Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ba-Chik and Pa-Lang

My 3 years of age nephew heard my ummi calling me 'Bang Chik' (as what my siblings,mom and dad call me) and he started to call me Bang Chik as well, with the wrong pronunciation i.e. Ba-Chik instead of Bang Chik.

"No,no,no..You can't call me Bang Chik", I politely told him.

"Follow after me. 'Pak Lang'.Pak-Lang,Pak-Lang,Pak-Lang" I repeatedly saying infront of him so he could 'absorb' the term 'Pak Lang' and hopefully replace it with Bang Chik.

He keeps on mumbling 'ba-chik,ba-chik on and on and I'd almost surrender and giving up on him.

He continued his playing activities as usual and suddenly he came infront of me and uttered "Pa-Lang"..
Hahaha..At last..Though a bit mispronounced it i.e. Pa-Lang istead of Pak Lang, but OK lah..Budak-budak kan..

Kids absorb things very fast.I mean super fast.At one time I walked with my arms crossing (tangan silang kat dada ala-ala Boss) and the next thing I found out my nephew who was 2 and a half years at that time walking behind me with his arms crossing as well.
So,no bad words from now on..Cakap kena baik-baik and of course tunjukkan contoh yang baik kepada semua

"Children were born in fitrah/pure.Their parents are the one to colour them either to be majusi,yahudi or a christian."

But of course peranan Pak-Pak menakan pun penting.. :)

* Do you have any good stories/experience with your kids/niece/nephew to share with me/us?Please do so at the comment section below. Cheers! 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm coming home,I'm coming home


I'm 'so called "back" '!!.
wow, almost 2 years I've left this blog.
Reading back some of my previous writings made me laughin',rollin' and of course some hatin'.. :P

Some of my previous post were quite dumb I could say.Seriously they were dumb!! But let the dumbness posts remain just in case people could benefits from that. I hope so..

Anyhow,since I've left this 'world of blogging' i've encountered problems writing in English including growing ideas of what to write and etc.So,I believed this platform could benefits me in some ways and at the same time benefits others insya Allah.


*Disclaimer: As usual,for those who's been following my blog from the beginning (or not) most of the posts are written spontaneously without proofread.As a result, you might found grammatical errors,spelling mistakes or even post which are hardly understood. - I'm too lazy to recheck all of these stuffs.