Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a shamed!


Just a non academical entry or even a tazkirah or what not.I'm sharing my experience which it happened two days ago.

Around 5.20pm,I was sending an sms to my friends whom are doing their practical training as me.I wrote (more or less like this);

"counting the minutes guys.Once the clock strikes 5.30pm,let's run and left the office.FREEDOM!!!"

Few minutes after 5.30pm my friend(practical training mate)and I went down to the motorbike.The sky were really dark as if smoke coming out from a chimney.It's going to rain heavily,I guessed.

Suddenly my phone vibrated.One of my friend whom I sent the sms just now, replied.
"Woi aku dah kat UIA la.Baik ko balik cepat.Nak hujan ni!"

Me:Seems like it's going to rain
Friend:So?what do u suggest?
Me:Lets go home!If it raining cats and dogs,then we will stop and find a place for shade.

On the way back,suddenly the rain was too heavy.Alhamdulillah we found a spot for shelter i.e under the LRT fly over.After waiting for a while,there was no sign for the rain to stop.

Thus,we decided to proceed our journey back to UIA.But before that,we put on the raincoat and we put off our shoes.We were riding(I was a ride pillion)the motorbike with barefoot.

As we approached the UIA main gate,the sky looked blue and clear.No sign of raining or even a drop of rain on the road.So,we were entering the UIA with fully covered with the raincoat and worse,with barefoot.

As expected,every eyes were starring at us with awkward.~Clear sky but seeing guys wearing raincoat and barefoot.

Alhamdulillah we arrived at UIA safely although "agak malu besar".

Note:Be cool n ignore others.They didn't know the real situation.


Atiqah said...

hehehe..nice experience..

MuNsYi^SaMa said...

u should have stop at the main gate to put on everything. haha

ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:hopefully it was a "nice" experience

to shu'bah:I did.In fact we(my friend n I)we in raincoat-barefoot-style until we reached our mahallah.It means some of the IIUM students did shrieking when watching us!hehe

dad said...

Nabil and other bikers,
For safety reason, pls don't ride motorbike barefooted. You never know when your feet are going to be like 'kelapa parut' diparut oleh jalan tar pada kelajuan 60 to 90km/hr a lot worse than the one in sundry shop and there is no milky 'santan'but blood...

LuQMaN M.J said...
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LuQMaN M.J said...


I dont know how to comment about the speed of the motorbike..

Nabil knows better..~~

ukur kira said...

to dad:tq abah..but,we had no choice at that time.Insya Allah next time I won't do that again.

to Luqman:speed kills.hehe.However u hav to try the enjoyment while speeding.Marvelous!

LuQMaN M.J said...

yes.. speed kill

dont drink and drive :D