Wednesday, October 20, 2010



This blog will be closed for a while.. (a while?i think so)
Maybe close forever...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Piala Malaysia.

Go go Kenari!!!

Beat em all

Fly higher Kenari!!

If happen my state squadron enter the final,me n some of my state mates planned to go and support our team at Bukit Jalil Stadium.huhuhu

Checklists:Kenari's jersey,headband/muffler,flag...mercun??kekeke.

*I should have been thinking of changing this blog.Different genre.~lagho genre.sounds fun though.hehehe

*Planned to have my own guitar soon.Jamming la woii!! Final Year/stress mood.

*Suddenly just feel shit stupid,damn ass and

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ya Allah...

Tak boleh focus!!!
Tengah-tengah baca journal untuk literature review,my focus is driven away from the topic..

Asyik terbayang-bayang muka dia..
Tak boleh lupa senyuman manis dia...
Rajuk manjanya menggamit rasa..

Amik handphone tangok gambar2 dia..Tersenyum sendirian.
Juga gambar2 bersamanya.

Play pulak video2 yang dirakam bersama..


macam mana nak study kalau macam ni!!

Ikutkan hati,hari-hari nak bertemu muka dengan dia.

.......Syara' ke semua itu???......

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pain and sad..


Last 2nd-4th October,IIUM was celebrating its 26th convocation.And alhamdulillah,my eldest brother managed to celebrate his graduation.

Just to share few sad and 'heart touching' moments on that day.

Alhamdulillah,our family members had the opportunity to attend the ceremony and snapping 'thousands' of memorable pictures.Afterall it was a first and the last time life experience.(if not furthering for master and PhD).

I saw some international students didn't managed to celebrate the convocation with their families.Perhaps their family are staying too far and having financial constraint to attend the convocation ceremony.

Hence,they just celebrated it with their fellow country friends.Having no family besides during the 'happy day' would be such a great pain inside the heart.Although being surrounded and celebrated with close friends,it's totally different.

A friend of mine told me that he saw one guy (foreign student) during the convocation day standing sadly with a camera in his hand.He looks around and see graduates with their family.Laughing and snapping pictures with their loves one.However,he was alone.In fact he was graduating for his PhD and nobody with him.

After a long observation,my friend went to him and offered a hand to help him snapping his pictures.That guy seems sooo happy and keeps on thanking my friend for being his 'saviour'.And Alhamdullilah a nice looking smile potrayed on his face although maybe he feel the pain deep inside his heart.

Imagine we're at their situation.I said to my parent the other day if they didn't attend my convocation next year (insha Allah)it would be ok.Just trying to feel the same situation.But my dad insist to attend it.He said,it would be no fair if he can attend my sister and brother convocation,then why not mine.

Trying to relate it with the Palestine issue,we're lucky enough having this and that.Family,friends,money etc.But then,we never or tend not to appreciate that.We forget to thank Allah for all of these.

Have we think about our brothers and sisters in Palestine today?What did they have for breakfast?Did they managed to attend to school today?

tepuk dada,tanya iman...



1)Congratulation to all graduates especially my brother,friends,sahabats etc.Nobody in our Kulliyyah/Faculty (Architecture,Landscape Architecture,Applied Art and Design,Quantity Surveying,Urban and Regional Planning) received 1st class degree.But,it ok.Not a big deal at all.All of my QS seniors already got job.Some with contractors,private firms etc.Congrat!

2)Final exam is coming soon.1st paper will be on this end of month.Please pray for me.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To be the best, you have to learn from the best.


This post will be divided into several parts.Generally,the first part will be on a short true story.Next,it will be continued with my analysis on that particular issue and last but not least,my personal critics.May this post benefits all of us and your opinions and critics are recommended and highly appreciated.


"I is a good girl.I am fast in speaking English."What would you think about this statement?Believe it or not,this statement was writen down by a 1st class degree holder in his/her working form under point 'describe yourself'.

I'm not saying I'm perfect in English but doing silly mistakes in simple grammatical part couldn't be accepted especially by a 1st class degree holder.If he/she is a primary school student,then it will make no offence.

He/She was graduated from one of the prestigious local Public University.For your info,last convocation,that particular university particularly the xxx faculty/dpartment produced 25 students with 1st class degree out of 100 students.


The first question poped out from my mind was,who's fooling who here?The University fooling the students or the Education System?Or both?Or perhaps nobody fooling each other?

How far the quality of our education system?
Can I say some portions of our education system are nothing else rather than political 'entertainment'?

Maybe readers can answer it to yourselves.


Our education system is too bad in some aspects.Lack here and there.Hence we can't compare apple to an apple with other countries' education system.

My lecturer once tell us a story.Years back,when ITM (now UiTM) made an MoA with one of the university in UK to send the top 10 of the ITM students to persue their degree after diploma.Out of 10,all of them failed during the 1st year exam.Try to relate the story and think it yourself.

How are these 'brilliant' students lead the future country?(I'm looking from the view of political and economy points)

With our current country's economy unstable and GDP seems to be a bit frustrated,no wonder our neighbour country once said, 'in about xx years coming,we'll see your people coming to our country and work as a maid.'

Ever heard about BRICs?(Brazil,Russia,India and China).Please google it yourself to know more about BRICs.Don't be supprised if Indonesia is knocking the door to join the BRICs.In fact they predicted in 2050,Indonesia will be ranked top 10 for their GDP.Even USA at that time can't beat one of the BRICs country i.e. China.

It's all started from the education system..How these people are going to lead our beloved country?

Who's fooling who here??


Additional notes:

1)I love my university very much.I'm not promoting or under estimate other universities but no doubt,IIUM is the best..!

2)If you (IIUM students especially our Kulliyyah)realized,there were nobody received 1st class degree for the last convocation.Even if you scored 3.00 for the final cgpa,you're lucky enough.Our quality system is proven to be the best.So,don't give up or frustrated if your pointer is not good enough because in reality you're better.hehe(but please don't take it for granted)

3)Previously,I wasn't agree with the syllabus taught in our department/university.We are more focusing/concerning on theory/philosophy parts.We didn't stress more on the technical part compared to some other universities.Alhamdulillah now I've got the answer why so and so.

4)Please don't think that I'm promoting my university and look down to other universities.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sekitar hari semalam.



Mid-term test for civil engineering construction 2 which supposedly was held yesterday was postponed next week.(is it a good news or what?)

And yesterday I have no 'adab' in seeking knowledge..Huhu.Ini angkara kononnya sudah final year dan ingin 'mencuba'.Sila ambil pengajaran agar anda tidak mengulangi kesilapan ini.

So,yesterday class I was seating at the most back row seat instead of most front as usual.Nak rasa juga duduk belakang-belakang ni.Alang-alang dah final year,nak rasa jugak.At least ada experience.

Rupa-rupanya,langkah tersilap.Duduk belakang tidak dapat focus rupanya.Ye la,berborak-borak (ala2 berbisik),even kami makan-makan pelbagai jenis asam.Initially,I refused to eat as It looks rude eating while lecturer is giving his lecture infront.But,I've been insisted to eat,hence makan je la asam-asam tu.

Tengah-tengah syok makan asam,suddenly the lecturer asked question.(not for me)Although soalan senang,tapi dek kerana tak focus habis merapu-rapan my friend's answered.

Lecturer:1 kip equal to how many pounds?
Budak asam:1000 pounds.
Lecturer: Kips used in the U.S Customary system.How about pounds?
Budak asam:S.I system.
Budak 2:Woi celah mana pound tu S.I system?kg la S.I system.Skolah mana kau blajar dulu weh?
Budak asam:Aku sekolah anak-anak melayu.haha

And the jokes+merapu continues sampai ntah apa-apa.

And there were few more events happened which no need to tell.Cukupla.
Lesson:Lain kali duduk depan.Bukanlah semata-mata ilmu tu yang kita hendak.Kita juga inginkan keberkatan dan Rahmat Allah dalam menuntut ilmu ini.


Ok,yesterday night juga berlangsungnya AGM untuk our department society.Juga jamuan raya.(apakah?masih dalam mode raya lagi ke?)

Honestly,it was my 2nd time involving in my department's program.The 1st one was the pre-grad dinner for seniors when I was in my 2nd year.Tu pun sebab 2nd year yang kena organize.

Bukan tidak mahu bagi komitmen,tetapi hati rasa berat.Ye la,campur laki pompuan.bergurau senda bagai nak ghak! Majlis dimulai dengan Bacaan doa or Quran,then in the middle,ada nyanyi2.Apakah?

I rather spent my time with my precious sahabat-sahabat whom can remind me tentang Allah.
Tapi kena juga menjaga hubungan dengan kawan-kawan lain.Sekali-sekala join tak pa la.Lagi pun ini tahun terakhir for me (insya Allah)So,join je la.

Ada hikamah juga pergi semalam.Met some of my juniors yang sudah lama tidak ketemu sebab saya ni 'sibuk memanjang'.


Bukan hendak berbongkak atau berbangga diri.Tetapi nak cerita jugak.Para baby dan kanak-kanak memang menyayangi saya(perasan).It is actually the other way round.Saya yang suka budak-budak.And in return,kanak-kanak juga suka saya.(I guess so)

So,yeaterday terserempak with pakcik ni yang sedang mendukung baby yang comel.Sambil tersenyum-senyum,tiba-tiba that baby hulur tangan and bunyi ala-ala mahu didukung.Tapi dek kerana saya 'kotor' time tu.Dengan pakaian sehari-suntuk di studio + peluh,so tak jadi la nak dukung.Ikutkan hati nak je mintak kat pakcik tu untuk dukung sekejap anak dia.

Baby ni seronok bila kita dukung sambil cerita-cerita or tunjuk-tunjuk benda.Basahkan kaki dia and cerita tentang air.Bagi dia pegang daun pokok and start cerita tentang pokok.Burung,etc.

Malam time AGM QUEST tu,jumpa pulak dengan one of my classmates yang sudah berkahwin.(perempuan).Kebetulan dia membawa anak dia.Baru pandai berjalan I guess.Nampak comel dangan mak dia pakaikan baju kurung satu suit.

So,dengan tak malunya I went to her mom (my classmate)and asked her permission to dukung her daughter.(lupa pulak nama dia).Tapi si kanak-kanak tersebut refused untuk didukung.I went to her (baby) and asked."Meh sayang,nak dukung.Nak?"Tapi dia jerit-jerit "tak nak!"

Mak dia kata dia memang takut sikit dekat orang.Or maybe dia baru nak enjoy jalan-jalan sebab baru boleh jalan and suddenly I want to dukung her.Mesti dia tak enjoy.

Tiba-tiba teringat anak menakan(my sis's son).Dukung sambil cerita-cerita dan jalan-jalan sampai kadang-kadang dia tak mau kat ummi and walid dia semula.Hehehe.

Juga bila balik kampung,I prefer to join my cousins yang kanak-kanak.Main dengan depa etc.Even when they have secret which cannot diberitahu pada orang-tua-tua,they will let me know their secret and seek my opinion.

Aaa...Memang enjoy dengan budak-budak ni.Mereka itu masih suci.Fitrah.Tenang saja...(Mungkin saya tidak matang dan separti kanak-kanak sebab selalu bersama kanak2?)

Cukup sampai sini.Panjang pulak post ini..


1.Nak ucapkan Tahniah to my eldest brother.Baru convo sabtu lepas.Bachelor in Landscape Architecture.(Honours)Perlukah meletakkan gambar-gambarnya dengan jubah convo tersebut?Kena dapat permission dulu.Ada satu gambar tu kami 5 beradik tangkap gambar sambil lompat.And people start questioning sape yang convo sebenarnya?Ye la, my pic nampak excited terlebih.Dah la lompat paling tinggi.Siap baling bunga lagi.Waa..

2.Mak Tam,kak Aisyah,Aiman,mujahid,Maksu n Pak Su,Ajmal and Tasnim pun datang time convo tu.Tq2..(biasala big family.I hav approx 72 cousins from my abah's side)hehe.Sekali kalau raya,rumah tok wan tak muat.huhu

3.Ok,my sahabat,'Imran akan pulang ke mesir selasa pagi.Safe journey.Panjang umur,jumpa lagi.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I might killed some people


Salam Jumaat.Just a short post.Need to rush for class which about another 45 minutes.

Last night I was dreaming.Very nice one.The story went like this;

I was so hungry.Then,I grabbed my 'kuih raya' which my beloved ummi gave it to me and starts eating.Nyum3...Burrpp..Alhamdulillah.Then I couldn't recall the rest of the story.

This morning when I woke up for subuh,I found that my 'kuih raya'was gone.The tupperware was empty.

The question is,was I dreaming or the thing was really happened?If it really happened,then,it was really 'crazy' eating while sleeping.(memang tidak sopan dan beradab)

And of course it is quite dangerous.Last night I was eating while sleeping.How about tonight and the other coming nights?I might killed people while sleeping.Who knows?

Any suggestion?



1)A bit sad cause my kuih raya sudah habis.Tidak dapat menghayati 'the taste of feeling' semasa makan due to my eat-while-sleep.