Thursday, November 4, 2010

be MACHO for two minutes..


Few days ago,after performing maghrib prayer jama'ah at the musolla,one Arab guy went to the microphone and started to talk.At the beginning,I thought he wanted to deliver tazkirah but then he started to tell everyone about one particular guy who has done a mistake i.e. insulting (i'm not sure whether that guy intentionally or unintentionally insulting) a muslim sister inside the campus.He even mentioned that guy name and some details of the guy.

He delivered his 'tazkirah' in Arabic,hence some of the malay couldn't understand what he was talking about.One Arab guy infront of me keep on 'geleng-geleng' (btw,what is geleng in English?) his head reflecting his disagreement on that guy.I personally felt the same way.It's not good to tell others about people mistakes.Worst,mentioning the name.

That Arab guy infront of me left the musolla as he couldn't stand listening to that.Few minutes later,I decided to step away as I didn't feel comfortable with his approach and style.On my way out from the musolla,I just 'geleng-geleng' my head imitating the arab guy just now. (symbol of disagreement)

I realized some of the malays inside the musolla started to leave and following me. (hehehe..tiba2 terasa ada pengikut yg ramai.)So,I walked out with cool and macho as if I was leading them to step out.Kekeke

I met my Arab friend outside the musolla and we started to discuss about the issue just now.I asked him whether he knew or not that particular guy who was giving the speech.My Arab friend didn't know him and said the guy is a new student here.Even most of the foreign students here (at my college) didn't know that guy.

After having 10 minutes discussion and about to leave,those malays who were following me, step forward and asked me what was it all about.(hahaha rupa2nya mmg betul I led them out.)Then,I explained skit2 je.(menjadi translator la pulak sekejap)I don't want to create bigger problems among the society..hehe

Then,ciao to the cafe to take my dinner before Isyak.

- If u're newer at a particular place,don't ever be macho talk this and that.U need to know the community first.They even didn't know u.

- I'm not saying what he was doing was wrong.and I'm not even sure he was right or wrong.But personally,I didn't feel good to mention people's name and their mistakes.

- Hahaha..I was macho for 2 minutes unintentionally by recruiting malays out of the musolla. (Sekali-sekala syok sendiri..)- Eh,this point is not moral of the story.


ammar said...

geleng2 = shaking
anggup = node

haha..macho la abg nabil :)

MuNsYi SaMa said...

ketua pemberontak. semangat la nabil.hehe

Hiromi Ichiban said...

wah, you understand arabic well...

very macho...

ukur kira said...

Oh..aa shaking.x terkeluar pulak word tu td.hehe..tq2 bro.

shh..jgn ulang word macho tu.nnti ada ramai peminat pulak..skali skala bleh la..kekeke

Ketua?x berniat bukan mmberontak.Cuma kebetulan time tu lapaq.tu yg keluaq cepat2 dr musolla 2.nk p cafe mkn.hehehe

Well,kena buat2 faham la baru cool n macho.x paham mana pun.Bleh la skit2.Setakat nak tipu org tu bleh la..hehehe

Sekali lg,shhh...jgn ulang macho tu.Nanti jadi doa n betul2 macho.Nanti ramai pulak peminat.x suka d ganggu privasi..hehehe

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

Perg.. macho la Abe Nabil...
cayalah... ketua pemberontak.. huhu

ukur kira said...

Eh2 Encik IQ,kapan kalikah sudah hamba ulang.Usah diulangi doa2 yg mmbuatkan hamba macho.

Hampeh..I'm not pemberontak.Cuma ketua kpd kebaikan..hehe

Dah2 bal..jom blnja mkn..Sbg seorng junior,cepat blnja abg senior yg baik ini..