Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Intellectual forum


Invitation to intellectual forum entitled "Malaysia moving towards high income nation: Build-up & Challanges"

Date: 19th January 2011
Venue: Experimental Hall IIUM,Gombak Campus.
Time: 8.00pm- 11.30pm
Panelist: 1) YM Tg.Dato' Zafrul Tg. Abd.Aziz (CEO Maybank)
2) Wan M.Firdaus (Chairman corporate Malaysia/Director IDEAS Malaysia)
3) Adli Zakuan Zairakithnaini (Ex-President Intellectual Youth Club(IYC)IIUM)

Organized by B.of Econs.Council

Those who are interested to attend,you need to register prior to the forum.


*We need to balance our 'food' for mind,soul and physical.Insha Allah by attending this forum,at least we are feeding our mind with something beneficial + step out from being an ignorant.

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