Saturday, November 13, 2010



Barangkali ini vocab baru (actually dah lama cuma dah lama tak guna)untuk kebelakangan ini."Sentap!"

Sebelum itu,kenapakah post-post saya makin banyak dalam BM?Apakah?

Ok2,for my own good,i need to improve and keep on practicing using english.Why?

1)Next sem i'll be starting writing up my dissertation.Hence need a good english skills

2)Always meet my foreign friends.So,i need to use english to communicate with them.

3)(Mahu berkahwin dengan orang USA..)-Apakah??-This reason is not relevant.(so,i need to change/alter a lil bit of this reason.Mahu berkerja/migrate ke USA.(jika ada jodoh di sana,ada la..Insya Allah)

Yesterday i met my senior.He was my senior at QS department.Just graduated last October and currently working at the QS firm.(One of the most established QS firm in Malaysia).We had a long chat.

Actually,he wanted to 'belanja' dinner.But since I've taken my dinner a bit earlier so just have a glass of fruit juice.

Sungguh 'sentap' having conversation with him.He is soooooo buzy.Sometimes (actually most of the time)he need to go to work during weekend.OMG!! Left home as early as 8am and returned home as late as 11pm.

Handling projects locally and internationally. (one project in Hong Kong).."SENTAP"

I keep on thinking.How i'm going to survive later on?I didn't mean I hate pressure (sometimes i like working under pressure).What I'm concerning here is,i'm afraid i couldn't stand long for Halaqah and programs.I bet after 11pm,surely my physical will b totally FLAT!..

Worst if that day u need to do site valuation!.He told me that he got 1 prject where he need to do the valuation for the whole day.Under the freaking hot burning sun shine.If the project is big and complex + client a bit 'cerewet' u need to face it all.

He said,"aku balik rumah je,tido terus!.Esok awal2 nak kena gerak g office dah"


If i'm still single,then i could say 'ok la..'.But once i'm married,then i don't think it really fits me.I don't want to see my children ABANDONED..Lack of 'kasih-sayang',didn't manage to see their dad the whole day,didn't have the chance to say 'good bye dad!', or sitting on his daddy's lap while listening to seerah etc. (oh jauhnya aku berangan..kekeke..But I'll do that to my future kids,insha Allah)

In fact,i myself will b having no time for halaqah..No way!

So,what now?It's my nature of work and I bet,those working in the construction industry will be facing the same thing.Unless u've got years experiences and qualified to establish your own firm and be the boss.Then,the workload will be lesser.

May be i was born to be 'single' till the end of my life.(tiba-tiba teringat kisah Badi'uzzaman Sa'id Nursi)

I was thinking of being a lecturer the other day.But,i don't think it really fits me.Teaching?..Salah ajar anak orang,sapa susah?No no no..not teaching..

Ustaz?Lagi parah..kucar-kacir ummah.Habis tersimpang-siur serta porak-peranda masyarakat..No no no..not suitable either.

Haa!! got one! what is it?...Let it be secret between me n Allah...

-End of story-



MuNsYi SaMa said...

uih..jauh pikir. ana pun xsampai tahap tu lg. advance2 :P

ukur kira said...

well..hehe.need to hav a proper planing to raise up ur kids later on.But it doesn't mean i'm good enough/advance..i know,u're better..