Monday, November 29, 2010

it's my way...


Me: What I'm suppose to be after I've graduated?I'm confused now.I don't think I can handle those corruptions in the construction field.I need to decide it right away so that i can plan my life accordingly.

A: Then you can pursue to your master degree.

Me: Sounds good,but i want to shift from construction to something else.But let say i've finished my master,then what shall i do?I need to work.Who else wanna pay my bills etc?

A: Don't worry,Allah surely will help you.It's better to be rich in experience rather in money.

Me: u're right.I'm kindda adventurous guy.Maybe I should travel from one place to another.Working 'biasa-biasa sahaja' but gaining lot of experience.I should go to Turkey,Oman,USA,Canada,Syria etc..Maybe I could be a good translator or working as international relations for any NGOs.

A: Then,when're u getting married?With who?I don't think there are any girls wanted to marry with a guy with no secured jobs and keep on travelling.

Me: Ada rezeki ada la.It's not a big problem for me.As long as I'm still istiqamah in Islam and working on the path of Da'wah its ok for me.No spouse doesn't mean I couldn't survive.Allah knows better..

A: ......

Me: ........



Last few days,I was having a chat with my Omani's friend.We discussed on many things on cultures,languages,etc.

Suddenly,he asked me whether I ever know about ibadhiyyah or not.As I'm not really good in Arabic,for sure Ibadhiyyah never came across my mind.

He said that ibadhiyyah is a kind of sect like the four we have i.e. syafie,maliki,hanbali and hanafi.Most of the country in the North Africa such as Algeria,Tunisia etc. are practicing this kind of sect,even Oman.

I asked him what make it a major differences between ibadhiyyah and other sects?He explained to me some facts which later made me feel like, 'oh I need to read it more on myself.'

He gave me a link to a site where of course it is in arabic.Huhu..Very difficult one as the last time I read Arabic when I was in my secondary school.(Oh di matrik dulu ada sekejap baca arab,time exam APT.As I was exempted,then no longer belajar arab)


*Mixing with people from different background,country etc. can increase our knowledge.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yusuf Islam


Alhamdulillah praise to Allah The Almighty for His Willings and Blessings,we are still living in this 'chaotic world'.We thank Allah for His mercy for giving us the opportunity to feel and appreciate the two 'nikmat' which are seldom being realized i.e. Islam and Iman.Hopefully we can push ourselves to strive for our best to sustain our condition in these two nikmat,Insha Allah.

I bet most of us recognized the World class phenomenal singer, Cat Steven or his Muslim's name,Yusuf Islam.

Last Friday,he was in IIUM for the Friday prayer and he delivered a short tazkirah after the Prayer.It was a remarkable speech and had created a huge crowd.

I just wanted to share one of his point where he said,"I like to do da'wah to the non-Muslims rather than to the Muslims".The Analogy he gave was simple and awesome.
Imagine there are two men, where the 1st man is drowning in the river while the other man is trying to jump into the river from a cliff.If you are there,looking at both situations,whom do you decided to go for and save the life?

I would go the the man who is drowning in the river and save his life.The person who intended to jump into the river,might jump and might not jump.In fact if he saw how difficult we are, trying to save the drowning man,he might not jump from the cliff.

This is how it works.The drowning man is like the non-Muslim where the other man is a Muslim.Got it?

Actually I'm one of Yusuf Islam 'fanatic fans'..Since I was 'small' I was introduced by his songs by my dad.My dad used to sing the 'Morning has broken' song previously.

Listening to his songs e.g. Father and son,Moon shadow,Wild world etc. really make me feel 'fresh and joy'.Even the songs from the I look I see album.

Yusuf Islam dedicated his life for educating the Muslims especially the children and youths.He opened few Islamic schools in London,South Africa etc.

He really inspired me to become one of the great Muslim scholar in the future,insha Allah.


1)Having the ability to master many languages is an advantage for a good preacher.
In fact,English is somehow become an essential for Muslims to be mastered.Not only through writing,but also communicating.

2)Still dreaming of having the opportunity to have a discussion with Yusuf Islam.
May Allah bless all of us..

3)Congratulations to my respected cousin,sis Aisyah for her wedding reception.Barakallahu lakuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair.Semoga kerja-kerja D&T masih dapat diteruskan.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Points post


Seems like I haven't updating my blog for a week after my last post since.
Pretty buzy down here dude..Not really buzy actually,but those who really know me might know how buzy i am..

Ok,this time no story telling etc.Just a short post to shoot out.And it will be in point form.Some of the points not really related to each other.Just those cranky things popped out from my mind and I just starts writing them out away.

1)I really enjoy working right now.No stress.Cool colleagues,nice working environment etc.In fact I need to deal with lots of people (read:foreign students)which really fits my interest.Knowing them,making friends with them etc.

2)One of the staff where I'm working right now is very good in PR (public relation).Everybody feel easy with him.I gonna learn from him.Kindda my mentor.At the same time every night I'm trying to finish my favorite book i.e How to win friend and influence people by Dale Carnegie.Believe me,the more I read,I felt like 'my Gosh,I'm still lack too many things'..Btw, this book need not to be rushed to finish it off. (as mentioned at the intro part.)Better if one could apply one by one the skills taught inside the book in each chapter before moving to the next chapter.Hence,not easy to finish this book.But trust me,it really enjoyable.(for those who loves human behaviors/psychology)

2)Oh, North Korea and South Korea seem to begin the war again..

3)Watehel was going on in Myanmar where 375 people died in the stampede.Aahh..Such a disaster.A disaster created by themselves.Allah izin...Nothing much to say..

4)Those who are reading Ths Star newspaper might know the 'Mind your English section'..Very useful section for me.I learnt a lot from there.Just flipped the page in today newspaper where a tickle-belly-damn-funny story was there.I was reading the newspaper at the office and couldn't stop myself from laughing silently.(But some of the staffs did realize my act and started asking me.)Want to know?Read it yourself.Hehehe

5)Currently 'melayan' some video clips I've downloaded from the youtube.International Quranic memorization competition in Dubai for youths.Subhanallah..'terharu menusuk kalbu'..I respect them for reasons;memorizing the whole Quran,very beautiful voice,still young (all are teenagers;belasan tahun).My favourite one is the boy from Egypt.He dressed like Tantawi,subhanallah very good voice he has and extremely good memorization.

6)Few days ago I had a small talk with one of the cleaner (mak cik cleaner)in the college.That mak cik said 'Budak bilik tu handsome,bergaya dll.(while pointing to the room).Tapi bilik macam tongkang pecah.'
I went to the guy's room for inspection and guess what?Rumah sampah elok lagi..Full of cigar butts,rubbish and very smelly.(macam hancing)..Wek!!-Bukan mahu memburukkan sesiapa,but please,how can a human live in such environment?Please take a lesson.Islam itu bersih dan suka pada kebersihan.-Poor girl if that guy is your BF..Depan kau wangi,kacak,belakang kau.....

7)My urban planning friends currently aren't in Malaysia.Some are in UK while some are in Hong Kong.Went for studio trip..Aahh what a lucky..

8)Now i'm working out at the university stadium for my own health.Running/jogging in the evening..Huhu..Well for the last few months,I felt like I've gained weight.Not 'tough' for sure.Hehe..But today I weighed my weight and it seems didn't changed a lot.Still the same..Still cannot donate my blood due to 'tak cukup berat'..So u can guess my weight.

9)Ever heard an Arabic term "Bi'sa akhi 'ashir"?? I just heard it.My Arab friend told me a story about it.Such a long story which is related to the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallahu'alaihi Wassalam.Btw,it is a new info for me that the word "'ashir" is synonym with "Qabilah".Except that some country like Yemen,Lebanon etc preferred to use 'Ashir while Sa'udi etc. they used Qabilah..Huhu..

10)Just make new friends from Bangladeshi.While I was playing the table-tennis with my friend,they came and intended to join the game.

11)Oh the PTPTN loan receivers can convert the loans to scholarship if they scored 1st class degree by the end of their studies(according to the news)..Good news eh?But not for me.I don't care as I'm not PTPTN loan receiver..hehehe

12)USA is now having a new Islamic University.It is located in California.Started with 15 students and expecting to expand from time to time.Among the lecturers there is my favorite syeikh Yusuf Hamza.Currently the university is renting a block if i'm not mistaken from the California University before having its own buildings.If There are Religious university other than Islam in USA like Columbus and Rutgers,then it would be no problem for the establishment of the Islamic University.-Still trying to get accreditation.Please pray for them.

13)Just to tell that I'm suck in making friends.It is not because of them,but it's my fault and bad.And once I've 'marked' a particular person as *&$#@,then it'll be 'permanent' except for certain circumstances.Well,I don't blame myself for that as I'm a cynical type of person and perfect melancholic.FULL STOP..


*Please ignore the 'rude words' I'm using..Just to express the right things clearly and straight to the point.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mahu jadi soleh


It is really difficult to become a good Muslim.Once you've becoming a so called 'good muslim', you need to become musleh i.e.calling to people to become soleh.

Good things never come together with easiness.People need to have a high self motivation in preserving the good values or 'kesolehan' itu.Mujahdah an-nafs..Oh,I shouldn't use those 'impressive/wow terms'.


People can pretending to be soleh from their words,writing etc.But inside their heart,who knows?Only Allah...

People might say that the attitude of a writer reflects from his writing.Agree?No no no..You can't judge it as a whole.People can 'berlakon'from his writing.Even I can do that.I have basic islamic education and knowing lots of the 'islamic terms'.If i would using it in my writing and acting as if i'm an 'ustaz' those who didn't know me surely will think that i'm a 'good guy'..Err,,don't make me wrong.I'm not saying right now i'm a bad guy.It's just that i'm not reaching the level of what could say 'satisfaction'.I'm still kindda looking and searching..Still need lot of self reflection/muhasabah etc.

The most impotant thing is,our effort to become a good muslim.
I know,those who knowing me well surely comparing the old me and the current version.I don't care what people say.(like Prof.K used to say).Its up to you to judge people.

Hakikatnya kita sebagai manusia acapkali melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan.Tidak terlepas seorang manusia itu dari melakukannya.Yang penting perlu ada kesedaran dan keinsafan untuk bertaubat.Bukankah ada pepatah yang berbunyi;
"Kullu bani adam khatta',wa khaira khattai tawwabin"
(setiap bani adam itu melakukan kesalahan.Sebaik-baik yang melakukan kesalahan adalah mereka yang bertaubat)

Perlu kita sedar,setiap tindak-tanduk kita akan di soal oleh Allah di akhirat kelak.Maka,berbahagia dan bijak lah seseorang itu jika ia memikirkan pengakhiran kehidupannya di 'sana' nanti.Kesedaran yang benar-benar dirasai,akan menjadi dapur pembakar seterusnya menolak nafsu seseorang untuk ber'amal dengan amalan-amalan yang soleh sertan sentiasa mengharapkan pengampunan dari Allah Rabbul Jalil.

Allah berfirman di dalam surah Ali Imran ayat 113 yang bermaksud;
"Dan bersegeralah kamu mencari ampunan dari tuhanmu dan mendapatkan syurga yang luasnya seluas langit dan bumi yang disediakan bagi orang-orang yang bertaqwa"

See,I can produce such a so called 'a good and islamic writing'.It's not that difficult to write such things.People can manipulate their ability to 'mengkaburi' readers judgement.But I don't want to cheat the readers by trying to 'showing off' my 'kesolehan.'Trust me,those who have the islamic background could utter quranic verses,hadiths etc.It is just a piece of cake for them.

Hence,please don't make yourself 'easily attracted' to those who are having those 'sweet writing,sopan-santun etc.'I didn't mean to judge people as a whole but this is what life is all about.It's reality.

The anaolgy is simple,I bet most of us having friends who are coupling (before married)..Can u compare his attitude when meeting/dating with his/her bf/gf and during he/she is with you?His/her room?

Some of my friends' room can be catagorized as 'tongkang pecah'.(surely u know what i meant).But when ever he wanted to go for a date,pergh...kemas habis.spray minyak wangi sini sana..

He is acting differently..It is same goes with writers..
Some of them just pretending to be good.But in reality,wallahu'alam.I don't like to judge people although I'm a kind of a cynical type.

The conclusion is,just be yourself.Try to be as good as possible.Sometimes need to push up a lil bit in doing good things.Allah will surely looks at your 'usaha' not at your 'propaganda'..


Jom jadi soleh!!

Buat cik ABC


Dedicated to an anonymous who introduced him/her self as cik ABC..As i 'google' in my drive D i found this pic.What do u think?

Look delicious right?So,still having 'keraguan' on my ability to cook?This is what we call 'Lamb chop'..(Tapi lamb chop ini wasn't cooked by me.Org kedai yg masak..This pic not really related directly to 'whether i'm a good cook or not',but trust me,i never disappointed those who tasted 'my food')- rupa-rupanya sudah bbrapa post saya promote diri..kekeke.Anda kesah?Saya tak kesah sebab ni blog saya.Tak suka,jgn baca.Shoo shoo..(sejak kebelakangan ni diri jd tak betol.otak mereng skit;SORRY)

Hayatilah gambar ini.....

Nyum2...Ada broccoli,soft carrot and etc..Healthy food.It is cooked using vegetable oil/minyak zaitun..Hah,nak masak ni bukan boleh main bedal je.Need to prepare a 'healthy food'


*Bagaimana mahu jadi 'soleh seperti dahulu?'..-dulu soleh ke?

Di Pagi Raya


This post might be a short post because it'll only telling about the story of 'pagi raya'..

While I was preparing myself with cloth (baju melayu),the takbir from the university masjid has started..But guess what..It was monotone..Well you know our malaysian society.Our takbir version is like a 'ringtone' (ringtone?apakah?not monotone)..'berlagu-lagu' and 'mendayu-dayu'.

I thought I was late..My watch stroke at 7.30am..Usually when i was at my hometown,our masjid will be announcing what time the sunat 'eid adha prayer will be performed the day before the 'eid.

Yesterday when I was in the university masjid,there were no such announcement.Even after solat,there were no takbir like what we do in our society.Everyone just keep silent and left the masjid..

So, I walked all the way from my room to the masjid.On my way there,I saw many people.The parking lots started to full.The university road started to jam.But I can't see any Malays..Oh,btw today i was wearing my baju melayu.No jubah-jubah..MALAYSIA!!

I spotted one group of africans.About 10 to 20 people.Their clothes were nice.COLORFUL!Planned to walk with them..(Saja nak buat kawan baru).But I felt like oh,i'm too tiny among them.My height is about their stomach level.Huhu..Even I couldn't understand what they were talking.(Perhaps they are speaking Swahili)

So I walked alone until I met a group of chinese/Korean/Japanese.I'm not sure where are they coming from.But they have the 'chinese' faces.All of them wearing eh?They were about 10 of them.Plus they were some sisters among them.(Oh malu la..Ada sisters)

At last,i walked all the way alone until i reached the masjid.Oh,I was early.Alhamdulillah.Only few people in the masjid.So,after solah sunat tahiyatul masjid,I sat and started to takbir.Oh,the takbir sometimes 'mendayu-dayu' and sometimes not.Depend on the 'tekong'..

After a while,people started to coming and crowding the masjid.Oh,I was sitting at a wrong spot.It was the area of Africans.My left,right,infront,back side were all Africans.(terasa seperti anak kecil di celah2 orang besar).

8.30am,we started to perform the prayer.The khutbah was delivered by Dr....from department of general studies.The 1st khutbah was in Arabic and the 2nd was in English..Short but 'padat'.It was about the seerah of prophet Abraham and Ishmael.The 'ibrah etc.It was a good reminder for me..

Finished khutbah,I was 'stuck' inside the masjid.Too many people..All the africans beside me are so TALL..(tersepit di celah2).Yah Allah,ni baru kat masjid UIA.I couldn't imagine the thousands of Muslim in Mecca right now,performing the Hajj.

At the same time,trying to 'jenguk-jenguk' looking for my friends(kot-kot ada)or any Malays.But I couldn't spot one.Tengah-tengah mencari tu,I found a group of Malays.Around 10 to 20..But when I came near,they aint malay.I mean from Malaysia.They were Indonesian.Hohoho..

So,after struggling for a moment,at last berjaya melepaskan diri di pintu masjid.Alhamdulillah..

Oh,seems like it was only me having no friends..Every where I looked,there were groups of students.African group,Algerian group,Bosnian group,Yemeni group etc..

Again,I walked all the way to my room alone..


*Lontong nak kena perangat pulak ni..Nasi himpit dah di potong-potong..Just waiting for any visitors coming to my room..(hehehe..)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't be sad..(sbb tak balik raya)


Ok,this is my 2nd post in one day.Hehehe.Kindda 'meroyan' ever since I'm left here alone.(Oh suddenly this reminds me on Zain Bikha's song;You're never alone..)

Just now after maghrib at the musolla, i've met one of my Yemeni's friend.Just asked him what is he planning to do for tomorrow.He said he'll be participating for a holiday trip organized by the Yemeni students association.Hehehe..I just about to join them before I've cancelled it right moment.Guess what?They're going for a holiday trip to Bangkok,Thailand... T_T

I took out my mobile phone from my pocket and decided to message my Palestinian friends for the same reason.

Suddenly one of my Sa'udi Arabian friend came.We had a long chat at the cafeteria. (oh the cafe will be closed tomorrow,hence I've prepared with few packet of instant noodle a.k.a meggi (but not meggi brand. Boycott!!)

He told me that one of our Kenyan friend who is currently doing his PhD. has returned home few days back.He'll only coming back after few months.Oh,then i'll lost another one good foreign friend here.The Kenyan guy was my Arabic xifu previously.He even was my counselor and my place to burst out some of my "study stress"..He was such a good advisor of mine.

Oh,back to the issue,my sa'udi friend suddenly asked me about my future wife criteria.He then told me about his.We had a different idea and I argued a bit.But,yeah different people having different point of view.Should I tell the details of the story/arguments?(Ok undi,sape nak tahu angkat tangan!!)

Then,performing isyak at the university's masjid.No malays at the masjid except 3 to 4 persons.The rest were foreigners..

On my way back,met new foreign's friend.A guy from Morocco.After ta'aruf here and there,I walked to my room..

Then met my respected sahabat,Ali Husni.He was my senior at MATRI and just finished his undergraduate studies this semester.He was about to leave to Shah Alam tonight.So,just having a short talk with him.

Habis...Tamat..The End..

*Serious tak rasa sedih pun..Biasa je..
Just received an sms from my ummi.
"salam perantauan buat anak ummi yang tak balik beraya di rumah.Nanti kita bual lagi.Ummi nak pergi iron baju."

tiba-tiba baru teringat.Oh,tak iron lagi baju melayu.Jap lagi la iron.Sambil iron sambil nyanyi dendang perantau.Eh silap,sambil takbir raya..

Tapi terfikir pulak,malas la pakai baju melayu.Pakai jubah je la esok,Jubah dah ber 'iron'.Pakai jubah bleh cover2 jadi foreigner..Kekeke..


*Nak kena pi masak rendang pulak ni..lontong tak siap lagi..Haih..penat-penat..

Pandang hadapan dan belakang,toleh kanan dan kiri...


(Post kali ini di dalam bahasa melayu)
Salam 'Aid Adha buat semua masyarakat islam..

Ketika sedang menaip ini,fikiran sedang melayang-layang jauh ke kampung halaman.."Hmm..agaknya ummi sedang masak apa ye?"

If i would be at home this moment,maka sayalah satu-satunya anak lelaki ummi dan abah yang akan turun ke dapur meringankan kerja-kerja ummi.. (ini bukan ayat promote diri).
Masak lontong,buat rendang etc memang saya pakar.Tak la pakar,tapi kalau orang makan tu dia akan tambah dalam dua ke tiga kali la..Ummi pun kadang-kadang memuji jejaka ummi yang sorang ni sebab selalu turun ke dapur.Pada ketika ummi memuji,tiba-tiba terasa mahu bersimpuh di tepi dapur berhampiran tempat goreng ikan ala-ala gaya seorang anak dara,sambil menyimpul-nyimpulkan hujung rambut..Hahaha.

Kalau hari-hari biasa tu,usually lauk-lauk untuk lunch saya akan masak.Sayur campur,sambal tumis,gulai,ayam kicap,dan lain-lain..Ye la,asyik ummi je kena turun dapur.Sekali-sekala anak ummi ni balik,kena la ringankan beban ummi abah..(promote diri lagi)

Bukan apa,disebabkan raya haji tahun ini saya tidak balik (beraya di university bersama-sama kawan-kawan foreigners),maka saya tidak dapat tolong masak..Itu yang tiba-tiba rindu tu.Teringat habis segala lauk-pauk yang nak dimasak.

Nak masak kat bilik?Mana ada dapur and segala macam peralatan tu.Masak megi boleh la..

Maka,hari raya kali ini saya tak tau nak pi mana..Esok solat raya di masjid university.Then,kalau duit cukup,plan nak gi jalan-jalan KL.Gi KLCC ke,Low Yatt ke.Tapi tu pun kalau ADA DUIT..Gaya macam duit tengah nazak..

Kalau tak dak duit,maka akan cuba follow kawan-kawan foreigners pi mana-mana.Paling kurang lepak bilik diaorang and borak-borak la..

Teringin nak pi melapah daging..Tapi kat mana?Kenderaan pun tak dak.Paling kurang kalau ada moto,boleh ronda-ronda KL sambil bawak pisau.(bukan nak bunuh orang).Jumpa mana-mana orang tengah melapah,join la..Hahaha..muka tak malu.

Kalau tak,just lepak di bilik buat kerja..Btw,people might asked why out of sudden saya tak balik.Sebenarnya saya nak siapkan research untuk final year dissertation.Tu yang tak balik.Tapi,kalau tak balik,i need to pay for hostel fees sebab duduk time cuti.Bagi mengelakkan kena bayar which is RM3.50/day,saya pun kerja la part time.At least ada reason duduk hostel.Bukan saja-saja nak habiskan bill electric dan air.

So,sekarang ni,kerja dan study.2 in 1.Alhamdulillah ada la gaji sikit untuk survive.Untuk menyara keluarga dan membeli susu anak.(apakah?)

Oh itu hari ada kawan-kawan kata,saya ni tak sayang family sebab tak balik rumah.Ehem2..sekarang ni bukan isu sayang or tak sayang.Kalau balik rumah tapi dok bela perut dan buat taik mata je buat apa?Sayang kepada keluarga bukan semata-mata pulang ke rumah.Mendoakan mereka setiap masa,meringankan beban mereka dll juga tanda kasih-sayang.Saya ni jenis 'family man' ok!.

Sudah malas mahu bercerita...Kepada mereka-mereka yang ada di area2 KL dan tak ke mana-mana.Jika ada aktiviti2 yang menarik,sihat dan soleh,jagan lupa ajak saya.Huhu

Kenapa tajuk post ni Pandang hadapan dan belakang,toleh kanan dan kiri?Sebabnya,pada ketika ini,jika saya pandang hadapan dan belakang,toleh kanan dan kiri,apa yang saya nampak hanyalah student-student foreigners..Melayu dah tak dak..Maka,saya terasa seperti berada di perantauan..hehehe..

Salam 'Aid Adha dari NJ di Konya,Turki. (kekeke)
(Hanya gambar sisi.Gambar full face tak leh tunjuk.)

Till then,


1)Mahu target before bukak sem baru sudah berjaya menyiapkan 3 chapters untuk dissertation.Semoga Allah permudahkan.

2)Insya Allah nak start semula belajar bahasa Arab cuti ni..

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Barangkali ini vocab baru (actually dah lama cuma dah lama tak guna)untuk kebelakangan ini."Sentap!"

Sebelum itu,kenapakah post-post saya makin banyak dalam BM?Apakah?

Ok2,for my own good,i need to improve and keep on practicing using english.Why?

1)Next sem i'll be starting writing up my dissertation.Hence need a good english skills

2)Always meet my foreign friends.So,i need to use english to communicate with them.

3)(Mahu berkahwin dengan orang USA..)-Apakah??-This reason is not relevant.(so,i need to change/alter a lil bit of this reason.Mahu berkerja/migrate ke USA.(jika ada jodoh di sana,ada la..Insya Allah)

Yesterday i met my senior.He was my senior at QS department.Just graduated last October and currently working at the QS firm.(One of the most established QS firm in Malaysia).We had a long chat.

Actually,he wanted to 'belanja' dinner.But since I've taken my dinner a bit earlier so just have a glass of fruit juice.

Sungguh 'sentap' having conversation with him.He is soooooo buzy.Sometimes (actually most of the time)he need to go to work during weekend.OMG!! Left home as early as 8am and returned home as late as 11pm.

Handling projects locally and internationally. (one project in Hong Kong).."SENTAP"

I keep on thinking.How i'm going to survive later on?I didn't mean I hate pressure (sometimes i like working under pressure).What I'm concerning here is,i'm afraid i couldn't stand long for Halaqah and programs.I bet after 11pm,surely my physical will b totally FLAT!..

Worst if that day u need to do site valuation!.He told me that he got 1 prject where he need to do the valuation for the whole day.Under the freaking hot burning sun shine.If the project is big and complex + client a bit 'cerewet' u need to face it all.

He said,"aku balik rumah je,tido terus!.Esok awal2 nak kena gerak g office dah"


If i'm still single,then i could say 'ok la..'.But once i'm married,then i don't think it really fits me.I don't want to see my children ABANDONED..Lack of 'kasih-sayang',didn't manage to see their dad the whole day,didn't have the chance to say 'good bye dad!', or sitting on his daddy's lap while listening to seerah etc. (oh jauhnya aku berangan..kekeke..But I'll do that to my future kids,insha Allah)

In fact,i myself will b having no time for halaqah..No way!

So,what now?It's my nature of work and I bet,those working in the construction industry will be facing the same thing.Unless u've got years experiences and qualified to establish your own firm and be the boss.Then,the workload will be lesser.

May be i was born to be 'single' till the end of my life.(tiba-tiba teringat kisah Badi'uzzaman Sa'id Nursi)

I was thinking of being a lecturer the other day.But,i don't think it really fits me.Teaching?..Salah ajar anak orang,sapa susah?No no no..not teaching..

Ustaz?Lagi parah..kucar-kacir ummah.Habis tersimpang-siur serta porak-peranda masyarakat..No no no..not suitable either.

Haa!! got one! what is it?...Let it be secret between me n Allah...

-End of story-


Minutes with Murobbi


Hari ini rasa sedikit 'aura'.
Bukan mahu ber 'metafora' atau 'hiperbola'.
Tapi benar..Hati sedikit tersentuh dan gembira..

(Oh ini bukan sajak.Sila baca dengan intonasi biasa.Seperti membaca journals dan articles untuk dissertation)

Betullah kata-kata yang berbunyi,

"HIkmah orang tua bersama semangat para pemuda" (sebenarnya tak berapa bagus saya rasa if guna tua.Maybe I should replace it with orang yang banyak pengalaman).

Alhamdulillah hari ini Allah bagi kesempatan untuk bersama dengan salah seorang pak cik saya.Oh,saya kenal pak cik ini dah agak lama.Dari sekolah menengah.

Allah izin hari ini saya berkesmpatan bersama pak cik RB dari pagi sehingga petang.Mengambil dan menghantar beliau di Kajang.

Sungguh,tersentuh hati bila mendengar bait-bait kalimat dari mulut pak cik RB.Sepanjang perjalanan ketika mengambil dan menghantar beliau,penuh dengan perkongsian. (Tapi mintak maaf pak cik,ana punya 'PR/Public relation dengan syuyukh ni agak lemah.Jadi kelu dan buntu bila berbicara/ingin berbual dengan pak cik.Rasa segan)

Setiap minit bersama beliau,penuh dengan hikmah.Saya bukanlah orang-orang yang selalu rapat dengan para murobbi.Bukan kerana tidak mahu,tetapi saya segan.(Biasalah bila dah tak matang,segan la sikit)

Ok,tak mau cerita panjang-panjang,biarlah pengalaman manis ni antara saya dan Allah.

Sebelum nak ciao,ni antara ayat pak cik RB yang agak menyentuh hati yang kotor ini.

"Da'wah is calling people to where you are.If you were not there,they won't come".

Paham?Paham-pahamkan lah sendiri...Sape yang tak paham,maksudnya dia ok la..For those yang macam I ni,agak 'sentap'!!


*Satu ayat yg saya dapat dari sorang sahabat baik saya secara tidak langsung. (oh dia senior saya)"Kematangan kita sepatutnya selari dengan fikrah islam yang kita ada".

Maka sekali lagi saya 'sentap'!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



First of all i felt like, should i laugh for all these things?

My bad actually...But it wasn't not my fault.'They' started first..

Some of my friends/classmates being 'PRANK' by me..kekeke


ok,some of my classmates finished their exam today while some tommorrow.I'm among who will be finishing the exam tomorrow.So,those who had finished the exam kindda psychoing their friends who are still under 'exam stress'.

They keep on teasing us..
"Eh nak celebrate mana ek dh abis exam?"
"Eh jom packing barang nak balik rumah."
"Ape ni study2..Orang dah habis exam la."

and so on....

Even I received some of those psycho words from them.Huh..(Tapi tak terpsycho pun.Sbb my E.Q quite stable and I'm kindda cool type of person =))

But some of my friends who are among those to finished the exam tomorrow kindda 'terpsycho'

So,in bringing back the 'maruah' of my friends I pranked some of them who had finished their exam.Even those who weren't teasing me,terkena jua.Sorry..hehehe

How i did it?Just simple.Texted a short message to them n I received few phone calls which later it turned out to be kinnda 'false alarm'..sorry bik!

Even some of them marah-marah n said,"Woi kau dah pandai ek prank orang!.Mana kau blajar buat benda-benda ni ha?!!" I just keep laughing n at the end seeking their apology.

Well,do not under estimate me..I could do anything beyond your imagination..Hehe.especially under tense situation..

So,this post is dedicated to those I've pranked,Especially my classmates who wasn't the one who keep on teasing me..
Please pray for our final paper tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ponder upon...

One day,the Great Imam As-Syafi'ie went to his teacher and complaining about the weakness of his memory.His teacher told him to abandon the rebellion/sins,for knowledge is a light.And the light of Allah is not bestowed upon the rebel/sinner.

*Isk3..patutlah ngaji payah benor nak masuk.Banyak dosa rupanya aku ni..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't shy lil girl

May Allah bless us..

I was walking to the masjid for isya' when suddenly I saw two lil kids was running here and there.One girl and one boy.Sibling maybe..

The boy is about 5 years old while the lil girl is about 3 or 4 years.Both were wearing traditional malay dress i.e. baju melayu and baju kurung + 'tudung comel'
I looked at them and could 'feel the joy'..

The lil girl kept on shouting to his brother, "Abang,jangan la lari laju-laju sangat,nanti adik jatuh!"

Tengah-tengah menjerit tu,suddenly the lil girl stumbled and fall down on the ground,or i would say on the tarmac.

"Waa!!" cried the lil girl.Her brother at that time was a bit far from her compared to me.So,I rushed to her and picked her up.She wasn't realized I was picking her up and sapu-sapau her hands.She kept on crying.I just about to asked her,"sakit kat mana adik?",when her brother showed up.

Then,she turned her head and looked at me in blurr.(maybe she thought her brother was the one who picked her up)

Suddenly,she just stopped crying and walked away like nothing happened and said to her brother.

"haa..kan adik dah cakap,jangan lari.Kan dah jatuh." (nada matang)

I just kindda "erk?"(tiba-tiba terasa that lil girl macho habis.Pandai pulak dia cover n jadi matang.)

Ooo lil girl.Don't you feel shy with me..I just wanted to help you.Haih..adik kecik oii..macam-macam ragam kanak-kanak ni..


*Sometimes,when you look at kids they can somehow make you feel calm and relax.
Betul lah our Propher said,

"Each and every child were born in fitrah(pure/muslim).Their parent are the one who colours them whether to be a jew,a christian or 'majusi'."-aw kama qal.

*Oh,almost two days I couldn't sleep in good.I keep on remembering my lil nephew.

I was holding my nephew.

me and my nephew..

Tiba-tiba rindu..


Pagi tadi saja selongkar-selongkar gambar2 lama dalam computer ni..
I've found these two pictures.Tengok balik gambar-gambar ni,sebak tiba2..Rindu menyapa.

Masakan tidak,Sahabat yang dicintai kerana Allah sudah tiada.Sahabat tempat berkongsi rasa,pergi bertemu dengan Allah Rabbul Jalil dahulu.

These pictures really mengingatkan zama-zaman di MATRI dulu.Betullah,selalunya nikmat hanya akan terasa bila ia sudah tiada..

Moga Allah redha ukhuwwah kita..

Buat sahabatku Muhammad 'Ammar b Zulkifli,moga enta tenang di sana,mendapat pengampunan dari Allah serta bersama para mujahid,muttaqin dan solihin..
I miss u soooo much..

Gambar waktu ada program/tamrin di Perak.Tepi pantai.memang nampak pangkor dari situ.Nama2 yg dilabelkan itu,sahabat2 sekelas time secondary school,MATRI.'Ammar memang ada gaya pro la..isk3..

Allahyarham 'Ammar tenagah mengimamkan solat zohor.bersejadahkan pasir.Allahyarham memang ada gaya pemimpin.(I just realized,i wasn't in the pic.But seriously,ana solat time tu.Tak kan lah tak solat.)


Allahumma fighrlahu war hamhu,wa'afihi wa'fu 'anhu..
Moga Allah pertemukan lagi kita di akhirat kelak wahai sahabatku yg dicintai kerana Allah..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

am I normal?


It's kindda foolish question if i'm asking myself whether i'm a 'real guy' or not.Wait the second.Don't make me wrong.(Of course i'm normal in that sense)

I was studying in my room when suddenly my friend entered and ask me to join him and the rest of my friends watching football match.

I looked at my watch.It's 11pm.That means,the match will be ended almost at 1am.Wow..I refused to join them as I'm not that particular guy who 'extremely/fanatic' with the EPL or what not.Even I didn't have my own favourite team to cheer up for.

Am i normal (as a normal guy) in the context of not having favourite football team?Huhu..I do love football,but it's seasonal.If i have mood to watch it,then i'll be watching it.But for sure i've my own limitation.I never stayed up/wake up early in the morning just for the purpose of watching the match.

Usually just watching the preview or just read the newspaper to know the result.Alhamdulillah Allah still guide me not to affiliate with those 'extreme supporters'.

After all one of the Zionist propaganda is by making football stick firmly in the heart of everybody.Until at one time,people will be putting their priority wrongly.-Oh i didn't mean that playing football is wrong.Please understand my phrase.

Just a reminder from one arab brother in the musolla few days ago;he reminds us about the solah.He said,people tend to give excuse for not praying in jama'ah especially during this exam weeks.Study is not an exception for not praying (jama'ah).However those who used to give the excuses,somehow can have a time to watch football match during the exam weeks.How come?

Are these excuses we are trying to give to Allah in the day of judgement later?
"Tepuk dada tanya iman".

*Conclusion:I'm normal for not having my own favourite football team.Huhu..Who cares?

*Oh hari tu saja nak test power whether my Arabic is still good or not.So,trying to translate sentences in english into arabic..Guessed what?Still got mistakes..*sigh*
Hmm...need more efforts.(boleh terima ke alsan tak dak masa nak belajar arabic?)

Suddenly teringat kisah2 zaman silam.'Perjanjian palsu' among me and some of my sahabat when we were in form 5.-Kononnya berjanji we won't apply any application for university enrollments and 'sehati-sejiwa' nak masuk khassah.(form 6 and taking STAM)

At last,sorang pun tak masuk khassah.kekeke..Haih..Arab2..Terpaksalah belajar sendiri.


May be we should revise...


Have you ever heard people supplicating to Allah for the destruction of America?I did heard about that.Usually they do so,as America is one of the Israel's alliances.

Personally,I'm not agree with that.Why?

Not all Americans are supporting the Israelis and it doesn't fair if we judging them as a whole.

There are Muslims in the USA which are actually our brothers and sisters.In fact Islam is the most fastes growing religion in the USA.Taxes alone is the house of approximately 300,000 Muslims.Dearborn Michigan is the most dense muslim population in the USA.

I know,some of us have the perception of "America is bad" etc.May I ask you something?Why you are having that kind of view on America?Because you heard from the Media?You read from newspapers etc?

If that the case,you can't blame Americans for having the same perceptions towards the middle east/Muslims.

The point is,we shouldn't supplicate for the mass destruction of USA as a whole.We might revise our du'a and pin point to the Kuffar.

Currently I'm reading many articles and watching videos about Islam in the USA.It's really heart touching.I rather say,they are much more better than us who are living in the 'islamic country'.

Even at one point,I've been thinking of 'marrying' a devoted American Muslim sister.(who knows?=)).- sorry terlari topic sebentar.

Oh,btw,I got a good link for those who wanted to know roughly the muslim community in the USA.Actually,I've been following this site since last

It's kindda travelling notes about two muslim brothers,Aman and bassam who was travelling across the USA during last ramadhan.Their aim was to stop and visit 30 mosques across the USA in 30 days.(Each day 1 mosque).Quite a nice story.For each stop,they'll telling about the muslim community there.

Ok then,hopefully u'll gain something.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tiada alasan bagimu..

"Da'wah merupakan pintu masuk yang agung untuk menebarkan kebaikan kepada orang lain,di smaping simpanan yang sempurna dalam rangka menumpuk pahala-pahala kebaikan.Ini kerana kebutuhan umat islam kepada gerakan Da'wah saat ini sangat besar kebutuhannya di mana musuh-mushu Allah begitu antusias menghalangi umat dari kebenaran dan menanamkan keraguandi dalam agamanya.

Lalu,tidakkah terlintas di hati kita untuk membela agama yang Haq ini agar Allah memberikan kita manfaat di saat kita hidup dan setelah mati?Inilah jalan yang begitu terbuka dan kesempatan besar yang telah nampak di depan mata agar kita termasuk golongan beruntung itu,dengan izin Allah S.W.T"

"Tidaklah seorang Muslim itu bebas dari kerugian secara sempurna,jika hanya mengendalikan keimanannya kepada Allah S.W.T,amalan-amalan soleh,dan memperbaiki diri sendiri semata, tanpa memerhatikan dua tugas lainnyayang sangat penting,yakni;saling-nasihat-menasihati dalam kebenaran dan saling nasihat-menasihati dalam kesabaran,berda'wah kepada agama Allah,bejihad di jalanNya,amar ma'ruf nahi munkar,serta menumbuhkan persaudaraan dan kasih-sayang kerana Allah S.W.T."

(Abdul Aziz Al-Aidan;Tidak Ada Alasan Bagimu Meninggalkan Da'wah)

Let us be creative to tackle each and every heart of the people..(renungan untuk diri sendiri)

We have to do it..

Salam everyone.

Yesterday while I was sitting alone in my room,trying to gain the 'spirit of study' as there are still two more papers to go,something popped out from my mind.

It's actually some kind of self reflection.Why out of sudden,I've changed?I've changed in terms of my social life,attitude etc.(too many things to list it down here).WHY??

I am the one who choosed my way.This way.It's nobody faults and neither my faults.It is kindda collision of two interests i could say.And these two interests couldn't be at the same time.One should prevail.

Still blurr eh?Ok,I could say my changes happening when I'm keep on thinking about my future.I realized that I was a 'shy',unprofessional,and even can't behave exactly the way I should in certain occasions.Why?It was all started when I was in my secondary school.Alhamdulillah I've been exposed to the 'islamic environment' since there.And I love it very much.Each and everything I wanted to do,I'll be considering many things.It was good though to do that,but I realized that it affected my social life.

At that moment I was thinking of being serious,'matured' etc.I need to do that because the penetration of tarbiyyah urged me to do so.Islam really needs a serious muslim for its revival.

That is why if some of you noticed,I wasn't a 'good smiler'.Even it's hard for me to mixed up with my juniors.I kept on thinking this and that and it made me hard to smile.

That attitude followed me here,in the campus life.The 1st two years here,I have problems in mixing with people,especially sisters.When it comes to deal with sisters,I'll try to avoid it.-What else can I say?After all I never talked to sisters for 5 years (secondary school).Even at one time,one particular sister asked my male's friend about me."NJ tu garang ke?Knapa dia tak penah senyum?"

And if i did talked to any sisters,my body keeps on shivering.If they asked question,I couldn't give clear answers.My bad..

I keep on thinking.."Sampai bila harus begini?"Insya Allah if there is nothing happened,I'll be working in the industry where I need to deal with lot of people.The professionals i.e. the Architect,Engineers,Contractors,Local Authority etc.And not all of them are male!

So,I decided to starts from the bottom.slowly..1st step,2nd steps,3rd steps and it continues till now.I try to be as much as possible involving in 'social life'..not only with the sisters,but also the brothers.

For sure,each and every of our actions will be effecting this and that.I realized that,now I couldn't talk about 'islamic' things anymore.I kindda feel guilty.Who am I to talk about tarbiyyah,da'wah,harakiyyah?No no no..I'll be durn stupid if I did."Cakap tak serupa bikin"..

My social life is now affecting my core business.The business/transaction with Allah The Almighty.But yet,I still have to do it!

Now it comes to the situation where you need to sacrifice something for the benefits of something else.(Euthanasia?No laa..)I mean,these two things need to be balanced.Yeah someone might say,"kau ni,antara AGAMA dengan social life pun kau nak pikir2?AGAMA tu penting!"- yes I did know that.(it's actually kindda harsh word for me if someone said I didn't concern about my deen.I didn't mean to compromised my religion neither to neglect it.)

Btw,I'm not saying that now I'm perfect enough with my 'public relation' but I can feel the improvement ever since I've make the 'changed'.


I need to return to the 'pangkal jalan'..Hehehe (budget dah tersesat jauh..huhu).But i'll still remain the way i am right now.I don't want pretending to be good.What the values I have,I'll be practicing and promote it.I don't want to make a change for someone else,for other reasons etc.(Because some of my friends they changed because they wanted to marry.They said that kena la berubah sebab nak kawin dah ni.Kena jadi matang and bla bla bla.-I have my own believe;If u changed not for the course of Allah,then it'll not be long.Even u didn't get any pahala.Innamal 'amalu bin niyyat...)

You know best yourself.Make wise consideration where it'll balance your life here and hereafter.Trying to be good like someone else by following his steps is not wise enough.Being good like someone else by having your own way and path is better as long as your path doesn't contradict/astray from the syari'ah.Because diferent people having different strengths and weaknesses.You determine it yourself and starts choosing your way which could maximize your strength.

Wherever you are,whatever you do,no matter how it is,nobody have the exception to spread the BEAUTY and UNDERSTANDING of ISLAM and purifying yourself.


*Good luck for those who will be sitting for the SPM and STPM especially my cousins.Three of them will be sitting for SPM.Go Danial go!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Update 5/11


morning:piles of dirty laundry.(settled)

Went to the masjid a bit early for friday prayer.-baca al-kahfi

The friday sermon was very nice.Delivered by imam from egypt and if i'm not mistaken he is currently a syeikh in Yamen.Alhamdulilah he was using Arabic fushah and quite understandable.

With no text,he managed to deliver the sermon for about 50 minutes.Impressive.
The 1st khutbah was about the analogy of human life i.e. traveller to meet Allah/Darul akhirah from the perspective of trevelling for pilgrimage/Hajj.Quite interesting.Each and every 'manasik al hajj'he relates it with our journey of life.

The 2nd Khutbah was about baitulmuslim./muslim family.How it contributes to the establishment of the muslim ummah.Also very interesting.The responsibility of parents,childrens etc.It made me feel like..i'm not prepared to be a good daddy.Tarbiyyatul aulad bi tarbiyyatil islammiyah kamilah.Even u need to guide ur zaujah/wife.Ya Allah,if i'm still behaving like this rasanya memang akan membujang sampai ke tua.huhu..Ayuh,tubuhkan club for bachelor..hehehe.insya Allah as time passing by,i'll change..someday..isk3..

After friday prayer,I went to the library to return the books I've borrowed.Actually I'll be compounded as the due date was over.Alhamdulillah my face was beseri-seri kot at that time.I went to the counter to return the books and ready to pay the compound.The sister at the counter suddenly said,"oh tak pe..x payah bayar."
Alhamdulillah...But,panas yang disangka sampai ke petang rupa2nya hujan di tengah hari.Suddenly my friend who was queuing behind me bising2.."kak mana aci.Dia ni kena compound ni.Buku pinjam lama2,x reti nak pulangkan.Ish3..Compound dia akak."

But as a professional,I just looked at him and smile.Not to forget smile at that akak.'A Smile is a charity-Aw kama Qal Rasul P.B.U.H'

Alhamdulillah,panas terus sampai ke petang.Tak jadi hujan di tengah hari.That particular akak at the counter just ignored my friend..hehehe

(Maybe sbb time tu pakai jubah kot.Nampak macam 'budak baik' sikit.Astaghfirullah..hehe)

I walked all the way to my college for lunch.On my way I did asked my friend to join me for lunch at the cafe via sms.We met at the cafe and had a very long conversation while eating our lunch.From normal talk to private issues.huhu.Some of my secrets I revealed it to him.Oh btw,he is one of my good classmates.He used to remind me on many things.Even the moment I was down,last few days after finished my xxx exam and I decided to left the exam hall without saying 'bye'etc. to my friends,he was the one who could spotted my 'changed'.On my way back to college,he keeps on asking me why and why but i just keep it silent.I just told him I did very bad in the exam and I wanted to burn my room.

He just smiled and after I reached my room and started looking for lighter and matches (x de la..acah je.x bakar pun)I received an sms from him.

He wrote,
"Boleh jadi engkau mmbenci ssuatu sedang ia baik utk dirimu,boleh jadi engkau menyukai sesuatu sedang ia tidak baik utk dirimu,dan Allah itu Maha Mengetahui apa yang engkau tidak ketahui"-Al Baqarah.

"Dont burn ur room.Keep smiling bro.(senyum sokmo)"
Alhamdulillah...Cool down sikit..

Back to the topic,after having our lunch,we went to our friends' room.Saja2..Then,for the 1st time of this semester I did play games with my friends.PES 2011.(football game)..Hehehe..The last time I played was in my 2nd year.Kindda released stress sikit.Huhu..My hand numb for a while during the match due to holding the controller.(biasala,dh lama x main.Tangan kejang).The good news was,cuma kalah penalti je.Seri 3 sama kot.hehe.

Then asar,we stopped and ajak kawan2 lain gi musolla.After asar,we dispersed.Habis....Dah insaf,x mau main game lagi,insya Allah.

Oh yesterday I had a chit chat with two of my classmates.About Hajj and Umrah..Tengah2 discuss,tiba2 rasa sebak.One of my friend got the experience of went to umrah.He tells us his story,experience etc.Rasa sayu je..Dalam hati,nak pergi jugak.Isk3..But 1st,i need to purify my heart.The preparation starts from now.Oo Allah terimalah hambaMu yang Dho'if ini menjadi tetamuMu.


Help me out please..

How i'm goin' to be serious and matured?
I mean,behave like an adult.I am adult right?

It's totally difficult! I'm trying,but i can't.

Eh but first,do i looked serious n matured to u?

It's ok.As long as i like the way i am right now.I have my own identity.Each and everyone of us have their own characteristics.So,not to be worried.Just be yourself.

Hari tu ada jumpa sorang kawan.Kebetulan that time I was kindda having my 'repentance' session at masjid.(cece buat2 baik kunun).Suddenly,my friend datang.(Aisey ganggu org nak bermunajat la..keke).And he asked me for advices.I just kindda.. erk?Apakah?I was the one who should seeking advices at that moment.So,I refused and asked him to look for others who are willingly to advice him.

Memang Allah izin,kami nampak one of our friend who was sitting at one corner inside the masjid.So,I asked him to meet the other guy for advice.Then he refused.He said,"Ish x mau la.Segan la.Dia serious.Nanti tak tau nak sembang apa dgn dia."

Then I asked him,"Habis tu,knapa kau mintak nasihat dari aku?"
"Kau ok skit.Tak serious.Senang borak-borak.Bleh melawak-lawak lagi..haha"


Bukan mahu berbangga.The point is,each and everyone of us playing different role.But having the same mission and aim.We need to have our own way to spread Islam.If everybody is aiming to be serious and wanted to be like 'A', for an example,then our world of da'wah wouldn't be colourful.Hehehe(tetiba buat ayat power lak kan)

Serious,if u're not so serious budak2 pun suka.Budak2 suka,hati gembira.Hati gembira perut kenyang,jimat duit x payah makan.-Haa..u see?the cycle..

Ok.but i need extra effort to be a lil bit serious.I do serious in certain things even to certain extend people might feel i'm extremely serious,but what i wanted here is,matured...kekeke..matured


Thursday, November 4, 2010


salam and gooooood evening....

Currently,northern peninsular is facing a very hard situation where most of the area are submerged due to flood.

I heard even Kangar was totally covered by water.Subhanallah!

My hometown?Oh,did I ever mentioned that I lived in rural area?I received a call from my mom telling me that they are currently disconnected from the main road to the nearest 'cowboy town'.The route are totally submerged.Depth of a human chest.

Suddenly it reminds me about few years back where the same situation happened.But at that moment I was at home.Luckily our house located a bit higher from the normal ground level a.k.a on the hill (hill ke?small hill la)

Me and my dad drove our 4x4 vehicle and visit the flood prone area.Really interesting. (of course interesting but once it happened to us,no more fun i bet!)
Even at that time our home becoming the centre for foods distribution.(Instant noodles,sardines,eggs,rices etc.)

And if I'm not mistaken the chopper even landed at our area to distribute important stuffs.That was awesome! Felt like in a movie.The adventurous one.Kind of,roger roger,we have a problem Huston..Kekeke..And people are running here and there.Looking for covered.Suddenly a huge hurricane coming and....hahaha imagination too high!!

Back to the topic.But that was few years back when I was at home.Now I'm here,in town.Aaa..hmm.loved to be at home now.Mandi-mandi hujan.Maybe those in the township never experienced it.It's cool..At one time,me,my dad and my siblings even went for fishing..(menjala).

May Allah helps us all.

*I just received an sms from my bro saying that A.Star also submerged.KOINSAN naik air oii..!!Tolong2!! SOS.

Ooo Allah,please help us..

be MACHO for two minutes..


Few days ago,after performing maghrib prayer jama'ah at the musolla,one Arab guy went to the microphone and started to talk.At the beginning,I thought he wanted to deliver tazkirah but then he started to tell everyone about one particular guy who has done a mistake i.e. insulting (i'm not sure whether that guy intentionally or unintentionally insulting) a muslim sister inside the campus.He even mentioned that guy name and some details of the guy.

He delivered his 'tazkirah' in Arabic,hence some of the malay couldn't understand what he was talking about.One Arab guy infront of me keep on 'geleng-geleng' (btw,what is geleng in English?) his head reflecting his disagreement on that guy.I personally felt the same way.It's not good to tell others about people mistakes.Worst,mentioning the name.

That Arab guy infront of me left the musolla as he couldn't stand listening to that.Few minutes later,I decided to step away as I didn't feel comfortable with his approach and style.On my way out from the musolla,I just 'geleng-geleng' my head imitating the arab guy just now. (symbol of disagreement)

I realized some of the malays inside the musolla started to leave and following me. (hehehe..tiba2 terasa ada pengikut yg ramai.)So,I walked out with cool and macho as if I was leading them to step out.Kekeke

I met my Arab friend outside the musolla and we started to discuss about the issue just now.I asked him whether he knew or not that particular guy who was giving the speech.My Arab friend didn't know him and said the guy is a new student here.Even most of the foreign students here (at my college) didn't know that guy.

After having 10 minutes discussion and about to leave,those malays who were following me, step forward and asked me what was it all about.(hahaha rupa2nya mmg betul I led them out.)Then,I explained skit2 je.(menjadi translator la pulak sekejap)I don't want to create bigger problems among the society..hehe

Then,ciao to the cafe to take my dinner before Isyak.

- If u're newer at a particular place,don't ever be macho talk this and that.U need to know the community first.They even didn't know u.

- I'm not saying what he was doing was wrong.and I'm not even sure he was right or wrong.But personally,I didn't feel good to mention people's name and their mistakes.

- Hahaha..I was macho for 2 minutes unintentionally by recruiting malays out of the musolla. (Sekali-sekala syok sendiri..)- Eh,this point is not moral of the story.

American Football


2 more papers to go for my final exam.Next paper will be on 10th and 11th November.

So,since there is a gap of time (about a week),I spend some of my time watching football clips.I mean american football.Really enjoy though.

Actually,I've been affliated with this sport about 2 or 3 years ago.That time I had a friend to talk with.But ever since he had graduated,i have no more mates to chit chat.hehehe

I'm not sure what u guys re thinking about this sport.But if u really have the magnetic attraction to it,then u can feel the passion.The team spirit,courages etc.

Btw,till now i'm still trying to understand the game.The rules,regulations,the defense,offences,the role of each players (quarterback,runningback etc.)

Really enjoying when they 'crushing' each others..hahaha.

Oh,if u have time,go on and youtubing a nice song from Kenny Chesney about the football."The Boys of Fall"

Even there are movies related to the football.My favourite one are Remember the Titan and The Blind Side.Both are based on the true event.

Remember the Titan was about a high school football team where it was the only team at that time in the USA having players mixed of between white and black americans.At that time the discrimination and oppression on the black was so extreme.You know it right?

Hence,football was the solution to end the oppression.Really moved to tears when

To know the rest of the story + The Blind Side movie,u gotta watch it yourself.

So,anyone having the same interest,are welcome to the club..hehe (since when I got a club?)

I really hope to watch the game.Not watching from the TV of course.Maybe better move off to USA someday.huhu

*am not an extreme/fanatic fan of american football.Just enjoy watching and learning.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


salam and gooood evening,

just short stories...

1. suddenly people noticed I'm malay.

I went to the kiosk inside the university few days ago to buy some stuffs.The cashier was sooo friendly and keep on chatting and asking this and that to the customers.

When it came to the guy who was queing infront of me,the amiable cashier asked,"where are u from?"


"Pardon.were u just saying korea?"


"waa..1st time stumbled across a korean here"

That korean guy just smiling and left the cashier..

Came my turn to pay.I thought I might being asked the same question as lot of people thought I wasn't malay.

"Ye bang,ni je ke barang?"

" je..(dalam hati:eh macam mana dia tahu aku melayu.Cis!!)

2.Was it wrong?

I was walking inside the campus alone when suddenly my classmate came and started chatting with me.Oh,btw my classmate is a girl.So,it's rude if u just walk away in the sense of trying to honour your modesty by not talking to any girls.

We started chatting about exams, eidul adha etc.Then,we passed by two sisters wearing 'tudung labuh' and they stared at me like "oh my gosh! that 'beard' guy is walking with a girl and bla bla.." as if I was committing big sins!(what's the big deal with the beard?)

(Oh I sometimes can read people.that's why I can interpret the way they looked at me).
The question is,was I doing the wrong thing?I just trying to be professionalism.No gender bias or discrimination to girls.In fact,it's totally rude if someone starts talking to you and you just move your ass,let she/he chatting alone.

Please correct me if I was doing the wrong thing.




Let this blog starts its operation again..
with new look like its