Saturday, February 27, 2010

clinging the dream..

I've been dreaming to have it,
But it's difficult to find it,
Although I've found it,
I can't afford to have it,
People say:"First love is priceless",
Now I agreed without a say.

I've tried my best to find the way,
Either for free or have to pay,

It seems impossible to have for free,
In fact she's the best in her nature,
Although she's tough,she comforts me.

I've decided to choose her,
To be my friend,partner and love,
Hopefully others won't be jealous,
For not picking them as I did for her.

I'm now changing my life,
From single to couple or double,
But people won't be able to find the difference,
Cause I'll be acting as if the old.

~I'll strive my best to have you.Insya Allah you'll be mine someday.
*Dedicated to my dream's bag,Deuter Race X Air.I really fall in love with you...

*Just googled out the price.Having her like a dream come true..~RM240.00


Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad Bukhari said...

if i hav some extra money, i'll buy it for u...

-Sahabat kpd Abd Rahman Bin Ahmad Bukhari

ukur kira said...

To Abdul Rahman's friend:Thanks.

Atiqah said...

work hard for it..
the sweets of having the things u yearn for wont be the same if others get it for u..

i still wear the watch I bought for myself as a PMR present(a treat for myself), and it's still in a good condition (6 years already).because i learned how hard it was to achieve the best result, and it should be kept in a perfect condition until..i dont know when..maybe 6 years more.for sure people at that age wont wear such watch anymore.

just like how we get Iman and is such a precious pearl..and if we really able to hold it in hands after all the hard works and efforts., then we will taste the sweets and the pleasures of it. we will understand to appreciate it.

all the best.

LuQMaN M.J said...

you make the sentence by yourself? very good :)

ukur kira said...

To Atiqah:I'll work for it,Insya Allah.But at this moment,it's not my priority yet.Bunches of aulawiyat need to be fulfilled first.

Anyhow,congrat for keeping things beyond their expected age.

I agreed.The sweetness of a pudding,was the sweat of preparing it.

All the best to u too.

ukur kira said...

to Luqman:I did with the helpes from Allah.HE inspired me to write such lines.

But,it's not that good as I'm naively tend to tarnish the well known English poem.~It's my poem beautiful whirr to be proud of.Hehe.

Amin Misran said...
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Amin Misran said...

A writer writes a whole new world with words...

May the blessings of ALLAH be upon you and your future bag.. :)