Friday, August 6, 2010

Şeyler yapılacak

1)Post sözleşme atamaları
2)Emlak atamaları
3)QS Pratik atama
4)Araştırma yöntemi
5)Alış Türkçe sözlük

Allah benim için kolay


ing said...

Things To Do

1) Post contract assignments
2) Property Assignments
3) Assign QS Practice
4) Research methodology
5) Buying Turkish Dictionary

Allah is easy for me

Moga Allah prmudahkn smuanya..

Amin Misran said...

to ing:I think u copy and pasted it at google translate right?

so thats why its grammar is wrong..

You should write "May Allah ease me" instead of "Allah is easy for me"...

there are other grammatical errors here and it urself

ing said...

To Amin Misran:

x prasan..
Allah is easy for me???..

ana men copy paste je..

jzk sbb tlg btulkan..

♥chentatiku♥ said...

owh..senior qs rupenye :)

ukur kira said...

@ing & amin:

Sorry my bad for using non-english or malay words.I should have used English at the first place..

Not really senior.Just a student who still need a lot of 'ilmu.