms of the softness,quantity and price.Yeah,it's absolutely giving value for the money.-QS very particular on value,cost,quality.hehe

Let us boost up the momentum for the next 20 days of Ramadhan.Jom jadi soleh and Musleh!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Imam yang syahdu..


I just realized that my blog was updated frequently..What does it means now?I would say I'm whether in stress or happy because I will start writing once I'm having these two mood,but for sure I'm still in buzzzy mode!.But not to be panicked.Just calm and steady.

Just telling you that I like performing Terawih here,in University masjid.Feel like really 'rest'(tarawih comes from the word raha/rehat right?).Because sometimes at other places,the imam 'tergopoh-gapah' to finish 1 juzu' everynight.Thus,their recitation and physical movements are bit too fast and kind of in rush.Rushing for what?

Here in the university masjid the imams are coming from two different countries.The first 10 rakaat will be led by Imam Idris Bashier from Morroco and for the second half will be led by Imam Muhammed from Algeria.Subhanallah.They have a great voice.I like Imam Idris as he will using different intonation for different themes of Surah and ayat.Sometimes it makes the Jema'ah wanted to cry although we couldn't understand Arabic.Ayatullah can penetrate through humans' sincere heart-The Miracle/Mukjizat of Quran.

Yesterday,I met one of my best friend asking me whether I'm planning to 'iktikaf or not at the Masjid during the last 10 days as what we had done before.I couldn't promise him whether to do or not to do.It depends..I think I'll be at home during the last 10 days.

The day before,I met my Architecture friend who already finished his studies and still waiting for the convocation this coming October.He's working now and he already bought a car.CASH!More than that,he just bought a house at Melaka.He bear all of the expenses.I kindda 'wow'.

He just asked me to ring him if I need job after I've finished my studies.Alhamdulillah.Ade jugak kawan nak tolong.We knew each other since Matriculation.

At the same time,I didn't plan to seek for a job after graduated.Rasa macam nak further study dulu.And if ada rezeki just wanted to gain experience aboard. (sambil menjeling kepada ing.hehe)

Till then,wassalam.

1)Ramadhan ni suddenly I became rajin untuk read newspaper (berita harian).I used to read The Star.Why berita harian?Seronok baca 'Salam perantau'..hehe.tu je.

2)I just get to know that the Ford motor company was originally from Anchorage,Alaska.(sambil menjeling ing sekali lagi)

3)My beloved and respected Mudir,(MATRI) is in critical condition.Please pray for his strength,sabr to overcome Allah's tests.He is a good Murobbi and Dai'e.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beberapa pesanan As-Syahid Hasan Al-Banna

I just came across these advises and it really touched my heart.

1) "Wahai manusia setelah kehidupan yang pendek ini kamu akan menjalani kehidupan yang abadi.Bila kamu memahami rahsia tugasmu dalam kehidupan ini dan mengikhlaskan amal untuk Allah,ada kenikmatan yang menantimu"

2) "Kesedaran aqal,kehalusan perasaan dan hidupnya hati dijadikan islam sebagai tunjang kesolehan individu"

3) "Saya berjanji akan menjadi orang yang istiqamah menunaikan ibadah serta menjauhi segala kemungkaran.Menghiasi diri dengan akhlaq mulia dan meninggalkan akhlaq-akhlaq buruk.Memilih dan mambiasakan diri dengan kebiasaan-kebiasaan Islami semampu saya"

4)Kebahagiaan kita tidak terletak pada harta,tidak pada penampilan diri,tidak juga pada gemerlap perhiasan dan keindahan dunia.Ukuran kebahagiaan terkait erat pada hati dan ruh manusia mendamba Redha Allah"

*Knapa susah sangat nak jadi soleh dan musleh?Hmm =(

Story 2


This is another 'entry santai'. Enjoy reading!

Yesterday, after Juma'at Prayer at the university masjid, I walked back to my college. I didn't wait and chatting/reciting Al-Quran as usual as I have bundles of assignments to be done.

On my way back,I have to use a route which there is a storm drain in the middle of the route and the drain does not being covered. So,people need to jump/langkah besar to cross it.

I noticed there was a guy walking behind me from the masjid,and he was on the same way with me i.e. using the same route. He was on the phone while walking and it wasn't my interest at all to listen to the his conversation.But his voice was quite loud and I can barely listened to his words.

When I came to the storm drain I jumped across it and keeps on walking.Suddenly,something attracted me,as I couldn't hear that guy conversation who was walking behind me.I turned around and saw he was inside the storm drain! Ya Allah!(it's a storm drain and you should expect the depth of the drain.Approximately up to human chest or head)

I was standing about 10 meters from the drain and confused whether I need to help him or not.But that guy still on the phone and acting calmly and relax as if 'he is not inside the drain'.So, I keep on walking and at the same time I'll turning back after few steps to ensure he is ok.And Alhamdulillah he managed to climb out from the drain and continue chatting using his phone.

I learned something from him.If only we can take things seriously,then we will do it,no matter of any problems and obstacles.If we think solat is important,then in any situation we will not give any excuses not to perform it.In that guy's situation,calling and chatting in the phone is important enough.Although he was stumbled inside the drain,he didn't hang up the call.(very impressive on him)
(tiba-tiba teringat iklan TM Malaysia di masjid-masjid 'Tiada panggilan yang lebih penting selain panggilan Ilahi)

*I just realized that the guy was wearing 'jubah'/robe and I think it is the asbab/reason he fall inside the drain.(Tak leh nak langkah besar).(lepas ni tak mau pakai jubah dah la.Pakai kurta cukup.hehe)

Friday, August 13, 2010



How is your Ramadhan?so far so good?Did you wake up for sahur?How about Qiyamullail?Great?Alhamdulillah if everything just pretty good.Still have time for improvement,Insya Allah.

So,this Ramadhan,the University Masjid do not organize iftar jamai'e as previous Ramadhan.I mean,there is no heavy food distributed for free to the students,except for dates and 'teh tarik.'Reason?The masjid management announced that up to now,there is no donation from the 'orang-orang kaya'/rich people to sponsor for the foods.Previously,they were rich men contributed some money to the university masjid.Well,what can I say?That's it!

I met new foreign friends this Ramadhan.One is from Africa and the other one is from Indonesia.The African guy is a PhD student.Alhamdulillah,he shared a lot of things with me.The Indonesian guy is from Jawa,and it really makes me confused whether to speak Malay or English with him.I'm afraid that my slang will be totally different from his.So,I mixed up between Malay and English.It's better right?

Ok,this is a true story:

At one time,I went to my Cambodian friends' room for a visit.There were 2 Cambodians and 2 Malays in the room. (4 person per room).I spent my time chatting and eating at his compartment until at one time the Malays came to the cambodians compartment to join the talk.It was a bit awkward when these two Malays keep on speaking English with me as if I'm a Cambodian.After a few moment,I told them that it's ok to speak Malay with me.They were kind of impressed on me as they thought a 'Cambodian' can speak Malay very well.As I was telling them that I'm Malay,they were like doubt with it and keep on asking 'kau ni pure malay ke?'.They said that I have a Cambodian face and that's why they speak English with me.Hmm... (tak kisahlah muka mcm mana pun.Allah tak nilai pun)

Another story is about I've been discriminated by the University security guard.Before you can enter the campus,the security guard will check whether you're really the student of the university or not,and you need to show your matric card to them.However this rules and checking procedure is likely applicable to the foreign students.If you're entering the campus by bus,the guard will only check the foreign students' matric card and not the local students.

One day,I came in to the campus by taxi with my friend.My friend was sitting next to the taxi driver wile I was at the back.When the taxi reached the post guard (entrance),the guard stopped the taxi and looked at my friend.As my friend is a MALAY,the guard left him and come to me.He looked me in doubt and asked for my matric card.What on earth!He thought that I'm a foreigner just because I have beard and a fair skin colour?I just wanted to say to him, "Pak cik,saya ni melayu.Adakah pak cik nampak saya seperti orang arab?Kalau ye,baguslah."
So,as I don't want to create any trouble,I showed him my matric card and he allowed me enter the campus.Alhamdulillah..

That's all for now.salam.

1)Have you ever heard a state named Alaska which is located at the northern part of USA?(sambil menjeling kepada Ing.hehe).tak de apa-apa..Abaikan je..

2)I'm planning with one of my classmates to organize an iftar among some of my classmates (brothers only) at the university masjid.

3)I've met my supervisor for my dissertation and she's willing to guide and help in in completing my dissertation.She's like 'wow I like your topic.Your topic is interesting.Alhamdulillah.But it is actually a spontaneous topic and I need to rethink again whether to proceed with it or not.This morning,my studio master said that there are some lecturers from other departments who are willingly available to be our supervisor.And I just like, 'ha?la..awat tak habaq mai awai-awai.'
From the very beginning I was plan to take 1 of the lecturer from the department of Architecture to be my supervisor as my interest is focusing on islamic compliance and yet it is that particular lecturer expertise.I like his style and way of thinking. (I was his student during the 1st year).He is an Assoc.Prof from Bosnia Herzegovina..Hmm..Kena istiqarah ni..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Putera-puteri MATRI,
Dalam usiamu yang masih REMAJA,
Jadilah anak yang soleh buat kedua ibu bapamu,
Kelak,andai sudah DEWASA,
Jadilah insan yang meringankan beban mereka.
Andai telah bergelar ibu bapa pula,
Didiklah anakmu sehingga dia tidak gentar,
Menjadi pendokong DEENULLAH..

Putera-puteri yang dipayungi Rahmatullah,
andai engkau belum berkahwin,
Janganlah pula engkau risaukan jodohmu.
Ingatlah putera-puteriku,
Jangan mulakan sebuah pertemuan dengan mereka yang bukan mahram.
Kerana dikhuatiri,
Maka lahirnya SENYUMAN,
Maka tercetusnya SALAM,
Dan sekaligus dengan PERTEMUAN,
Takut-takut lahir pulalah nafsu kejahatan yang menguasai diri..

Oleh itu putera-puteri,
Jagalah pandanganmu,
Peliharalah akhlaqmu,
Kuatkanlah pendirianmu,
Demi mendamba CINTA HAKIKI,
Bukan meraih KASIH INSANI,
Cukuplah hanya CINTA ALLAH memenuhi dan
menyinari kekosongan jiwamu,
Biarlah hanya CINTA ibu bapamu,
Yang memberi kehangatan kebahagiaan buat dirimu.
Cukuplah sekadar CINTA adik beradik dan kekeluargaan,
Yang membahagaiakan dirimu...

Harapan membangunkan ummah terletak di bahumu,
Jangan biarkan dirimu ditipu SYAITAN durjana,
Jangan biarkan dirimu terpedaya oleh GELORA NAFSU,
Sungguh apa yang ada di sisi ALLAH itu adalah lebih baik.
Seandainya kalian mengetahui,
Bersama-samalah kita terus berusaha mendidik diri dan hati,
Agar SERASI dan SECOCOK dengan

Putera-puteri harapan MATRI,
Bumi MATRI hanyalah tapak semaian,
Untuk kita didik dan islahkan diri,
Jangan biar tergolong dikalangan mereka yang rugi,
Buka dan serahkanlah sepenuh hatimu,
Demi mengutip mutiara-mutiara tersurat dan tersirat..

Putera-puteri harapan ISLAM,
Kerana kau akan memperoleh cinta daripada insan yang mencintai-NYA juga,
Kerana kau akan mendapat KEREDHAAN ALLAH.

Imanmu tidak goyah,
Sekalipun menentang arus jahiliyyah,
Walaupun begitu sukar dan payah,
Biarlah hatimu sentiasa tawakkal dan pasrah..

.::. Makalah Bingkisan Akhir buat Teman .::.
~Tamrin akhir tingkatan 5, 2005 ~
Ma'had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyah


Akan tiba masanya
Suria kan tersenyum kembali
Burung-burung kan berkicau riang
Rama-rama kan bebas berterbangan
Dan bunga-bunga kan menampakkan serinya
Menghiasi taman rumpun menghijau
Setelah musim demi musim berlalu
Mendung memuramkan suasana

Akan tiba masanya
Hujat rahmat kan membasahi semua
Pucuk-pucuk muda kan bangga menyerlah
Dan rumput-rumputan pasti menjalar megah
Bagaikan hamparan permaidani sutera
Setelah musim demi musim berlalu
Kemarau panjang mendahagakan dunia

Akan tiba masanya
Hati yang keras kan lembut semula
Jiwa yang engkar kan lebur akhirnya
Bila hembusan ilahi membelai mesra
Pemilik sekeping hati bernama manusia
Setelah musim demi musim berlalu
Dalam belantara ngeri tersesat ia...

~Makalah Siri bekalan untuk para Dai'e dan Murobbi~
.::. Tamrin Tingkatan 5,MATRI .::.



Alhamdulillah, Allah has given the opportunity for me to sahur as usual like the previous Ramadhan without facing any difficulties.

Although right now I'm suffering for sore throat,but who am I to complain for the sickness?I'm fortunate enough compared to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

I've read an article about this Ramadhan in Gaza.They have no electricity,lack of foods and many of them are jobless and couldn't feed their families.However their faith to Allah never ended.They have a strong soul and faith.

In other part of the globe,our brothers and sisters need to fast in the non-islamic environment.They have been oppressed,tortured etc. but they still practising what they believe i.e. Islam.Without no fear and doubt,they hold strong of their faith.How about us?

Here in Malaysia we make fast for about 13 hours and yet many of us complaining many things.Too hot,not enough rest etc.Even some students are excuses from attending the class due to tiredness.What a wreck!I heard the Muslims in Finland need to fast for about 20 hours + they're fasting in the environment which didn't encourage them to do so.


Why we're always looking for excuses and complaining here and there?Didn't we taking the 'ibrah from the battle of Badr?The great battle which was happened during the Holy month of Ramadhan.How were the Muslims at that time?Were they complaining to the beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wassalam?

What happened to this generations?~Lemah,lembik dan suka complain.

A great Muslim scholar once said:

"Zaman satu bangsa yang hina
Tidak pernah sunyi dari ilmuan,sasterawan dan ahli yang arif bijaksana

Mereka dipecahbelakan dengan pelbagai ideologi
Tetapi semua ideologi itu tertumpu kepada satu rencana:

Mereka ajar anak singa menjadi kijang yang pengecut
Dan mereka hapuskan kisah-kisah singa pada bicara zaman silam

Cita-cita mereka,menggembirakan hamba dengan perhambaan
Seluruh pengajaran mereka hanyalah penipuan cendiakawan

Inilah generasi baru kita wahai putera puteriku

Mereka itu adalah anak-anak singa yang bertukar menjadi kijang yang pengecut

Sebenarnya mereka itu adalah putera puteri muslim yang merdeka

Mereka diperhambakan,lalu mereka bergembira."


Moga madrasah Ramadhan dapat mentarbiyyah kita menjadi mu'min yang bertaqwa.
Sama-sama kita tingkatkan amalan perhambaan kita kepada Rabb Teragung,Allah dengan bersungguh-sungguh.

Andai kata ini Ramadhan terakhir buat kita,mohonlah pada Allah agar diterima segala amalan agar di akhirat kelak,kita punya asset untuk dipersembahkan di hadapan Allah.

Marilah menjadi hamba yang bersyukur..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Şeyler yapılacak

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5)Alış Türkçe sözlük

Allah benim için kolay

Stress?Yes I am


Ketika post ini ditulis,I'm in stress mode.Why?

1)I've spent a week looking/finding for my Dissertation topic.Alhamdulillah last night just managed to jot down the field of research I'm interested in.Then,made a few outlines + read few journals to support my idea.I have to met my lecturer and consult with her about my topic and ask her to guide me further.

Unfortunately,this morning she wasn't in her room.I walked all the way from my room to the Faculty around 8.40am and it was nothing..Hmm..Allah memang nak uji.-a bit stress.

2)Work loads seem to be increased from time to time.Rasa macam nak vomit pun ada jugak.
Stress lagi.

So,if lepas-lepas ni I'm not in good mood,please understand my situation.Or if you cakap dengan I,and suddenly I couldn't focus and melihat anda seperti tembus ke belakang,maksudnya otak I dah ada dekat lain.Sori..

Ok,tukar topic sikit.

If you asked me,kamu ni anak jati mana?I have no answer for that.I was born in one place but keep on berpindah-randah.Tapi,dah lama di Kedah.So,can I say I'm a Kedahan?And for sure,I have the spirit of anak-anak kedah.(Macam puak-puak sikit la..hehe)

Hari tu time counselling class,ada la ta'aruf sikit.The instructor keep on asking in detail if someone kata dia dari Kedah.So,I suspected he is also from Kedah,and I was right on that.Orang SP.hahaha..Time I introduced myself,and telling the whole class that I'm from Kuala Nerang,Kedah he said, "Woih! Hulunya hang!"
Hampeh betol.Memang tak dinafikan la agak hulu.And I just noticed that there is a girl in my class (From Human sciences department,If I'm not mistaken) who is also from Kuala Nerang.Tiba-tiba terasa ada 'geng'.Weh,orang-orang Kuala Nerang walau hulu, masuk University jugak tau! Jangan main-main dengan geng Kuala Nerang.Hehehe.

Ada la budak dari Changloon,Aloq Staq etc.

Ok,tu je.Post ni versi orang tengah stress...

1)Tonight will be departing to Kelantan.Please pray for me.Pi kelantan,tapi otak dok dekat assignments.hehe

2)Thanks to my sahabat for reminding me on the importance of sunat Dhuha.Jgn lupa doa untuk ana jugak.

3)Someone asked me to represent IIUM for lari ape ntah.dengar mcm MALAKOF tapi short form untuk apa,ntahla.Sabtu ni di UPM.Hehehe tiba-tiba terasa macam I'm the superhero Flash.Weh,bukan senang nk wakil UIA lari2 ni.But I'm at Kelantan at that time,so kena tolak la pelawaan tu.(tapi dalam hati masih menaruh harapan yang tinggi menggunung untuk berlari mewakili UIA..hehe)

Hari ni hari jumaat.Jom baca surah Kahfi.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahlan wa sahlan Ya Ramadhan


"Allahumma Bariklana fi Rajab wa sya'ban,wa balighna Ramadhan"

"Ramadhan,awwaluhu rahmah,wa ausatuhu maghfirah,wa akhiruhu itqun minnan naar"

"Man soma Ramadhan imaanan wa ihtisaban,ghufiralahu ma taqaddama li zanbih"
(betul ke ayat ni?)

"Celakalah mereka yang apabila Ramadhan telah berlalu,namun padanya tiada perubahan (kebaikan)"

There was a story of 1 guy asking his friend a question,"how're we going to 'khusyuk' in solah?"

So,his friend answred,"Before solah,stand straight.Remember,Allah is watching you.Keep focus and don't forget to recite surah An-Naas so that you'll be away from the whisper of Devils."

Then,the guy who asked the question replied,"You're right,but it's not precise.Actually,to get khusyuk in solah,your daily activities must always have the connection with your Rabb.It's impossible for you to khusyuk during your solah which only last for about 5 to 10 minutes if let say the rest of your time i.e 22 hours were spent with sins.Those sins will be affecting your solah.
Thus,in order for you to get khusyuk in solah,your daily routine need to be attached to Rabb at all time.As,the result,Insya Allah you'll gain khusyuk.In the mean time,solah will take care of your daily routine i.e. avoiding from sins".-It's kind of give and take;Solah perfecting the life while the life perfecting the solah.(Get what I mean?)

So,let us relate this story to the month of Ramadhan which will be coming soon.Do you think you can totally change (to good) after Ramadhan?Are you really depending on this month to tarbiyyah your soul?How about the rest of 11 months?What have you spent for?That is why,after Ramadhan,people still keep on continuing doing sins and didn't 'change' as he should be.Why?Because Tarbiyyah only happens in the month of Ramadhan.Don't expect Ramadhan to change your attitude if you,yourself didn't Tarbiyyah yourself for the rest of 11 months.-It same goes like how to khusyuk in solah.

Wallahu'alam..Let us ponder upon.

I really enjoyed celebrating Ramadhan in this university.Hopefully this coming Ramadhan (I assume it would be my last Ramadhan here..Isk3..)will give me a big impact to my soul and life.

Still remember during my 1st,2nd and 3rd years.Everyday I 'iftar' at the University Masjid.I met lot of new friends especially the foreign students.Malays seldom 'iftar' at Masjid.I met Ibrahim from Algeria who is a Master student in Law during 'iktikaf.He is a good friend of mine.Yasin from Madinah.Emrah from Turkey,Haitham from Jeddah and many more.

Hmmm...What a sweet memories.Listening to the Tazkirah after Tarawih delivered in Arabic (of course fushah)by Arab lecturers.

Sometimes received an invitation from my foreign friends for iftar at their room.Very kind of them.(Ade sekali tu iftar di bilik kawan orang Madinah.Iftar dengan kawan2 dari Turki etc.Lepas makan tamar,n nak solat maghrib,diaorang ni cepat2 je buat line and terus qamat.Then,main tolak2 sape jadi imam.So,disebabkan saya ni kecil and tak sempat nak berdiri dalam saff dek ditolak-tolak,maka mereka pun terus tolak saya jadi imam.Teringat zaman2 kat MATRI dulu.Imam main tolak2..hehe.Rupa2nya orang-orang arab pun sama ja mcm kita.Cuma rasa mmg tak layak sebab most of them are 'hafiz')

Till then..

Jemputan ke SKEMA (Seminar Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa)
Tarikh:8 Ogos 2010
Tempat:Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan Jalan Duta

Gerenti best,Insya Allah.Ada slot untuk Palestin yang akan disampaikan oleh Ustaz Noorazman Shamsuddin.Jom hadir!

I'll be leaving to Kelantan this weekend.Ada 'hal' to b settled sikit.Doakan agar dipermudahkan..Ameenn.. (tiba2 rasa gabra..dup dap dup dap.Ya Allah permudahkanlah)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Siapa patut stress?


Yesterday,on the way ke cafe after Maghrib,saya berselisih dengan salah seorang kawan arab.Mula-mula tu ingat nak ignore je sebab dia tengah khusyuk berbual dengan kawannya yang juga arab.Saya tak mahu ganggu perbualan orang.But suddenly,dia panggil saya.

So,mahu tak mahu saya pun berpatah balik pergi kepadanya.(sambil buat muka innocent.Kononnya tak notice kehadirannya di situ..Jangan tiru perangai ini)So,he introduced me as his Best Malaysian's friend.(terharu sedikit)Kawan dia tu terus tanya saya,"Speak Arabic?"

So,saya yang tak mau cari penyakit terus reply,"Oh,no no.Just English"..Malangnya,Kawan Arab saya ni dengan konfidennya kata kat kawan dia,"Oh,he is not telling the truth.He can speaks Arabic very well."

Saya pulak dengan terkejutnya statement kawan saya tu terus terus la menafikan,namun kawan dia tu lebih mempercayai kawannya lantas terus bercakap Arab dengan saya.

Ok,selama lebih kurang 10 minit dia dok 'prom pram prom pram'(istilah kedah untuk orang yg ala2 beletiaq or dok begebang sakan),sepatah habuk pun saya tak paham.Kenapa?Sebab dia guna Arab 'ammiy.(Arab pasar/tak formal)..And he expect saya paham.Yang kawan arab saya pulak rilek je..Setelah berdiam diri agak lama,ditambah dengan stress sebab tak paham apa yang diperbualkan,saya pun menyampuk,"Asif syeikh,fushah please."

Kawan arab saya teruja dan terus kata,"wow,bilingual".

Celah mana pulak saya ni bilingual arabic n English.English n Malay boleh tahan la jugak.

So,dia pun cakap la fushah.Alhamdulillah paham pun apa yang dia dok sembang tadi.So,ada la chance sampuk-sampuk sikit.(buat2 poyo terror arab la konon).Dalam 5 minit dia dok cakap fushah,dia menjerit,Arggghhh!!!

Dia kata dia stress.Susah nak cakap fushah.Kena dok cari perkataan2 formal.So,dia mintak excuse untuk guna 'Ammiy semula.So,saya pun spontaneously mintak diri la.Tak kan nak jadi tugu di situ,mendengar dengan tenang walau tak paham sepatah.Baik pergi isi perut.Kebetulan memang dok lapaq dah.

On the way dok jalan,saya terfikir...Siapa yang patut stress???Saya yang tak paham ammiy or dia yang susah nak cakap fushah??

Kesimpulannya,kawan arab saya tu yang patut stress.Dia yang memandai-mandai kata saya boleh arab.Kan senang kalau cakap english dari awal..Hmmm...

*Ing,nta kena ajar ana ammiy pulak.hehehe..