Monday, November 29, 2010



Last few days,I was having a chat with my Omani's friend.We discussed on many things on cultures,languages,etc.

Suddenly,he asked me whether I ever know about ibadhiyyah or not.As I'm not really good in Arabic,for sure Ibadhiyyah never came across my mind.

He said that ibadhiyyah is a kind of sect like the four we have i.e. syafie,maliki,hanbali and hanafi.Most of the country in the North Africa such as Algeria,Tunisia etc. are practicing this kind of sect,even Oman.

I asked him what make it a major differences between ibadhiyyah and other sects?He explained to me some facts which later made me feel like, 'oh I need to read it more on myself.'

He gave me a link to a site where of course it is in arabic.Huhu..Very difficult one as the last time I read Arabic when I was in my secondary school.(Oh di matrik dulu ada sekejap baca arab,time exam APT.As I was exempted,then no longer belajar arab)


*Mixing with people from different background,country etc. can increase our knowledge.


Anonymous said...

use google to translate... but then, direct translation...

-cik ABC-

ukur kira said...

@cik ABC:

tq atas cdgn tu..Tapi kurang membantu..

Anonymous said...

maaf kerana tak membantu =(

-cik ABC-

ukur kira said...

@cik ABC:
Bukan x mmbantu,tp kurang mmbantu.Anyway,tq for suggesting smthing.Appreciated.

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

Salam, abe NJ... nanti ajar ana bahasa Arab pulak..
(knape ana x berjaya menerobos blog nta haritu? nta blok ana ke?)

ukur kira said...

@mr IQ:
ajar nta?Uish..ana pn tungging-langgang lg bhasa arab.Dah hampir 5 thn ana x guna secara proper.

Hehe..buat masa ni blog ana skejap org bleh masuk,skejap x leh..Atas kemaslahatan bersama..

bukn nta sorang yg ana block,tp smua org.