Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yusuf Islam


Alhamdulillah praise to Allah The Almighty for His Willings and Blessings,we are still living in this 'chaotic world'.We thank Allah for His mercy for giving us the opportunity to feel and appreciate the two 'nikmat' which are seldom being realized i.e. Islam and Iman.Hopefully we can push ourselves to strive for our best to sustain our condition in these two nikmat,Insha Allah.

I bet most of us recognized the World class phenomenal singer, Cat Steven or his Muslim's name,Yusuf Islam.

Last Friday,he was in IIUM for the Friday prayer and he delivered a short tazkirah after the Prayer.It was a remarkable speech and had created a huge crowd.

I just wanted to share one of his point where he said,"I like to do da'wah to the non-Muslims rather than to the Muslims".The Analogy he gave was simple and awesome.
Imagine there are two men, where the 1st man is drowning in the river while the other man is trying to jump into the river from a cliff.If you are there,looking at both situations,whom do you decided to go for and save the life?

I would go the the man who is drowning in the river and save his life.The person who intended to jump into the river,might jump and might not jump.In fact if he saw how difficult we are, trying to save the drowning man,he might not jump from the cliff.

This is how it works.The drowning man is like the non-Muslim where the other man is a Muslim.Got it?

Actually I'm one of Yusuf Islam 'fanatic fans'..Since I was 'small' I was introduced by his songs by my dad.My dad used to sing the 'Morning has broken' song previously.

Listening to his songs e.g. Father and son,Moon shadow,Wild world etc. really make me feel 'fresh and joy'.Even the songs from the I look I see album.

Yusuf Islam dedicated his life for educating the Muslims especially the children and youths.He opened few Islamic schools in London,South Africa etc.

He really inspired me to become one of the great Muslim scholar in the future,insha Allah.


1)Having the ability to master many languages is an advantage for a good preacher.
In fact,English is somehow become an essential for Muslims to be mastered.Not only through writing,but also communicating.

2)Still dreaming of having the opportunity to have a discussion with Yusuf Islam.
May Allah bless all of us..

3)Congratulations to my respected cousin,sis Aisyah for her wedding reception.Barakallahu lakuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair.Semoga kerja-kerja D&T masih dapat diteruskan.


Anonymous said...

So it is true!! I thought my little brother (age 9) was joking or not really sure what he was saying.

I even said, if it's true there must be someone posted about it in blog on that day... not until today.

ukur kira said...

Betul2..Next time,please believe in what ur bro said.Budak2 ni lurus n jujur..x kan dia nk tipu pulak.

But under some circumstances,children akan tipu.But then,it depends on how the environment he/she grown up.If parent ajar baik2 iAllah anak2 tak tipu

Atiqah said...

i love yusuf Islam too..hehe..his songs are unbeatable..

ukur kira said...

U're right..
No doubt! Although he is a Muslim,he is still have many non-Muslims fans.

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

ajar ana bahasa Inggeris pulak....

ukur kira said...

@mr IQ:
Sikit2 bleh la..sekadar yg mampu..English ana pn bnyk lg kurangnya..

Crummy English..hehe

LuQMaN M.J said...

yusuf Islam x dan nak main gitar masa tu :)

ukur kira said...

@Luqman M.J
tu la..kita baru amik port baik punya dlm masjid.Budget dpt snap pic dgn dia pun jadi la.Skali crowd menggila.Ramai sngt org!

Frust x dapat tngok live dia nyanyi Father n son or wild world..huhu.