Thursday, January 13, 2011

way too far...


Sometimes when you feel down,angry and envy for some reasons,there is no other solution than going back to Allah.

Sometimes we envy looking at our friends who have extra times for hobby,vacation or even times for chatting and etc. while we are sacrificing our 'extra time' for 'program-program tarbawi' yet having no time for personal interest, don't loose hope.

Don't easily feel envy with others or satisfied with what we have done.It's not motivational by comparing something less.Our sacrifices are not at the same par with what the companions of the Prophet have done.

We only sacrifice our time.Not more than that,while they sacrificed their time,wealth and even life for the sake of Allah.

Then,who are we to claim "we have sacrificed to the best".?We are nothing compared to them.

To our brothers and sisters,this is the path.The path of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu'alihi wassalam and his companions.Put our trust in Allah,surely HE'll granted us rewards.

Be strong and patient..Remember,we are way too far from them....

-Tawazun between Academic,Da'wah and Tarbiyyah-
.::.Final Year Undergrad mode.::.

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