Saturday, August 14, 2010

Story 2


This is another 'entry santai'. Enjoy reading!

Yesterday, after Juma'at Prayer at the university masjid, I walked back to my college. I didn't wait and chatting/reciting Al-Quran as usual as I have bundles of assignments to be done.

On my way back,I have to use a route which there is a storm drain in the middle of the route and the drain does not being covered. So,people need to jump/langkah besar to cross it.

I noticed there was a guy walking behind me from the masjid,and he was on the same way with me i.e. using the same route. He was on the phone while walking and it wasn't my interest at all to listen to the his conversation.But his voice was quite loud and I can barely listened to his words.

When I came to the storm drain I jumped across it and keeps on walking.Suddenly,something attracted me,as I couldn't hear that guy conversation who was walking behind me.I turned around and saw he was inside the storm drain! Ya Allah!(it's a storm drain and you should expect the depth of the drain.Approximately up to human chest or head)

I was standing about 10 meters from the drain and confused whether I need to help him or not.But that guy still on the phone and acting calmly and relax as if 'he is not inside the drain'.So, I keep on walking and at the same time I'll turning back after few steps to ensure he is ok.And Alhamdulillah he managed to climb out from the drain and continue chatting using his phone.

I learned something from him.If only we can take things seriously,then we will do it,no matter of any problems and obstacles.If we think solat is important,then in any situation we will not give any excuses not to perform it.In that guy's situation,calling and chatting in the phone is important enough.Although he was stumbled inside the drain,he didn't hang up the call.(very impressive on him)
(tiba-tiba teringat iklan TM Malaysia di masjid-masjid 'Tiada panggilan yang lebih penting selain panggilan Ilahi)

*I just realized that the guy was wearing 'jubah'/robe and I think it is the asbab/reason he fall inside the drain.(Tak leh nak langkah besar).(lepas ni tak mau pakai jubah dah la.Pakai kurta cukup.hehe)


ing said...

brsegeralah kamu pergi mendirikan solah sebaik sahaja mendengar seruan azan tidak kira bagaimana sibuk pun keadaan kamu ketika itu...

ini pesanan pertama drpd 10 wasiat IHAB..

*agak2nya lah kenapa IHAB letak yg tu sbg yg 1st,
bkn yg ke 7th atau 9th....?

ukur kira said...

@ing: show that solah mmg sangat penting.Solah lah buah segala amalan.Kalau solah terjaga,sempurna Insya Allah amalan2 lain akan terjaga juga.Ana rasa la..

Tapi kan,ada org kata ada xception utk majlis2 ilmu.contohnya tgh2 kuliyah or class tiba2 waktu solat dh masuk.Then it's ok to proceed with the class.Solat after finished lecture.Hmm.apa pndapat nta?

ing said...

Solat fardhu 5 waktu brjemaah d Masjid sgt2 d ambil berat oleh IM..

Justeru,mana2 kump islam yg brintima' dgn IM sharusnya juga mnjaga solah brjemaah 5waktu d Masjid..
(Bkn skdr brprogram smata2..)

pandangan ana, kita kena proceed with d class..
itu lbh aula ana rasa (dlm konteks semasa).