Saturday, February 27, 2010

clinging the dream..

I've been dreaming to have it,
But it's difficult to find it,
Although I've found it,
I can't afford to have it,
People say:"First love is priceless",
Now I agreed without a say.

I've tried my best to find the way,
Either for free or have to pay,

It seems impossible to have for free,
In fact she's the best in her nature,
Although she's tough,she comforts me.

I've decided to choose her,
To be my friend,partner and love,
Hopefully others won't be jealous,
For not picking them as I did for her.

I'm now changing my life,
From single to couple or double,
But people won't be able to find the difference,
Cause I'll be acting as if the old.

~I'll strive my best to have you.Insya Allah you'll be mine someday.
*Dedicated to my dream's bag,Deuter Race X Air.I really fall in love with you...

*Just googled out the price.Having her like a dream come true..~RM240.00

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let us discuss it calmly and rationally.

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah The Almighty for His Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim,we still being given with full of 'nikmah'although we sometimes forget to obey and submit to HIM.

Last week my friednd invited me to attend one inter-faith dialogue between Muslim,Christian,Hindu and Sikh.They were discussed under the title,"Do all paths lead to Paradise?"

Alhamdulillah it was a very intellectual discussion.Each and every panels tried their best to give their points based on their faith and teaching.As for me,I gained lot of new things that night.

I enjoyed the discussion very much until when it came to the Q and A session.Honestly said,inside the hall,Malays were the minority.It is usual and normal I guessed.Most of the audients were the International students where I think they have no experience in living with multi-religion community i.e Malaysia.Thus,they behaved and acted too extreme.(I guessed so..)

Some of the questions thrown by the International students especially the Arabs were not supposely relevent to be answered.I'm not saying I'm compromising my religion with other believes and faiths,but logically those questions shouldn't being asked at the first place.

For example:One of the student suddenly recited few verses from the Al Quran fully 'tarannum'regarding Islam is the true Religion.He then asked the non Muslim panels to respond to the verses.

Personally,I don't think it was a good question.How were they going to respond to the quran,in fact they didn't believe in quran at once.Even when the question being asked,some irrelevent emotions were attached with them,thus it created some kind of 'hot situation'.

Worst,when they were answering the questions to their best,some of the audients started to chatting and it made the hall a bit noisy.The climax of the stupidity happened when audients made the speakers looked silly and disrespected.While the speakers still answering the questions,they started to clap their stinky hands as a symbols of 'stop'to the speakers.-speakers being humiliated.WOE!!

As a Muslim,I was very dissapointed and embarrassed.This dialogue supposely been discussed professionally,calmly and rationally.We were there to learn about their faiths not for attacking and humiliating them.Islam didn't teaches us to act in such a way.

Anyway,the program started and ended smoothly.Congratulation to the organizer and I hope such program can be done for few sessions because to understand other faiths need a lot of knowledge.

May Allah shower the non Muslim speakers with Hidayah someday.

Note 1:As the program was conducted in English,I was amazed for few times during the Q&A session.I thought 'Harry Porter' was asking a question but then I realized that it was only a Malay guy with humble face, asking a question.His English, (slang and fluency)are marvellous!He got the potential to be a good muslim preacher one day as he memorized few chapters from the bible.I liked his style.

Note 2:Once again,I was amazed for brother Sobri,an American student when he asked a question.He is an African living in America (if I'm not mistaken he livs in Georgia,USA).His English,subhanallah! As if Akon (an American black singer),was asking a question.His English style really awesome!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What say you?

Recently,I was thinking about ending my life as a blogger.

Decision still undicided yet.-Pending.

Or maybe I should change a little bit the genre of my blog?

Maybe you can help me in giving opinions or suggestions.I really appreciate it.

So,What say you?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can't wait any longer..

I can't wait any longer to enter next semester.Practical training make me sick and I loved to join again the classes.Listening to the lectures,doing the assignments etc.

Insya Allah I'll be in the final year for the next semester.Alhamdulillah I just added the subjects which are required for the 4th year students.

Next semester,I'll be taking:-


Wish me all the best!

*I couldn't register for skill 2.Aaa!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The smiles recalled the memories..

For months and even years I haven't met some of my sahabat whom I would consider my back bones during my life as a MATRIAN. (MATRI community especially my batch)

Alhamdulillah,I've met them and it was a sweet memories for me as it is quite difficult to gather all of us unless we are having a big mass program.I couldn't forget the moment we were shaking hands and hugging releasing the longing for the old days.

Actually it was unplan event for us to be met.They were unexpected to come due to the distance factor.However,we planned and Allah had His plan too.Allah plans is the best.

Many olden days stories were revealed one by one,and we started to laugh when it comes to the "stupidity/silly event" during our life in the beloved secondary school.
~sleeping while solat(sepecially subuh/qiyamullail),doing acrobatic show before performing Friday prayer due to the numbed legs.-slept during khutbah/sermon.
Even the story of fallen down from the double decker bed while sleeping.(it only happened during form 1-2 as some of the students had no experience sleeping on double decker bed)

Time envied and it passed too fast.It is just like a blinking of the eyes and suddenly we are standing right here at this moment and worse,some of us are getting married thus we have to accept that time comes and goes and we are getting older and can no longer having this kind of "bachelor party".

Anyway,I hope the sweetness of our memories while we were together,working on the path of Da'wah and Tarbiyyah will remains in our heart and it will be one of the sources to gain strength when we are facing difficulties and tribulations.-We are not alone.We are in the Jama'ah and Allah is with us.

Again....those smiles from my sahabat will make me remember the olden days.

May Allah bless our ukhuwwah and make us istiqamah to work and strive on this path.The path of our beloved Prophed,Muhammad S.A.W.

Note1 :I just met 'Akif Adam(he said he missed me a lot while chatting with him few days before),Hafiz Z.Abidin,Ikhwan Rosli,Umar Afifi,Zakiran.(hopefully I didn't miss to mention other names-my batch)~info:I'm not asobiyah.

Note2: I met some of my juniors.Ammar Amran,Naqiuddin(I haven't met them for quite sometimes).And I did met some of my respected seniors i.e hudzaifah,mughirah etc.

Note3: I met my brother,Ikhwan Zulkifli.While shaking hands+hugging with him I thought I was shaking hands with Allahyarham 'Ammar.He reminds me a lot to my beloved,unreplaceable sahabat.

Note4: Daurah Usul 20 really benefits me and make me more firm and confident to dive into the human ocean which full with 1001 problems.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Confucius says:

"Man who run infront of car, get tired,
Man who run behind car, get exhausted."

"When man 60 marry girl 25,like buying book for someone else to read."

"He who thinks only of number one,must remember that this number is next to nothing."

Note:Is it ok to quote something from non Muslim words?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lot of questions keep on coming,crossing my mind..
Question about life,planning,DnT etc.

Too many questions made me sick,thus it remains unsolved.I'm still weak to face all of these things.

Can I be a Dai'e?A Dai'e should stand strong undoubtedly.Ready to face obstacles and tribulations.How about me?

Most of dai'e nowadays felt down and stuck in the middle of the path.They had lost their aim and seriousness in working for ISLAM.Am I in the circle of these people?

ISLAM need a strong,serious,"kejelasan fikrah"(how should I translate it?)men.My respected,beloved for the sake of Allah sahabat,Wan Mohd Akmal, once sent an sms to me,:

"Sahabatku,dai'e tidak bermula dengan mengajak orang lain kepada Islamtapi dia bermula dari dalam diri sendiri..Hatinya sendiri sebelum hati manusia yang ingin diajaknya.Benarlah kata seorang tokoh Ikhwan,Islam tidak akan tertegak dalam masyarakat dan seterusnya negara sebelum tertegaknya Islam dari dalam diri sendiri.Sebab permulaan segala sesuatu adalah tazkiyah an nafs."


This entry is a bit misery.Sorry..
I'm not in good condition.Got MC today,but still wanted to write something.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sharing moment

Yesterday night menyentuh hati saya.
Berchatting dengan sahabat saya yang saya sayangi dan kasihi kerana Allah,Adam Mohd Kadir.

Sebenarnya saya agak kepingin dan rindu suasana di MATRI.suasana bersama sahabat2 saya dahulu.Sukar sekali ingin bertemu dengan sahabat2 saya sejak masing2 bertebaran di Bumi Allah meneruskan perjuangan menuntut ilmu.

Kesannya,bila bertemu semula, saya jadi segan dengan mereka.Rasa macam ada barrier between us.Tak melawak ala-ala time dekat MATRI dulu.Rasa malu dll.

Maka malam tadi,sesi kongsi rasa dari hati ke hati bersama sahabat saya,Adam Kadir.Satu per satu kisah2 di MATRI bermula dari tingkatan 1 hingga tingkatan 5 kami korek bersama.Hampir menitis air mata.(lelaki juga bisa menangis.Menangis itu tandanya hati hidup,Insya Allah)

Cumanya perlu ajak lagi sahabat2 yang lain yang agak close dan memahami i.e.akmal zaim,hafiz z.abidin,umar afifi,ali hanis dan lain2.(shbt2 mesir jgn kecil hati.Antum jauh la).Cerita2 silam membakar semangat utk terus bekerja atas jalan DnT ini.

Kenangan2 manis dan pahit bersama ketika d bumi wakafan.Amal Jamai'e bersama,bertugas dewan makan,jadi tekong yasin/al kahfi dll.Aahh..rindunya.

Maka dengan itu,ada perancangan susulan wahai sahabat2 sekalian.Kita perlu duduk bersama dan berkongsi rasa.Luahan hati ke hati.Semuanya untuk eratkan kembali ukhuwwah antara kita.Rindu betul untuk bertemu dan bersama antum.

Kepada Adam,nanti kita plan sama2 ek.Buat backpacking from wilayah tengah ke Utara ke.Camping ke..

Uhibbukum fillah...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stand firm with our principles

Each and every single of us surely have our own principles.Honestly,I got many principles in my life which sometimes make people might say I'm too choosy or awkward seems I'm the only one having these kind of principles in the circle of my friends.

Just to share one of my principle which I think relevant and might contribute some benefits to all my respected readers.

Going to cinema is jerk and kind of Haram for me.
Sounds wired?But that's the truth.My friends keep on complaining whenever they invited me to watch any movies,surely I'll refuse.Thus,it makes me live 22 years without never and ever step in any cinemas.

I have reasons for that.The environment inside the cinema itself make me a sinner if I entered.Dark + mixing seat(male n female)+ etc.The possibility for spectators to commit bad things are high.My principle was supported by 1 of my friend who was a cinema worker.He told me that he saw many jerk things happened inside the cinema.Thus,the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Some people instead of watching movie,the did other things.Wek!

I still remember my beloved and respected murobbi,Sir Abdoh was mentioned about the characteristics of a Dai'e.One of them,avoiding things that will make our reputation as a Dai'e scratch.In other words,never create things which will make fitnah to us and Islam.Even passing by near the cinema should be prevented.Who knows,while passing by,suddenly people saw it and started to create story.
"Bla bla bla this guy can only speaks Islam but still going to cinema"..
Although we were just passing by.People mouth,nobody can stop from slandering.

Can we imagine,a person who talks about Islam suddenly went to the cinema.Surely people will "pandang serong"/slight view(am I right translating this?).

Thus,it makes the spreading of Islam retarded.

Hopefully we gain something.Thanks for patiently reading this entry.

Note 1:My sahabat,Siddiqi once told me:As long as our principles benefits to Islam,then hold it firmly.

Note 2:Difficult to change the ustaz-cinema-attach person as watching in the cinema is already a norm for youngsters.Need slowly da'wah fardhiah.

Note 3:Actually not only cinema we should prevented but all other things which are lagho,unbenefits,wasting time,no benefits to Islam etc.
It is for me too.Need time for Mu'alajah al 'Uyub..

What a shamed!


Just a non academical entry or even a tazkirah or what not.I'm sharing my experience which it happened two days ago.

Around 5.20pm,I was sending an sms to my friends whom are doing their practical training as me.I wrote (more or less like this);

"counting the minutes guys.Once the clock strikes 5.30pm,let's run and left the office.FREEDOM!!!"

Few minutes after 5.30pm my friend(practical training mate)and I went down to the motorbike.The sky were really dark as if smoke coming out from a chimney.It's going to rain heavily,I guessed.

Suddenly my phone vibrated.One of my friend whom I sent the sms just now, replied.
"Woi aku dah kat UIA la.Baik ko balik cepat.Nak hujan ni!"

Me:Seems like it's going to rain
Friend:So?what do u suggest?
Me:Lets go home!If it raining cats and dogs,then we will stop and find a place for shade.

On the way back,suddenly the rain was too heavy.Alhamdulillah we found a spot for shelter i.e under the LRT fly over.After waiting for a while,there was no sign for the rain to stop.

Thus,we decided to proceed our journey back to UIA.But before that,we put on the raincoat and we put off our shoes.We were riding(I was a ride pillion)the motorbike with barefoot.

As we approached the UIA main gate,the sky looked blue and clear.No sign of raining or even a drop of rain on the road.So,we were entering the UIA with fully covered with the raincoat and worse,with barefoot.

As expected,every eyes were starring at us with awkward.~Clear sky but seeing guys wearing raincoat and barefoot.

Alhamdulillah we arrived at UIA safely although "agak malu besar".

Note:Be cool n ignore others.They didn't know the real situation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Perhimpunana Perdana Palestin

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