Sunday, October 17, 2010

Piala Malaysia.

Go go Kenari!!!

Beat em all

Fly higher Kenari!!

If happen my state squadron enter the final,me n some of my state mates planned to go and support our team at Bukit Jalil Stadium.huhuhu

Checklists:Kenari's jersey,headband/muffler,flag...mercun??kekeke.

*I should have been thinking of changing this blog.Different genre.~lagho genre.sounds fun though.hehehe

*Planned to have my own guitar soon.Jamming la woii!! Final Year/stress mood.

*Suddenly just feel shit stupid,damn ass and


Anonymous said...

nabil. terkejut kgk baca post ni

ukur kira said...

why?I'm human.
Human in nature is not perfect.
I hav my own wrong with that?

I'm not ANGLE...

ing said...

lama x singgah...
apa kabar "a full time daie"?
hehhehe (lawak jah)

sama2 serabut...........

ukur kira said...

biasa2 jah..

u're not as serabut as me..hehe

Anonymous said...

Nabil, I won't say its right or wrong. Who am I to judge.I am also a human being.
Another thing is, I didn't mention anything about perfectness or whatsoever. I really hope you get it right.
I know u personally my dear. I love to read your blog because I know u have the talent in writing. Most of them inspire me to be a better person and Muslim InsyaAllah..But, I am so sorry my dear,sometimes the language that you use is too much =(
Please forgive me Nabil...
I really2 hope you won't stop blogging.

-Anonymous October 18