Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old is the gold...

A friend of mine keep on staring at me once.He then told me that I have a white beard somewhere in the left side of my chin.A smile portrayed on my face,trying to hide my clueless for the present of this 'white beard'.

I was holding a small rectangular mirror while suddenly I realized there is something 'bright' on top of my head.After taking a deep looked,it is actually a white hair,rooted firmly among other black hairs.

I am old,
And It is the sign to my soul,
That I'm gonna leaving from this world,
Meeting my abode goal.

The white hair,
Driven me to despair,
Makes me sit and going nowhere,
As if my fate is already there..

It will comes anytime,
Never late a second,
Nor early of two seconds,
It comes as fate has been written.

O Allah,
One step I walked to you,
Thousands steps you run to me,
If I were to GO now,
Take me in Husnul Khatimah..

Allahyarham Dr.Fathi Yakan. One of my adorable Muslim scholars.
Though he had white beard and hair, he was still preachings and teachings.
He left for us something illuminating.

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