Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stand firm with our principles

Each and every single of us surely have our own principles.Honestly,I got many principles in my life which sometimes make people might say I'm too choosy or awkward seems I'm the only one having these kind of principles in the circle of my friends.

Just to share one of my principle which I think relevant and might contribute some benefits to all my respected readers.

Going to cinema is jerk and kind of Haram for me.
Sounds wired?But that's the truth.My friends keep on complaining whenever they invited me to watch any movies,surely I'll refuse.Thus,it makes me live 22 years without never and ever step in any cinemas.

I have reasons for that.The environment inside the cinema itself make me a sinner if I entered.Dark + mixing seat(male n female)+ etc.The possibility for spectators to commit bad things are high.My principle was supported by 1 of my friend who was a cinema worker.He told me that he saw many jerk things happened inside the cinema.Thus,the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Some people instead of watching movie,the did other things.Wek!

I still remember my beloved and respected murobbi,Sir Abdoh was mentioned about the characteristics of a Dai'e.One of them,avoiding things that will make our reputation as a Dai'e scratch.In other words,never create things which will make fitnah to us and Islam.Even passing by near the cinema should be prevented.Who knows,while passing by,suddenly people saw it and started to create story.
"Bla bla bla this guy can only speaks Islam but still going to cinema"..
Although we were just passing by.People mouth,nobody can stop from slandering.

Can we imagine,a person who talks about Islam suddenly went to the cinema.Surely people will "pandang serong"/slight view(am I right translating this?).

Thus,it makes the spreading of Islam retarded.

Hopefully we gain something.Thanks for patiently reading this entry.

Note 1:My sahabat,Siddiqi once told me:As long as our principles benefits to Islam,then hold it firmly.

Note 2:Difficult to change the ustaz-cinema-attach person as watching in the cinema is already a norm for youngsters.Need slowly da'wah fardhiah.

Note 3:Actually not only cinema we should prevented but all other things which are lagho,unbenefits,wasting time,no benefits to Islam etc.
It is for me too.Need time for Mu'alajah al 'Uyub..


Atiqah said...

yup same thing happen to me...
I'm an alien among my friends when a teenager like me never step into the cinema..
i was brought up by my parents with a perception that cinema is a forbidden place to go. and few other places too..(fun fair, theme park etc.)

just be urself..frens and people around us will respect because we have principles.

ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:Alhamdulillah some of us were brought up in a family which stress on Islamic principles.

just be urself..frens and people around us will respect because we have principles.~I'm agree

LuQMaN M.J said...


I do agree with both of you..

aNa HaSaNaH said...

MATRI kt beseri perlis kn?

ukur kira said...

To ana Hasanah:Ya.MATRI is located in Beseri,Perlis.