Monday, January 31, 2011


Is it winter now in malaysia?

Subhanallah it's totally cramping cold down here in the campus.I've switched off the fans,closed the windows but then the 'coldness' is still there.

It's a windy day today as the rain has stopped.

I almost 'stumbled down to the earth' this morning while riding (borrowing) my sahabat motorbike to the masjid for Fajr prayer.(too cold + raining )..

Even in the afternoon I was wearing my long neck sweater inside the room while doing my works.

Hopefully the weather will be quite good this evening as I've planned to visit my Turkish friends at their house.

Suddenly the weather reminds me on one of my sweet memories..somewhere back in 1996..


the childhood (part 1)


It has been raining since the past two days.The condition is quite chilling and In fact,yesterday when I was in the library the tendency to sleep was quite high but Alhamdulillah I've managed to overcome it.A high neck sweater and a black cap really comforted me.

Each and everyone of us has their own childhood story and experience.The only thing that make it different is the way on how we perceived it.Some of us having a 'nightmares' but I guess most of us having a happy-naughty experiences.

Well,if I were about to be asked about my childhood,I would say I was having a very sweet moment as I grew up in sub urban area where we used to play all the traditional games etc.

My house was the 'port' where we used to assemble in the evening.I could say it was like a center where my friends will gathered after asar before we started our evening routine.


One of my favorites games was the 'guli'/marbles.I used to be the 'king' where I swap out all of my friends marbles.I started with few numbers of marbles but at the end of the day,I had pails of marbles.

It really enjoyable when you need an extra skills to shoot out the marbles inside the circle.Sometimes it required us to lie down our body on the ground.At a glance it seems like a soldier crawling during the fitness training.

I'm not sure what other people called the shining white marble.Amongst the other marbles,it is the most beautiful and expensive one.So,I used to set in my mind,shooting the white marbles before someone else did that.

Those the beginner,we allowed them to use the big marbles for their shooting bullet.(the main marble where we used it to shoot other marbles inside the circle).The size of that marble is about 3 times the normal size.

I'm not sure whether the 'beginners' realized or not that they were actually kind of being 'cheated'.As they thought the bigger the marble they used,the chances for them to shoot out other marbles in the circle were high.Yes of course it do but they really need a skillful technique to do that.They forgot that the bigger the marble,the heavy it is hence the chances for the marble to stuck inside the circle is quite high.- Argghh.. whatever..

I really missed my childhood life especially my best friends.
I'm pretty sure that kids nowadays are reluctant to play such games.In fact most of them didn't even know how to play this game.

Technology really kills our kid's life..

Anyone wanted to play 'guli' with me?Rise your hand please!!

I had many other experience e.g. buli anak2 cina.(I'm not racist.Just enjoy 'fighting'),mandi sungai,pancing ikan,main gasing,layang-layang,main hide n seek di malam-malam Ramadhan,kayuh basikal ke sekolah,buat cha-plom (a bamboo we used as a gun to shoot others.guna buah cenderai as the bullets.Kena baju memang habis la..Tak tanggal getah dia tu.Kira ada parut di baju la.huhu

(suddenly missing my olden days.)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

ourselves and others

Most of our decisions are taken into our personal consideration (for the sake of ourselves) rather than the impacts towards others. (which is normally our closed relatives/friends)



Thinking and preaching,
It is serious and not joking,
Even your heart isn't touching and feelin',
The things you've been talking,
Never mind as everyone sees you as a loving and caring.

In the greenish yard he linger,
Reflecting himself in deeper,
Suddenly pointing his index finger,
Towards one naive Mr. Stranger.

Muslims in words not in the heart,
The 'tazkirah' delivered sweets as a blueberry tart,
Though he taught people loves very much,
But it's embarrassing as it's not so smart.

You claims to be a good preacher,
Yet still advocates the evils and sinners,
Blaming oneself will never till summer,
Is it summer or never,forever ever?!

Turn to Allah HE never far away,
As what Maher Zain used to say,
But then still preachers love to delay,
The turning back on the right way.

It is not about ourselves,
Neither pointing somebody else,
Although sometimes it may have,
But you won't realize until your death,
And Allah will do all the rest....

-NJ 2011-

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the chivalrous man of the day...

I was at the resource center this morning,digging something for my research.After found few things which were related to my scope of studies,I went to the photocopy machine and started to copy the relevant pages. (some were my senior thesis etc.)

While I was happily operating the photocopy machine,there came a sister in a 'hurry' to use the photocopy machine too.

sis:Brother,how many copies more till I can get to my turn?
Me: Not much.Just one page left. (sambil senyum)
sis:Oh,ok. (sambil buat muka kalut/tergesa-gesa)

After I've finished the last page,I handed over the photocopy machine to her.

Me:sis,u need to set it up again to the normal setting.I've made some changes to the settings.
Sis: can u please help me setting it up again?I don't know how to do it.
Me:Give me some space (sambil buat2 gentleman untuk men'setting' semula.Padahal aku pun tak tau.

After few seconds...

Me:Ok.You may use it now.(aku pun tak sure sebenarnya.Tapi buat macho ja..kekeke)
Sis: Ok,thanks

After 1st page she copied...

Sis: OMG!! What happened?Why it didn't fits the page?
Me:Hah?Let me check it.. (sambil buat2 pandai setting mesin photostat tu smula)


Me:Ok,it's ok now.Don't worry..

Sis:Oh no!!Not again!
Me:What happened?
Sis:It still didn't work!
Me:Hmm..I wonder why.Let me take a look again..(sambil menekan-nekan punat mesin itu)

Me: OK!! already ok.
Sis:OMG!!OMG!! what happened to this machine?(sambil berlari-lari mendapatkan kakak yang sedang bertugas di kaunter untuk mendapatkan pertolongan.)

Me:Sorry sis!! (sambil menjerit-jerit sedikit)

I stepped out from that machine,leaving her alone..(that sis need to bear all the wastage costs.)huhu..sorry sis.I just wanted to help.(Sambil melarikan diri agar tidak di 'claim' compensation oleh sis tersebut atas 'kepandaian'ku setting mesin tu.)

(Few eyes were staring at me at that time..But I just ignored.Buat macho sudey as my friend used to say)

Few minutes later as I wanted to leave the resource centre....
Suddenly the door couldn't be opened.It was locked!! I was kind of pushing and pulling the door but it seems useless.

Cis..Beberapa mata sedang memandang aku seperti aku ni criminal.(Weh aku terkurung!!)
Rupa-rupanya kakak admin yang bertugas tu pi toilet.So,she locked the door while she was away,avoiding people from coming in.Yet it wasn't about the people to coming in,but I WAS THE ONE WHO TRAPPED INSIDE IT!!

Morals:Just admit if u didn't know a thing.Don't pretend to know something.(I knew how to operate it but somehow I don't know why it didn't work,ok!)

Buat baik berpada-pada,buat jahat jangan sekali.(Dah menyusahkan sis itu.She needs to pay segala kertas2 photostat yang tak jadi tuh..isk3..sian2)

Buat baik kerana Allah,bukan sebab nak jadi macho..

Nak gi toilet,janganla kunci pintu tu..Kang kami yang kat dalam tu nak ke toilet jugak,tak ke susah?Mana mau pergi?


*I went to the University health center this evening as I'm still coughing since the last one month.- I need to do an x-ray tomorrow morning.Something wrong with my lung?Ya Allah...-Kifarat dosa..

When the doc was examining me,she asked whether I'm a smoker or not..(Oh! Adakah muka sesuci ini merokok?Maybe due to my hair lately.Agak serabut ala2 drug addict..Mana ada..memang tugas doc la to ask patient about their history in order for her to diagnose the disease.

Hopefully batuk2 biasa..bukan TB..Na'uzubillahi min zalik.

*Cerita ni ada di tambah-tolak sikit2 agar sedap jadinya.Tetapi jalan cerita masih sama..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

semester break!


We (IIUM students)are about to bump the semester break in 2 days.(sem break + chinese new year).I called my ummi the other day and she asked me whether I'm coming home or not.

My abah and sister were also asking the same question.

I admit that I haven't return to my hometown for quite sometimes.I can't remember when was the last time I went back. (Raya Aidilfitri kot as I was celebrating Eidul Adha here in the University.)

Seems like whether it's a break or not,my life is about the same.Not getting enough 'break' at all.(After all,a Muslim never have a specific time for 'break' right?Tanggungjawab lagi banyak dari masa yang ada.-IHAB)

So, till now I haven't decided whether to go or not to go back home.It's not the matter of I'm not missing my family or what,but it's all about the due dates.They keep on chasing me every seconds.Tak terkejar yob!!


The Prophet once said:

"Whenever a person went out for seeking knowledge,he is on the path of 'fisabilillah' until he went back." (Au kama qal)

"Man kharaja fi tolibil 'ilm, fahua fisabilillah hatta yarji'."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sooo cute


Recently I'm having the feeling of a so called 'missing the baby'.I'll play some videos of my nephew before going to bed and releasing my 'study stress' by looking at his photos.

So cute and adorable...Look at his eyes.Round as if a ball.Curly hair with not so 'black' colour type..But this is not my nephew.Guess who?

Wanna have a look at my nephew?Let's check it out!

Few months old.He loves to smile.

Just know how to sit.Seems like he was confused,trying to find his fingers.

His mom (my sis) made this cute chair. (hand made)

suka hisap tangan.Bukan hisap jari..

Few months old.First day crawling (merangkak)

Recent pic. (1 year and 2 months old).
Just enjoy watching his walking. "ke tok ke tek,ke tok ke tek".

One of my friends said to me:

"Kau jangan rosakan anak menakan kau ni.Kau tu dah la jenis happy-happy."

Me: Insya Allah.. (dalam hati.Ish macam mana dia tau aku ni ada tendency nak merapu dgn kanak2?)

Back stage scene...........

Tadaaaaa!!!!!See..we (me n my younger bro) taught him to be a 'man'.


1) I'm already happy having nephew/s nice/s... (if my fate stated that I'm not getting married later on)

2) Who's in the 1st pic actually?

3) Trying to be a good 'uncle'/ Pak Lang..kekeke

"Each and every babies were born in the purest state(Fitrah/Islam).It is their parents who will 'color' them whether to be a Jews,Christian or Majusi"..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

'kacau line pulak'


There'll be a special talk for final year IIUM Quantity Surveying students tomorrow.
This talk is more or less like a career talk.What we as a future QS(but not me la..)should undergo before being a Qualified Registered Quantity Surveyor.

The speaker/s will be coming from the Institute of Surveyor Malaysia (ISM).

So,we need to wear a formal attire + neck tie (in fact Monday is our professional day and need to wear such attire..No hal la..)


But then just go la..At least dapat new info.-Arggh!! kacau line saja talk2 ni.

My batch pic when we were in the 2nd year.Ada lagi ni yang tak dak in the pic (Mana aku?pandai2 la korang carik)

*Pre-Grad dinner would be held on this coming February.
Theme: traditional and modern. (ni yang aku nak 'melaram' ala2 dressing 'Hang Jebat'.)
Venue: Skyroom.Hotel apa ntah in the middle of KL city.

Initially I planned not to attend it.You should know how a 'dinner-at-hotel is all about.Experience during my second year really 'frustrating and menyedihkan'.- Rosak iman.

But then, there will be some categories to be nominated and will be announced the 'winner' during the dinner.

My so called 'cool' friends did nominated me as 'the most punctual student'.-Hahaha.
Well,itu of course.Timing tu penting but I didn't expect people to notice it and nominate me for that category.(Hopefully dapat kat orang lain)-Ni lagi satu.Kacau line aku nak ponteng dinner.Kang aku 'menang' and absent,obvious pulak.Adeh..
(one of my friend did asked me to 'perform' during that night.No hal! Ada guitar jalan,tapi kau nyani la,aku petik guitar ja.Lagu apa mau? Jinbara-Cinta Pantai Merdeka?Haha.Guys,in three,two,one..)

Sudah hilang 'serious'.Santai2 sudey.But then some were still 'serious' on the camera.

*This is an annoying post.- Some of the points are not true.(Guess which one).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

After every rainfall there's come a rainbow


Praise be to Allah as HE is still giving me the opportunity to share something here.Although my daily schedule is a bit 'pack', Insha Allah i'll be trying to spend 'some of my precious time' sharing my thought which is basically coming from my personal experience.

Actually 'After every rainfall there's come a rainbow' is a song title singing by the Outlandish as a tribute to the Pakistanis whom were suffering during the previous flood.

I'm not going to share the lyric here nor to sing it,but I wanted to share the gist of this phrase from my own understanding and perspective.

As far as my understanding is concerned,it is all about 'Never loosing hope'.Because each and every single thing that happened there are 'something' to be deserved in the future.

Or in other words,in every hardships, there is still a hope and rewards later on.The point is,never give up and and loosing faith in Allah.Believe me,Allah never burdening His slaves.ALLAH is Al-'ADL.

Just to share with my fellow readers a true story which was happening to my best friend.- In Every Hardship there is always a light.

Long story short,my friend need to extend another "ONE YEAR" before he could graduate, as he was failed his 'Studio' during the last semester. (Those in the Architecture/Landscape Architecture/QS/Art and Design etc. knows better on this subject)

Frankly,if I were at his situation,it would be totally messing up my life.I'll be mourning all the day.Of course my friend was having the same feeling.Crying etc.Alhamdulillah he kept on smiling whenever we met as if he was having no problem, although sometimes I did know he was in the 'deepest sadness' by looking at his eyes. (Believe me I could 'read' people...sometimes)

Suddenly one day unexpected thing happened to him.He was offered to travel to Morocco for two weeks.He only need to pay for the flight tickets i.e RM2000.00 (two ways tickets)which is actually quite cheap as the normal price would be RM6000.00

All the expenses for foods,hotel etc was fully sponsored.

He got the offer not during the semester break hence he need to 'sacrifice' his classes.Biiznillah, as he failed his studio ( die hard core subject),he couldn't take many subjects.He only have 2 classes per week.

In fact,these two subjects are not too 'heavy' and he could 'catch up' later on.

His 'vacation' was not a 'fully rested mind' type.It was about attending conferences,meeting with other youths from all over the world etc.At least he could broaden his experience and knowledge.

Before he 'fly', I met him and he told me that This is the 'HIKMAH' of 'husnuzon' with Allah.Although he failed his studio,Allah replaced with something else which I think is a much more better for him.


*Dengar khabarnya,akan ke Spain sekali memandangkan Morocco berada di Selatan Spain.Semoga Allah berkati perjalanan sahabatku ini.


1)Never lose hope
2)Husnuzon dengan Allah
3)Jangan pulak saja2 gatai nak bagi fail subject than expecting nak pi travel jugak.
4)Senaraikan sendiri mana2 rasa yang patut.

Jazakallahu khair to my particular sahabat as he gave me two books as a present before he departures to Morocco.

.::. After Every Rainfall there's come a Rainbow .::.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing language

I was chatting with my Turkish friend...

Me: Assalamualaykum.Nasilsin?

Him: 'Alaikumussalam.Khabar baik.
Apa khabar?

Me: Alhamdulillah iyiyim tesekkuler. seems like as if I'm a Turkish and he is a Malaysian...
I Haven't meet him for quite sometimes.He is currently doing his PhD.(biotech) in UTM but now he is in Istanbul university doing his research for 6 months.

I used to go to his house (including some of his friends.My friends too actually) in KL years ago.

Quite funny when suddenly he asked me whether I've already anyone (girl) in my mind for my future wife.- Are you serious?I've already engaged! Did I? (wallahu'alam)

When I was chatting with him, he was kinda 'mengajuk' our Manglish (Malay+English)style.Most of Malaysians tend to say 'la' at the end of every sentence.

E.g. Maybe la,You go first la etc.


*He wanted me to be his spokesman as he is going to marry a Malay girl insha Allah.Oh,no no no..Teman boleh la..Jadi jurucakap absolutely not.

I really enjoy making friends with Turkish.May Allah bless our ukhuwwah..



Have you ever participated in cooking in 'bulk'? I mean in a large quantity like preparing foods for wedding receptions. ('kampung' style we used to cook in 'gotong-royong' instead of calling for catering)

I did learnt new things from these people especially things that we used to get it theoretically in classes but seldom having the opportunity to experience it in hand.

Just to share with you my personal experience when I was involved with my local community.

At one time (during the last Ramadhan),I was sweating myself cooking at my 'Qariah masjid' for the iftar which later,the foods will be distributed to the local community.

I do have some skills in the kitchen,but preparing foods in the large quantities really different and quite difficult.It wasn't an easy job to estimates the quantities of each ingredients e.g. salt,'santan' and even water for the rice which to be cooked in the 'jumbo rice cooker'.

Alhamdulillah all the 'mak cik-mak cik and pak cik-pak cik' helped me a lot.They were not mean to guide and teach.

There was a time when I was stirring the 'gulai daging' using the 'paddle' and suddenly I found a spoon inside it. I pulled it out and obviously thought I was the savior for finding the 'unnecessary thing' inside the 'gulai kawah'.

Suddenly one mak cik shouted and asked me to put the spoon back inside the 'gulai'.After been explained,the spoon immersing again in the 'gulai'.

This wasn't 'berlakon'.I was stirring the 'lauk' while been supervised by these pak cik-pak cik.Credits to my bro for this pic.

That mak cik told me that the spoon is acting as a catalyst.It helps to increase the heat so that the meat inside the 'gulai' will easily soften. It increases the rate for the meat to be soften per time.

It was actually a new thing for me.( but I'm curious a bit.I'm a afraid there is other chemical reaction between the stainless steel spoon and the heat.Is there any harmful reaction emitted from it?)


*Never underestimates 'orang-orang kampung'. Although they didn't learnt it in class,the have numerous experiences in hand which we couldn't find them in classes.

Question: If you are about to wash 5 sacks of 10kg 'beras', how would you do then?Initially,I thought it is by transferring the 'beras' into smaller pots and start washing it.However it consumes lot of times as it requires few cycles to wash the whole 5 sacks.

Answer: A pak cik (during the 'cooking event')taught me by 'stabbing' few small holes at the sacks using a small thing like a pen. As the 'kampit beras' is plastic's made, it is easy to make holes. Then,pour water inside the sacks and it will wash the whole 'beras' and automatically the water will flow out from the holes.Repeat it for few times until the 'beras' is totally washed.-The 'beras' is ready to be cooked!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The young Mujahid


I was 'blog walking' at one of my sahabat's blog when suddenly I was stopped by an inspiring nasheed.

This nasheed wasn't new to me but listening to it really boost up my 'himmah'.So,just wanna share the lyric with my respected readers/stalkers.Hopefully it'll revive your/our spirit to work for the sake of Allah.

This nasheed is from Shoutul Harokah. (Please excuse me for the lyric is in Malay)

Mujahid Setia

Bangkitlah mujahid bangkitlah
Rapatkan barisan rapatkan
Ayunkanlah langkah perjuangan
Mati syahid atau hidup mulia

Siapkan dirimu siapkan
Gentarkan musuhmu gentarkan
Takkan pernah usai pertarungan
Hinggal ajal kan menjelang

Enyahkan rasa takut dan gentar
Walau raga kan meregang nyawa
Karna Allah tlah janjikan surga
Untukmu mujahid setia.

Old is the gold...

A friend of mine keep on staring at me once.He then told me that I have a white beard somewhere in the left side of my chin.A smile portrayed on my face,trying to hide my clueless for the present of this 'white beard'.

I was holding a small rectangular mirror while suddenly I realized there is something 'bright' on top of my head.After taking a deep looked,it is actually a white hair,rooted firmly among other black hairs.

I am old,
And It is the sign to my soul,
That I'm gonna leaving from this world,
Meeting my abode goal.

The white hair,
Driven me to despair,
Makes me sit and going nowhere,
As if my fate is already there..

It will comes anytime,
Never late a second,
Nor early of two seconds,
It comes as fate has been written.

O Allah,
One step I walked to you,
Thousands steps you run to me,
If I were to GO now,
Take me in Husnul Khatimah..

Allahyarham Dr.Fathi Yakan. One of my adorable Muslim scholars.
Though he had white beard and hair, he was still preachings and teachings.
He left for us something illuminating.

Intellectual forum


Invitation to intellectual forum entitled "Malaysia moving towards high income nation: Build-up & Challanges"

Date: 19th January 2011
Venue: Experimental Hall IIUM,Gombak Campus.
Time: 8.00pm- 11.30pm
Panelist: 1) YM Tg.Dato' Zafrul Tg. Abd.Aziz (CEO Maybank)
2) Wan M.Firdaus (Chairman corporate Malaysia/Director IDEAS Malaysia)
3) Adli Zakuan Zairakithnaini (Ex-President Intellectual Youth Club(IYC)IIUM)

Organized by B.of Econs.Council

Those who are interested to attend,you need to register prior to the forum.


*We need to balance our 'food' for mind,soul and physical.Insha Allah by attending this forum,at least we are feeding our mind with something beneficial + step out from being an ignorant.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Decision making


Making decision is not an easy thing as pronouncing the word per Se. It involves critical thinking where internal and external aspects need to take into account.

The best solution,apart from absolute relying on our mind,experience etc., it is a good practice to seek the answer from our Creator, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

The question is,if we need to respond to the options infront of us on the dot,how would it be then?

Personally,I will follow my instinct plus considering at a glance on few aspects.However,human instinct sometimes can drives to the wrong sides.That is why the importance of 'longing our heart to Allah at all times' need to be instilled at all time.

It is hope that whenever we are in difficult situation, Allah will guide us to the right way.


*Actually I need to make a decision for tonight events.Which one should I go?

A)I've been invited by my Turkish friends to go to their house tonight,participating in book reviews written by Bedi'uzzaman Sa'id An-Nursi.(It's a weekly event)-Actually I haven't meet them for quite called 'BUZZY'.

B)I've a weekly Kuliyah Tazkiyah An-Nafs which is held inside the campus.Deliver by Ustaz Darus Senawi.

C)I'm planning to go to the library tonight..-settling few academic things.

D)I've been invited by my friends to join them having the dinner somewhere outside the campus.

E)Do nothing.Sleep early.Tired as I was quite 'hectic' today..

Talian hayat....waiting for suggestion..(oh,no need to suggest me anything.It's my probs and I should know it better.Just to express it here.)

May Allah guide all of us...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lauren Booth


Another announcement.

There will be a special talk by Lauren Booth.The details of the program are as follows;

Speaker: Lauren Booth (She is a Muslim and Tony Blair's Sister in Law)
Date: 26th January 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
Venue: Banquet Hall,Rectory Building,IIUM Gombak Campus.

Those who are interested to attend please register your name at International Student Division (ISD) main office.

Notes: Refreshments and excuse letter will be provided.
: Seats are limited !!

Friday, January 14, 2011

suhaib webb


Just a short announcement.

Tomorrow,Friday 14th January 2011 there will be an interesting talk delivered by Brother Suhaib Webb.He is an American and was a famous Hip Hop DJ.(To know details about his background,please ask Mr.Google.)

Insha Allah he'll be sharing wisdoms with all of us especially the IIUM community.

The details of the program are as follow:

Date: 14th January 2011
Venue: Main Prayer Hall IIUM Mosque (Gombak campus)
Time: 9pm (after Isyak prayer)

All are cordially invited.

Let us enrich ourselves with knowledge.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

way too far...


Sometimes when you feel down,angry and envy for some reasons,there is no other solution than going back to Allah.

Sometimes we envy looking at our friends who have extra times for hobby,vacation or even times for chatting and etc. while we are sacrificing our 'extra time' for 'program-program tarbawi' yet having no time for personal interest, don't loose hope.

Don't easily feel envy with others or satisfied with what we have done.It's not motivational by comparing something less.Our sacrifices are not at the same par with what the companions of the Prophet have done.

We only sacrifice our time.Not more than that,while they sacrificed their time,wealth and even life for the sake of Allah.

Then,who are we to claim "we have sacrificed to the best".?We are nothing compared to them.

To our brothers and sisters,this is the path.The path of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu'alihi wassalam and his companions.Put our trust in Allah,surely HE'll granted us rewards.

Be strong and patient..Remember,we are way too far from them....

-Tawazun between Academic,Da'wah and Tarbiyyah-
.::.Final Year Undergrad mode.::.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i/c number

What is the significant of suddenly mentioning my i/c number??


Take a deeper view on the number.(the 6 early numbers)You'll find the reason..



This post isn't about a girl named 'Ain neither a pet (perhaps kitten)which used to be called 'Ain..

But the word 'Ain really brings me a memory between me and my beloved sahabat,Allahyarham Muhammad 'Ammar b Zulkifli..

'Ain which I meant is the word in the Quran.If you read "alif,ba,ta,tsa,jim"...on and on,you'll find the word 'AIN before you come to the last word i.e ya.This is about the the word 'AIN...

Yesterday as I was performing my maghrib prayer at the musolla,the Imam pronounced the word 'Ain as how my beloved sahabat pronounced.It's difficult how to explain but I still could hear how 'Ammar pronounced it,as if he was whispering at my ears.

How can I still remember 'Ammar's pronunciation of 'AIN? He is my sahabat 'dunia akhirat' and some events which we had together could still stick firmly in my mind.I'm not saying that I'm having a good memory or what but believe me that I could still recall few things which happened years ago.Even certain things which was happened when I was in form 1 and people won't remember that.(maybe it's just a small things for them)

I missed listening to 'Ammar's Quranic recitation.His voice and memorization were not bad at all.

This is just about 'AIN...
And our friendship will never end,
Though one of us buried under the sand.

"Ya Allah,ampunilah dosa-dosaku,kedua ibu bapaku,sahabat-sahabatku terutamanya MUHAMMAD 'AMMAR B ZULKIFLI,guru-guruku serta seluruh kaum muslimin dan muslimat.
Ya Allah lapangkanlah kubur sahabatku,terangilah dengan cahayaMU serta rehatkanlah dia dengan ketenangan.Aku bersahabat dengannya keranaMU Ya Allah.Maka pertemukanlah kami di akhirat kelak di dalam Jannahmu..Ya Allah perkenankanlah.."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

reflecting myself..

These cartoons really fit my situation right now.Just replacing me with the red shirt's girl.And the lists just exactly like mine! How miserable those who are doing research/thesis/dissertation.Oh,how bad my progress now.

click at the pic for enlarge

click at the pic for enlarge

I'm stress,
Reading journals too less,
But having lot of rests.

I'm down,
As if I'm a dead prawn,
But yet people still call me clown,
Making jokes all the times..

I'm sleepy,
If I sleep it would be creepy,
As my workloads humpy.

I'm only a human,
A charming guy not a pretty woman,
Looking for Allah and not to mourn,
Although problems are still not gone.
And it's almost drives me durn.

*This is life.Problems are to be faced and settle,not to be ignored.May Allah guide all of us..


Monday, January 10, 2011



I offer my sincere condolences to my respected Sahabat,Izzat Amir (my roomate)and his family as one of their family members just passed away this morning.

As I've been informed,his younger brother was hit by a lorry when he was cycling to the school this morning.

May Allah makes you and your family stronger to face this 'taqdir'.

Let us 'muhasabah' ourselves,how far we are concern with our death?
Death never waits; whether you are ready or not,young or old.

"Cukuplah kematian itu menjadi peringatan bagiku"

Allahumma firghlahu/ha warhamhu/ha wa'afihi wa'fu'anhu/ha.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

short tazkirah


It was early in the morning when my phone beeping.I looked at my 2 inches mobile screen and found out that I've received a message from one of my sahabat.

The message:
"Salam 'alaik.Just a short reminder.If a Dai'e couldn't force himself to wake up for tahajjud,then he is dreaming of being a Dai'e and leader's of the Ummah.-Ustaz Darus Senawi"


*This message really 'slapping my face'.I used to sleep late at night.Settling my 'academic works'.Sometimes around 5am.-So,kalau dah tido pukul 5am tu,agak2 bangun ke utk tahajud?

A reminder for those who have 'heart' and intended to purify it...


Numbers.Only a word but sometimes bring something 'special' in our life.Even numbers could changed our destiny.This post is all about numbers..Counting the days as the people said;

7 days to go...- submission of literature review chapter.

1 day to go...- submission : 1st assignment Value engineering and measurement of civil engineering works;Bridge in Perak.

18 days to go...- submission of 1st value engineering coursework.

22 days to go...- submission of research methodology chapter and method of analysis data.

48 days to go...- submission of Draft analysis and conclusion chapter

6 days to go...- the most significant date.(my 'big day')

These are the only dates I managed to list it down.There are many other things to be done.Tarbiyyah's programs,society's programs,site visit,pre-graduation dinner etc..

Death?How far do we concern?Counting the days for our death?Hmmm..Better prepare for it all the time.

As I've mentioned earlier,counting the days could sparks our 'nervous'..It would change our life,status etc.-Another 6 days to go..

Saturday, January 8, 2011



I've mentioned in one of my posts that the department in which I'm studying right now is one of the 'best department' I've been to. (did I ever experienced in other department??)

I really appreciate my lectures who keep on integrating the knowledge of the construction with the Islamic teachings.

Every Monday/Friday,all lectures from my faculty will be gathering together and listen to the tazkirah delivered by any one of the lectures.Isn't that a good example?

Then,every 'studio' time, we'll be listening to the tazkirah given by our lectures.It covers the aspect of seerah,tazkiyah an nafs etc.When I was in my 1st and 2nd year,the students themselves need to deliver the tazkirah in the lecture theatre.We made a schedule for students to deliver their tazkirah.Better,we had to deliver it in English.(two advantages i.e.improving speaking skills and islamic knowledge)

I have the experienced being one of the student who delivered the tazkirah.(i made it like a sharing moment).It was actually a 'bidan terjun' as my friend who was supposedly his turn to deliver tazkirah that day was absent.

Alhamdulillah I've managed to fulfill the 'unplanned responsibility' given.Of course I was a bit nervous. (I'm not really into 'orang ke depan'.I rather enjoy being the back stage guy.-Contributing without people knowing)

During the previous Construction Business's class,my respected lecturer managed to integrate the subject with islamic point of view.

I couldn't imagined if I were at other university,I dare to bet that I would never experience this kind of teaching approaches.Even students would expect to learn 'Construction Business per se'. Nothing beyond that.

My particular lecturer managed to integrate the 'management's topic' with the seerah.Rasulullah being the most awesome 'manager'.He was the one who managed the battle,he managed his family,sahabah and even a country.

One of the sub topic under the management is the SWOT analysis. (most of us who ever participated in any program might came across this analysis).My lecturer integrating the SWOT analysis with the seerah of Saidina Umar Al-Khattab who used to 'muhasabah' his self before he went to sleep.

I would be missed this 'environment' when I've graduated soon,insha Allah like what I've feel when I left MATRI..


Last few days,I've been interviewed by a group of people from the Department of Prison Malaysia.It was about the issue of 'buang bayi' which was one of the 'hottest' issues in Malaysia at this moment.Some sensitive questions being asked and alhamdulillah from my personal opinion,I've managed to answere it accordingly. (lepas ni kalau masuk ISA nasib kau la NJ).One of the guy even asked me if I have the experienced of 'membuang bayi'. What on earth!! (cuba mengelakkan diri dari mencarut dengan menggunakan term2 yang keji dan kotor)

My bad too as I was wearing inappropriate outfit that day.Hehehe.Hence my 'penampilan' from their point of view like 'orang yang pernah buang bayi'.(mungkin?)

-Rambut panjang,pakai snow cap,t-shirt agak2 lusuh (x mampu nak beli baru),jeans.(eh aku pakai jeans kah hari itu?sudah tidak ingat.).Sambil duduk mencangkung dengan cool di atas tangga memerhatikan gelagat students yang kalut berlari-lari ke kelas.(ada gaya orang buang bayikah seperti itu?)

But as I answered their questions by 'integrating' the islamic point of views,they were seem to be 'impressed'.


1)Islam cannot separate from our daily life.
2)Please wear an appropriate outfit next time.(di tujukan kpd diri sendiri.)
3)Try our best to live in 'Islamic environment' as it will influenced our life.


Respected or appreciated?


A friend of mine once asked me,"which one do you want, to be respected or appreciated?"

Were there any differences between these two actions?Of course there are,but it's quite difficult to differentiate as both of them are more or less the same..


Monday, January 3, 2011



In the class...

Lecturer: When u've graduated there are many more students from other universities who're graduated as well.You need to be extraordinary compared to the rest.What makes an employer need to employ you in their firm rather than the rest?What so special in you?

Student A : We,from IIUM have taken 'Parenting class'.That makes us special compared from others.

Me: Apakah? (is it an added value contributing to the construction industry)


Coincidently i was wearing a robe to the masjid (Oman's style)when suddenly I met two of my sahabats.Both of them were wearing the robe too.(Morocco style and Sau'di style).We went to the cafe after isya' for dinner.

I met my friends (same faculty) at the cafe.

A : Eh,aku ada soalan ni.Kau ni tarikat ke tabligh ke syi'ah?

Me: Tabligh pun ye.Aku sampaikan apa yang Allah suruh.Kira tabligh juga la kan.Tabligh kan menyampaikan.Tarikat pun ye.Aku ni atas 'Tariqut d'wah'.Aku sayang saidina husin.So,aku syi'ah ke?Kau jawab la sendiri..

A : ........

*People perspectives when looking at those who are wearing 'jubah'.Hmm...


I was at the Palestine booth when suddenly an arab guy came.(oh,me and my sahabats and sahibahs is opening a booth for rising fund for the Palestine.We're selling lot of stuffs e.g. t-shirt,mug,key chain,sticker,muffler,flag,books,'smylo'an alternative choc drink for Milo and many more)

Arab guy: Why people are always concern about Palestine?Everytime Palestne,Palestine,Palestine.Why not Iraq,Afghanistan or even Indonesia?

Sahabat A: Just smiling.(A bit shocked being provoked by such question)

Sahabat B: Palestine is our main concern and... (Haven't finished explained and that arab guy just left with his hand showing like 'blah la')

Sahabat A: Aduh,how are we going to explain if others are asking the same questions later on?

Me:Just ask them back;does our faces look like we are not concern with Afghanistan,Iraq etc.?Watch out for your words!

Sahabat A: are too harsh.Syadid!

Me : oh,sorry.Then you just say like this;Oh we are focusing on Palestine and if you are too busy criticizing why not you open a booth besides us and promote for the liberation of Iraq,Afghanistan etc.It's your responsibility though.We're welcoming you to open your booth.If he refused,'amik buku yang kita jual tu ketuk pala dia.Amik hang!'

Sahabat A: Too harsh.Not a good approach.

Me: Then I shall keep quiet.All of my suggestion seems to be 'tidak sopan'.

*Well,I'm a guy who are very sensitive on Palestine issues.If people dare saying something bad related to Palestine in front of me,then they better prepared to be 'kick their ass!' (sorry harsh words)

*Arab pun tak leh pakai la...Agenda Zionist dah merasuk pikiran dia kot?(Pandai pulak aku kata kat orang..sori..huhu)

Wallahu'alam..(cerita ini mungkin ada unsur2 tambahan agar ia nampak real.Tapi gists of the stories are still the same.Tiada kaitan antara hidup or mati)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Barakallahulakuma wa jama'a baina kuma fi khair


Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah,for HIS mercy I've been able and been given the opportunity to keep on writing on this blog.

As I've promised in my last post that I'll be 'revealing' what I've done during the new year celebration few days ago.

Err..Pleas excuse me for using/writing in Malay for this post.Insya Allah no more Malay next time.(Not because I'm acting as 'poyo' for not using malay and keep on writing in English,but I want to improve my English writing skills)

31 Disember 2010

Malam itu selepas solat Isya',seperti yang dirancang sebelum ini bersama-sama sahabat seMATRI dahulu,saya bertolak ke Temerloh pahang bersama sahabat baik saya,Ali Noor Hanis.Ali datang menjemput saya di UIA sebelum kami bergerak ke ke Pahang melalui Lebuhraya Karak.

Rindu untuk bertemu dengan sahabat baik saya ini terubat pabila bersalaman dan berpelukan seketika dengannya.Sepanjang perjalanan,kami berbual pelbagai perkara.Sekarang Ali sedang membuat 'posting' di Hospital Ampang di bahagian O&G.Juga kadang-kadang dia akan berulang-alik ke Hospital Temerloh.Maka sepanjang perjalanan Ali sibuk bercerita pengalamannya posting.Saya yang juga minat bab-bab perubatan tak lekang mulut bertanya pelbagai soalan.

Kagum dengan kelebihan yang Allah beri pada sahabat baik saya ni.Bewatak tenang,bijak juga seorang yang soleh.Memang sesuai menjadi seorang Doktor.

Ali: Hari tu ana kena marah dengan doktor pakar.Padahal bukan salah ana.Tapi ana amik kritikan doktor tu sebagai pembakar semangat ana.(ayat lebih kurang)

Saya: Anta kena marah pasal apa?

Ali: Waktu ana posting O&G hari tu,sorang perempuan ni nak bersalin.Pastu kebetulan nurse tak ada disitu.Doktor lain pun tak ada.Then bila nurse mai,ana tanya la mana doktor.Nurse kata pi la cari doktor.Ana ni pun berlari-lari cari doktor.Jumpa.Tapi Doktor ni fresh lagi (istilah dia MO ek?ke HO ntah?ana pun dah lupa).Dia pun macam tak tau apa-apa.Kebetulan dia tu belajar di oversea.So,apa yang ana paham,dia waktu belajar dulu lebih banyak teori.Sikit sangat 'in hand' dengan patient ni.
Lepas panggil dia ana pun berlari-lari pi ke perempuan tadi.Ana punya kalut pakai glove,mask and uniform(baju yang color biru tu.Ape ntah orang panggil.Bukan lab coat).Doktor ni pulak lenggang ja.Pakai glove pun lambat.Dah tu macam blur pulak.So,ana la yang sambut baby tu.

Saya: Dah tu,apasal anta kena marah?

Ali: Time ana sampai tu,kepala baby dah keluar.Tapi perempuan tu pi angkat punggung.Dia sebenarnya tak leh angkat.Apa lagi habis terkoyak 'dubur' dia.Ana nak tak nak kena keluarkan baby tu dulu.So,ana suruh push la.Yang suami perempuan tu nampak kepala baby keluar dok seronok padahal dia tak tau bahaya time tu.Alhamdulillah selamat semua last skali.Salah ana jugak,ana sepatutnya suruh perempuan tu mengiring.

Saya: Ooo..Tak pa anta belajar dari kesilapan.Insya Allah anta jadi doktor yang hebat nanti.

Kami berbual panjang sepanjang perjalanan.Bila Ali dah penat drive,saya ambil alih memandu dan kami meneruskan perjalanan sambil terus berbual.

Ali: Anta pernah dengar orang kata doktor sekarang dah banyak?Bersepah-sepah.

Saya: Aaa.Pernah.

Ali: Doktor memang banyak.Tapi bila kita fikir pasal ummah,memang doktor tak cukup.Berapa banyak doktor yang ada fikrah dan sanggup melakukan kerja-kerja da'wah dan tarbiyyah?Kalau mentaliti orang islam dok fikir doktor dah cukup,maka suatu hari anati semua doktor dah diambil alih orang-orang bukan islam.

Saya: Hmmm.. (satu gambaran yang baik Ali bagi.)

Dari cerita-cerita 'medic' kami berbual tentang perjalanan Halaqah serta program-program da'wah dan tarbiyyah.Banyak juga yang Ali share kan.

Sampai di Temerloh,kami berhenti di sebuah gerai dan makan.Kemudian ke asrama student Medic (time mereka posting di hospital Temerloh).Saya 'menumpang' di rumah ali.Sekitar jam 1.00am Ali keluar untuk menjemput dua orang lagi sahabat kami yang tiba dari Kelantan;Kamel dan Hamzani.Malam tu kami berempat bermalam di rumah Ali.

1 Januari 2011

Jam 8.00am kami keluar menuju ke tempat akad nikah sahabat kami,Yunus dengan menaiki Toyota Rush milik Kamel.(Kamel businessman yang berjaya.hehe).Kami bertemu dengan Yunus dan keluarganya dekat satu simpang sebelum akad nikahnya.Saya yang hampir 5 tahun tak jumpa sahabat yang dicintai kerana Allah ni bagai nak menitis air mata bila bertemu.Yunus memeluk erat saat kami bersalaman.Terasa arus ukhuwwah kerana Allah mengalir dalam jiwa kami.Yunus baru sahaja tamat belajar (Degree) di Syria.

Beliau merupakan sahabat se'dorm' time form 3 dahulu di MATRI.Kalau nak ungkit kisah-kisah lama,memang agak banyak.Saya dulu memang asyik 'dipekena' dengan Yunus.Pikir-pikir balik,memang kenangan manis.

Tiba di tempat akad nikah,sahabat-sahabat kami yang lain turut sampai.Terubat rindu bertemu sahabat-sahabat se'batch' di MATRI dahulu.Yang hadir Ihsan Makmum,Abdullah Syamil,Wakeel,Azhar,Khuzaifah,Kamel,Hamzani,Ali,Saya,Zakiran,Opie,Syakir dan Adam Badri.

Walaupun kami ex-MATRI,sahabat-sahabat saya ni masih 'acting' macam di MATRI.Contohnya,kebetulan di kalangan yang hadir pada hari tu,saya seorang yang bekas pengawas.So,bila tengah sembang-sembang,then ada sembang lagho skit,ada la yang perli,"Woi NJ,nasihat skit depa ni.Merapu!"(Hahaha..I wasn't a good school prefect dulu.Sekarang pun merapu.Tak serious.Lagi pun,nasihat tak semestinya kena cakap kan?Huhu)

Berbual panjang dengan syamil tentang DSLR nya.Dengan Wakeel dan Syakir tentang kerja mereka.(Syakir kerja sebagai engineer kapal terbang dengan firefly dan wakeel dengan MAS.)Adam Badri dengan ceritanya sebagai nurse.Ihsan dengan 'jokes'nya.Macam-macam ragam.Indahnya bila ukhuwwah atas dasar Iman kerana Allah.Seronoknya jika dapat berkumpul bersama dan berprogram bersama.Tamrin or Rehlah or Riadhah etc.Mengikat dan memperutuhkan lagi ukhuwwah antara kami.

Alhamdulillah Yunus selesai akad nikah dengan 1 lafaz.Gaya yunus tak ubah seperti seorang mufti syria terutamanya pakaiannya.

Selesai akad nikah,kami dihidangkan dengan juadah yang agak 'besar'.Makan nasik dengan pelbagai lauk.Yang specialnya ada ikan patin.(Adam badri sentap sampai berkali-kali.Hehe.Saya nak tambah tapi malu..Kekeke)

Jazakumullah kepada tuan rumah;Pak cik Suhaimi dan keluarga.

Seusai makan,saya berbual denagan Yunus.(bukan mintak ilmu kawin ek.)Panjang jugak kami berbual.Pelbagai nasihat saya dapat dari sahabat saya ni.Kemudian kami berbincang sikit tentang cadangan Reunion yang bakal dilaksanakan,Insya Allah.

Dalam pukul 12.30pm,kami bersurai.Saya dan Ali pulang ke Kuala Lumpur.Perjalanan ini memang memberi 1001 kenangan serta hikmah kepada saya.

Ali hantar saya ke UIA sebelum pulang ke rumahnya.Isnin ni dia kena posting di Hospital Ampang.

Beberapa sahabat kami yang lain tak dapat hadir kerana ada hal lain yang terpaksa diselesaikan.Akmal kena posting community Health di Negeri Sembilan.(Student Medic memang sibuk).Adam Kadir,Fansuri,Nget,Akif last minute tak dapat hadir.Hafiz Zainol Abidin pun tak dapat hadir.

Kepada sahabatku Yunus Haji Yusoff dan ratu hatinya Fatimah AzZahrah Suhaimi,semoga kalian berbahagia di dunia dan Akhirat.Moga perkahwinan ini melengkapkan satu fasa dari fasa-fasa membina Daulah Islamiyyah.Moga menjadi Baitu Da'wah kelak.

*Tiba-tiba terkenangkan sahabat saya yang dicintai,Allahyarham Muhammad 'Ammar Zulkifli.Rindu ana pada anta..Moga kita dipertemukan di akhirat kelak di SyurgaNYA..Ya Allah ampunilah dosa-dosaku dan dosa sahabatku ini.Lapanagkanlah kuburnya serta berilah ketenangan padanya.Jauhi sahabatku ini dari segala azabMU Ya Allah.Aku mencintai sahabatku ini keranaMU ya Allah.

Sedikit gambar-gambar buat mereka yang tidak dapat hadir;

Sahabatku Yunus.Segak bak mufti Syria.

Sahabat ana yang dikasihi dan dirindui,Ihsan Makmum.

Sempat bergambar dengan 'mufti syria' sebelum sah bergelar suami kepada Fatimah. (Orang kata nak ambil 'berkat'.hehe.Perhatikan perbezaan ketinggian kami yang agak obvious. )

Alhamdulillah.Sah bergelar suami kepada Fatimah AzZahrah Suhaimi.

Saat menyarungkan cincin.

Bergambar bersama pengantin.Dari kiri depan;Khuzaifah,saya,yunus dan Fatimah.
Dari kiri belakang; Zakiran,Syakir,Opie(terlindung),Adam Badri,Ihsan,Hamzani,Wakeel,Ali,Abdullah Syamil,Kamel dan Azhar.