Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Points post


Seems like I haven't updating my blog for a week after my last post since.
Pretty buzy down here dude..Not really buzy actually,but those who really know me might know how buzy i am..

Ok,this time no story telling etc.Just a short post to shoot out.And it will be in point form.Some of the points not really related to each other.Just those cranky things popped out from my mind and I just starts writing them out away.

1)I really enjoy working right now.No stress.Cool colleagues,nice working environment etc.In fact I need to deal with lots of people (read:foreign students)which really fits my interest.Knowing them,making friends with them etc.

2)One of the staff where I'm working right now is very good in PR (public relation).Everybody feel easy with him.I gonna learn from him.Kindda my mentor.At the same time every night I'm trying to finish my favorite book i.e How to win friend and influence people by Dale Carnegie.Believe me,the more I read,I felt like 'my Gosh,I'm still lack too many things'..Btw, this book need not to be rushed to finish it off. (as mentioned at the intro part.)Better if one could apply one by one the skills taught inside the book in each chapter before moving to the next chapter.Hence,not easy to finish this book.But trust me,it really enjoyable.(for those who loves human behaviors/psychology)

2)Oh, North Korea and South Korea seem to begin the war again..

3)Watehel was going on in Myanmar where 375 people died in the stampede.Aahh..Such a disaster.A disaster created by themselves.Allah izin...Nothing much to say..

4)Those who are reading Ths Star newspaper might know the 'Mind your English section'..Very useful section for me.I learnt a lot from there.Just flipped the page in today newspaper where a tickle-belly-damn-funny story was there.I was reading the newspaper at the office and couldn't stop myself from laughing silently.(But some of the staffs did realize my act and started asking me.)Want to know?Read it yourself.Hehehe

5)Currently 'melayan' some video clips I've downloaded from the youtube.International Quranic memorization competition in Dubai for youths.Subhanallah..'terharu menusuk kalbu'..I respect them for reasons;memorizing the whole Quran,very beautiful voice,still young (all are teenagers;belasan tahun).My favourite one is the boy from Egypt.He dressed like Tantawi,subhanallah very good voice he has and extremely good memorization.

6)Few days ago I had a small talk with one of the cleaner (mak cik cleaner)in the college.That mak cik said 'Budak bilik tu handsome,bergaya dll.(while pointing to the room).Tapi bilik macam tongkang pecah.'
I went to the guy's room for inspection and guess what?Rumah sampah elok lagi..Full of cigar butts,rubbish and very smelly.(macam hancing)..Wek!!-Bukan mahu memburukkan sesiapa,but please,how can a human live in such environment?Please take a lesson.Islam itu bersih dan suka pada kebersihan.-Poor girl if that guy is your BF..Depan kau wangi,kacak,belakang kau.....

7)My urban planning friends currently aren't in Malaysia.Some are in UK while some are in Hong Kong.Went for studio trip..Aahh what a lucky..

8)Now i'm working out at the university stadium for my own health.Running/jogging in the evening..Huhu..Well for the last few months,I felt like I've gained weight.Not 'tough' for sure.Hehe..But today I weighed my weight and it seems didn't changed a lot.Still the same..Still cannot donate my blood due to 'tak cukup berat'..So u can guess my weight.

9)Ever heard an Arabic term "Bi'sa akhi 'ashir"?? I just heard it.My Arab friend told me a story about it.Such a long story which is related to the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallahu'alaihi Wassalam.Btw,it is a new info for me that the word "'ashir" is synonym with "Qabilah".Except that some country like Yemen,Lebanon etc preferred to use 'Ashir while Sa'udi etc. they used Qabilah..Huhu..

10)Just make new friends from Bangladeshi.While I was playing the table-tennis with my friend,they came and intended to join the game.

11)Oh the PTPTN loan receivers can convert the loans to scholarship if they scored 1st class degree by the end of their studies(according to the news)..Good news eh?But not for me.I don't care as I'm not PTPTN loan receiver..hehehe

12)USA is now having a new Islamic University.It is located in California.Started with 15 students and expecting to expand from time to time.Among the lecturers there is my favorite syeikh Yusuf Hamza.Currently the university is renting a block if i'm not mistaken from the California University before having its own buildings.If There are Religious university other than Islam in USA like Columbus and Rutgers,then it would be no problem for the establishment of the Islamic University.-Still trying to get accreditation.Please pray for them.

13)Just to tell that I'm suck in making friends.It is not because of them,but it's my fault and bad.And once I've 'marked' a particular person as *&$#@,then it'll be 'permanent' except for certain circumstances.Well,I don't blame myself for that as I'm a cynical type of person and perfect melancholic.FULL STOP..


*Please ignore the 'rude words' I'm using..Just to express the right things clearly and straight to the point.


Anonymous said...

finally! new post!

How to win friend and influence people by Dale Carnegie?! wah!
i really one it! but my mum refuse to buy it for me...huks..
wanna borrow it? can or not?

neway2, chayo'2 for ur usaha..
jd kwn yg baik yerp..
jgn duk kenekan org jeks..

-cik ABC-

Anonymous said...


-cik ABC-

ukur kira said...

@cik ABC:

Oh,seem like u're eagerly waiting for my new post.Hehe

Borrow?Huhu..I haven't finished reading it yet.

Jadi kawan yg baik?huhu..

Anonymous said...

eeee.... tlg jgn perasan..
tade la smpai eager..
hanya luang mase yg sgt free..
well, i kan cuti...hahaha...

tak kire! finish ke, tak ke, nak jugak!
hahaha... after u finish it la... **hope u can finish it soon...** lalala...

kenapa mungkin? tak yakin bleh jd kwn yg baik?

-cik ABC-

Hafiz said...

Sapakah cik ABC ni Nabil?haha

ukur kira said...

@cik Abc:
Hanya org yg mmpunyai masa lapang shj org2 yg rugi.Manusia itu perlu d sibukkan dgn krja2 bermanfaat dan krja2 islam..

Kamu ni siapa pn saya x tahu.Nak bg pinjam buku mcm mana?

Cik ABC ni pembaca tegar blog ana juga kuat komen.Entah sapa la makhluk ni..Dia ni ABC=Air batu campur yg sedap kot?hehehe

Anonymous said...

mase lapang itu la utk diisi...kalo jeles, ckp je la..
alaaa... sbb lapang la sy da dpt habiskan bace beberapa buku... tak mcm org tu..

sy akan bg tahu location, tinggal je buku kat amik... jgn sshkan hidup...

@en. hafiz
sy sekadar pelawat blog n pembantu pada mereka2 yg berjiwa kacau mcm pemilik blok ni...

ABC mmg sedap! baru bis mkn td...alhamdulillah...

-cik ABC-