Friday, February 19, 2010


Confucius says:

"Man who run infront of car, get tired,
Man who run behind car, get exhausted."

"When man 60 marry girl 25,like buying book for someone else to read."

"He who thinks only of number one,must remember that this number is next to nothing."

Note:Is it ok to quote something from non Muslim words?


Atiqah said...

it's ok as long as you know the limits and take only the good side..just like we learn from Chinese about business.
What is the best we can bring it for the sake of our ummah..what is not, take it as a lesson.


ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:thanks

Anonymous said...

Are you sure these wise sayings were from Confucius and not originated from some local Chinese? I think they are "PALSU" not authentic Better check !!

ukur kira said...

I'm not that 100% sure.I just picked up somewhere and it was mentioned to be the words of confucius.

I'm sorry if it is kind of fake and not authentic.Better check again.