Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let us discuss it calmly and rationally.

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah The Almighty for His Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim,we still being given with full of 'nikmah'although we sometimes forget to obey and submit to HIM.

Last week my friednd invited me to attend one inter-faith dialogue between Muslim,Christian,Hindu and Sikh.They were discussed under the title,"Do all paths lead to Paradise?"

Alhamdulillah it was a very intellectual discussion.Each and every panels tried their best to give their points based on their faith and teaching.As for me,I gained lot of new things that night.

I enjoyed the discussion very much until when it came to the Q and A session.Honestly said,inside the hall,Malays were the minority.It is usual and normal I guessed.Most of the audients were the International students where I think they have no experience in living with multi-religion community i.e Malaysia.Thus,they behaved and acted too extreme.(I guessed so..)

Some of the questions thrown by the International students especially the Arabs were not supposely relevent to be answered.I'm not saying I'm compromising my religion with other believes and faiths,but logically those questions shouldn't being asked at the first place.

For example:One of the student suddenly recited few verses from the Al Quran fully 'tarannum'regarding Islam is the true Religion.He then asked the non Muslim panels to respond to the verses.

Personally,I don't think it was a good question.How were they going to respond to the quran,in fact they didn't believe in quran at once.Even when the question being asked,some irrelevent emotions were attached with them,thus it created some kind of 'hot situation'.

Worst,when they were answering the questions to their best,some of the audients started to chatting and it made the hall a bit noisy.The climax of the stupidity happened when audients made the speakers looked silly and disrespected.While the speakers still answering the questions,they started to clap their stinky hands as a symbols of 'stop'to the speakers.-speakers being humiliated.WOE!!

As a Muslim,I was very dissapointed and embarrassed.This dialogue supposely been discussed professionally,calmly and rationally.We were there to learn about their faiths not for attacking and humiliating them.Islam didn't teaches us to act in such a way.

Anyway,the program started and ended smoothly.Congratulation to the organizer and I hope such program can be done for few sessions because to understand other faiths need a lot of knowledge.

May Allah shower the non Muslim speakers with Hidayah someday.

Note 1:As the program was conducted in English,I was amazed for few times during the Q&A session.I thought 'Harry Porter' was asking a question but then I realized that it was only a Malay guy with humble face, asking a question.His English, (slang and fluency)are marvellous!He got the potential to be a good muslim preacher one day as he memorized few chapters from the bible.I liked his style.

Note 2:Once again,I was amazed for brother Sobri,an American student when he asked a question.He is an African living in America (if I'm not mistaken he livs in Georgia,USA).His English,subhanallah! As if Akon (an American black singer),was asking a question.His English style really awesome!


LuQMaN M.J said...

good :)l

ukur kira said...

To Luqman:Not that good.Still got the bad things.

ukur kira said...
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Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad Bukhari said...

Islam terhalang dgn akhlak buruk ORG islam..

Jgn pelik klau d Mesir ni, tgh lecturer mgajar kt dpn..
Tiba2 ada pelajar arab bgn dan marah Dr...

"Mintak laluan Dr, kami x mau dgr kalam kosong dan byk..bgtahu apa yg akan kluar dlm exam shj"!!!

Tp usah kita lupa, Rasulullah pernah melarang saidina umar yg membaca kitab taurat yg asli..
dgn sabdanya kalaulah nabi tsebut masih hidup, nescaya dia akan ikut aku...

"jgn kita brjln dgn trhuyung-hayang d atas jln yg lurus sbb nanti kita akan jatuh ke dalam gaung..."
-kata2 seorg bekas pljr SAR dPerlis

-kawan Abd Rahman(pemilik akaun google ni)

ukur kira said...

To Abdul Rahman:Those things happened when Islam is not being practice.Regardless Arab or not,all are the same.

Did the owner of the account realize u're hacking his account?~Is it u 'Imran?

imran-md said...

Yes, i got his permission first..
kawe tupe main tenet umah dia..
dia ada duk sebelah kawe loni..

anta mmg bijok!

nk sama2 bt projek kolam ikan keli n ternak ayam daging?

ukur kira said...

to Imran:
kawe nk keja denge mu buleh ko?
Kawe meme suko keja2 tani nih.keja kampung la.

Kalau mu nak mulo projek mu ajok kawe deh?

Kawe buleh ja dok klate.