Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramadhan..Testing your patience


Ramadhan kareem...
Time waits for no one.It's just like in a blink of eyes and suddenly the first 10 days of Ramadhan left.Too fast! (One of the Qiyamah signs)

I've been tested by Allah few days ago and yet still under HIS tests.

Last three days,my precious sandal was stolen at the masjid during the terawih prayer.I love that sandal very much as it really fits and comforts my feet.Just bought it last 1 and half years.Still in good condition and of course it's quite expensive. (branded.RM...?)huhu..It really drives me crazy.Isk3..I did put my sandal at the shoe rack + a bit hidden area but still someone could find it.Sabar je la..

Anger?Innallaha ma'a assobirin

The next day,I went to the Bank to pay my fees.There were 5 peoples before coming to my turn.I was about to lose my temper as I couldn't accept the inefficiency of the Bank operation.Only one counter was opened and the person in charge at the counter seems like a trainee.Asking a lot of things from her boss who was sitting next to her.In fact there were other staffs at the back,doing nothing!
Was it happened due to Ramadhan?The productivity turn down drastically.I've waited for about 1 hour before coming to my turn.(I've wasted my time and I have lot of things to be settled)

And due to the 'human error' the lady behind the counter pressed twice the button to call for next customer.And it droves me and the guy who supposedly after my turn to go to the same counter at the same time.
As we reached the counter,the lady said, "siapa-siapa dulu pun tak pa."I just like to 'HOI!!'I've waited for 1 hour and she treated her customer like that.What on earth! I just kindda 'tapping the guy's back' (his turn should be after me) and showed my queue number without saying any words to him.I didn't smile at all (I'm not a guy likes smiling,and I don't really know how to smile.)

I just realized the moment I went out from the bank that the guy I was 'tapping his back' is actually a lecturer from IRK/HS if I'm not mistaken.-Tiba-tiba terasa bersalah and kurang ajar.I should let him get the service first although It was my turn.-Ramadhan memang menguji kesabaranku.Ya Allah...

Dahla..Tak mau cerita banyak-banyak.Not in a good mood.I've done lot of mistakes during the 1st 10 days of Ramadhan.It's not really a good start for me.Feels like better if I shove foods inside my stomach and go to sleep.Cranky!


Please pray for me..


1)I met my old friend at masjid today,after terawih.We know each other during my 1st year in the university.I was about to leave the masjid when he suddenly slapped my back.As I turn around,he just smiling showing his white teeth.He hug me as never met after about 3 years although we are in the same campus.Well,I'm busy with my stuffs and he's busy his.Just having a short talk with him before I left to my room.Oh,he is a postgrad student from Comoros Island.

2)The new cashier at my college kiosk dengan ramahnya berbual-bual denganku time nak bayar.He said I'm having a Malay look.(He is not from Malaysia)Well,this is the first time people said so.I'm confused now.Do I have an Arab, Cambodian or Malay look?(For sure not European)..

3)My best friend from Turkey (he is kindda a big brother to me)sent me an email.He finished his studies last 2 years and I thought he already went home,but he said that he is currently working in Malaysia.Huhu.I've lost his phone number,thus I never keep in touch with him after his graduation.Alhamdulillah he has my email.He wished to met me soon.hehe..(tiba-tiba terkenang zaman muda-muda dulu.I gave him 'baju melayu'as a present before he finished his studies here.Me 'melayu' kan orang turki kononnya.kekeke)In return,(of course I didn't ask for something in return)he gave me a great book from Badi'uzzaman Said Nursi.

4)My sahur menu are:Bread(sandwich bread),milk and dates.Alhamdulillah.Time kunyah roti pagi-pagi I teringat my friend (Architecture)who likes to eat roti.(Sambil menjeling Syafieq Mawi)He has finished his studies and still waiting for the convocation this coming October.He is like 'Raja roti.'He knows which bread is the best in terms of the softness,quantity and price.Yeah,it's absolutely giving value for the money.-QS very particular on value,cost,quality.hehe

Let us boost up the momentum for the next 20 days of Ramadhan.Jom jadi soleh and Musleh!


MuNsYi SaMa said...

sabar akhi. i can imagine ur face look like the little girl in the pic. :)

Allah uji tu. tanda Allah syg dekat nta.

ing said...

x tahu nk ckp apa..
(rasa x lyk nk nsht nta suruh brsabar)..

*hmm...ujian tu..Ada org lain kena uji lg teruk =)

"Kun basuman, wala takun 'abusan, kanal ibtisamu sodaqotan"

ukur kira said...

@ shu'bah:

which little girl did u mean?
If u're referring to the palestinian cartoon on my profile,then u're wrong.It's a BOY!hehe

He's not wearing a veil but a muffler,covering part of his head.

Hopefully Allah loves me..

@ Ing:
Nasihat je ana.Ana teruk sngt skrng.Isk3..

Agreed.Ramai lg orang yg diuji dengan pelbagai ujian.Kita yg baru diuji skit,dah nak melenting.

Aiwah,inna ibtisama sadaqah.

Atiqah said...

byk benar ujian Allah dlm bulan Ramadhan ni..sejauh manakah kita bersedia dan sabar menghadapinya..wallauhalam

moga terus kuat utk bersabar..

ukur kira said...

@ Atiqah:

Sejauh mana kita bersabar depends dengan sejauh mana proses tarbiyyah berjalan dalam diri kita.

Tq.Moga kita semua kuat utk bersabar

MuNsYi SaMa said...

i'm referring to the girl in this post la.hehe