Friday, August 13, 2010



How is your Ramadhan?so far so good?Did you wake up for sahur?How about Qiyamullail?Great?Alhamdulillah if everything just pretty good.Still have time for improvement,Insya Allah.

So,this Ramadhan,the University Masjid do not organize iftar jamai'e as previous Ramadhan.I mean,there is no heavy food distributed for free to the students,except for dates and 'teh tarik.'Reason?The masjid management announced that up to now,there is no donation from the 'orang-orang kaya'/rich people to sponsor for the foods.Previously,they were rich men contributed some money to the university masjid.Well,what can I say?That's it!

I met new foreign friends this Ramadhan.One is from Africa and the other one is from Indonesia.The African guy is a PhD student.Alhamdulillah,he shared a lot of things with me.The Indonesian guy is from Jawa,and it really makes me confused whether to speak Malay or English with him.I'm afraid that my slang will be totally different from his.So,I mixed up between Malay and English.It's better right?

Ok,this is a true story:

At one time,I went to my Cambodian friends' room for a visit.There were 2 Cambodians and 2 Malays in the room. (4 person per room).I spent my time chatting and eating at his compartment until at one time the Malays came to the cambodians compartment to join the talk.It was a bit awkward when these two Malays keep on speaking English with me as if I'm a Cambodian.After a few moment,I told them that it's ok to speak Malay with me.They were kind of impressed on me as they thought a 'Cambodian' can speak Malay very well.As I was telling them that I'm Malay,they were like doubt with it and keep on asking 'kau ni pure malay ke?'.They said that I have a Cambodian face and that's why they speak English with me.Hmm... (tak kisahlah muka mcm mana pun.Allah tak nilai pun)

Another story is about I've been discriminated by the University security guard.Before you can enter the campus,the security guard will check whether you're really the student of the university or not,and you need to show your matric card to them.However this rules and checking procedure is likely applicable to the foreign students.If you're entering the campus by bus,the guard will only check the foreign students' matric card and not the local students.

One day,I came in to the campus by taxi with my friend.My friend was sitting next to the taxi driver wile I was at the back.When the taxi reached the post guard (entrance),the guard stopped the taxi and looked at my friend.As my friend is a MALAY,the guard left him and come to me.He looked me in doubt and asked for my matric card.What on earth!He thought that I'm a foreigner just because I have beard and a fair skin colour?I just wanted to say to him, "Pak cik,saya ni melayu.Adakah pak cik nampak saya seperti orang arab?Kalau ye,baguslah."
So,as I don't want to create any trouble,I showed him my matric card and he allowed me enter the campus.Alhamdulillah..

That's all for now.salam.

1)Have you ever heard a state named Alaska which is located at the northern part of USA?(sambil menjeling kepada Ing.hehe).tak de apa-apa..Abaikan je..

2)I'm planning with one of my classmates to organize an iftar among some of my classmates (brothers only) at the university masjid.

3)I've met my supervisor for my dissertation and she's willing to guide and help in in completing my dissertation.She's like 'wow I like your topic.Your topic is interesting.Alhamdulillah.But it is actually a spontaneous topic and I need to rethink again whether to proceed with it or not.This morning,my studio master said that there are some lecturers from other departments who are willingly available to be our supervisor.And I just like, 'ha?la..awat tak habaq mai awai-awai.'
From the very beginning I was plan to take 1 of the lecturer from the department of Architecture to be my supervisor as my interest is focusing on islamic compliance and yet it is that particular lecturer expertise.I like his style and way of thinking. (I was his student during the 1st year).He is an Assoc.Prof from Bosnia Herzegovina..Hmm..Kena istiqarah ni..


ing said...

klau nta d negara arab, nta ada klebihan bila wajah nta mcm org arab...
kbarangkalian utk nta kena "kapak" bila nk bli brg kt pasar lbh sdikit..
hehe =)

Alaska? (sambil jeling balik kt nta)..ana suka dgr cerita drp nta =)

Moga Allah mudahkn nta dlm bt tesis/dissertation...

ukur kira said...

Kalau muka mcm arab tp tak reti kecek arab tak guno jugak..hehe

Alaska?hehe..(sambil menjulingkan mata)

Aminn Ya Robb..

MuNsYi SaMa said...

cambodian pon dont have beard like u..haha

lenkali tunjuk matric card trus nk soh pakgad bising2

alaska? sambil jeling kehairanan kpd ing dgn nabil tgh main juling2.. :P

ukur kira said...


I was clean shaved la at that time,that's why ada iras cambodian.hehe.

Ok.Len kali I'll display my mtric card at all time walaupun di luar campus.(gantung di leher or clip dkt baju.hehe)

Alaska?Alah,ana tau nta mesti tau alaska kat mana kan?Ada apa dgn Alaska?Haaa...itu yang kita tak tau!hehe