Tuesday, January 11, 2011

reflecting myself..

These cartoons really fit my situation right now.Just replacing me with the red shirt's girl.And the lists just exactly like mine! How miserable those who are doing research/thesis/dissertation.Oh,how bad my progress now.

click at the pic for enlarge

click at the pic for enlarge

I'm stress,
Reading journals too less,
But having lot of rests.

I'm down,
As if I'm a dead prawn,
But yet people still call me clown,
Making jokes all the times..

I'm sleepy,
If I sleep it would be creepy,
As my workloads humpy.

I'm only a human,
A charming guy not a pretty woman,
Looking for Allah and not to mourn,
Although problems are still not gone.
And it's almost drives me durn.

*This is life.Problems are to be faced and settle,not to be ignored.May Allah guide all of us..


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.::: mr IQ :::. said...

pandainya abg nj bersajak....:)