Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't shy lil girl

May Allah bless us..

I was walking to the masjid for isya' when suddenly I saw two lil kids was running here and there.One girl and one boy.Sibling maybe..

The boy is about 5 years old while the lil girl is about 3 or 4 years.Both were wearing traditional malay dress i.e. baju melayu and baju kurung + 'tudung comel'
I looked at them and could 'feel the joy'..

The lil girl kept on shouting to his brother, "Abang,jangan la lari laju-laju sangat,nanti adik jatuh!"

Tengah-tengah menjerit tu,suddenly the lil girl stumbled and fall down on the ground,or i would say on the tarmac.

"Waa!!" cried the lil girl.Her brother at that time was a bit far from her compared to me.So,I rushed to her and picked her up.She wasn't realized I was picking her up and sapu-sapau her hands.She kept on crying.I just about to asked her,"sakit kat mana adik?",when her brother showed up.

Then,she turned her head and looked at me in blurr.(maybe she thought her brother was the one who picked her up)

Suddenly,she just stopped crying and walked away like nothing happened and said to her brother.

"haa..kan adik dah cakap,jangan lari.Kan dah jatuh." (nada matang)

I just kindda "erk?"(tiba-tiba terasa that lil girl macho habis.Pandai pulak dia cover n jadi matang.)

Ooo lil girl.Don't you feel shy with me..I just wanted to help you.Haih..adik kecik oii..macam-macam ragam kanak-kanak ni..


*Sometimes,when you look at kids they can somehow make you feel calm and relax.
Betul lah our Propher said,

"Each and every child were born in fitrah(pure/muslim).Their parent are the one who colours them whether to be a jew,a christian or 'majusi'."-aw kama qal.

*Oh,almost two days I couldn't sleep in good.I keep on remembering my lil nephew.

I was holding my nephew.

me and my nephew..


Anonymous said...

wah anak kak husna?
super kawaii!!!


Atiqah said...

kids..yup they are just cute, adorable, full of colours and smile and so innocent..but sometimes, they can be too matured to show that they are not kids..

ukur kira said...

Hmmm..really annoying having anonymous commentators here..

Suddenly appeared to b abdullah.hmm..

u're right..smtimes they behave like an

Hiromi Ichiban said...

please treat me as your nephew...haha
just kiddin'...

ukur kira said...

Ok2..No prob..Hehehe
No no no..I'm take it serious..kekeke