Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Di Pagi Raya


This post might be a short post because it'll only telling about the story of 'pagi raya'..

While I was preparing myself with cloth (baju melayu),the takbir from the university masjid has started..But guess what..It was monotone..Well you know our malaysian society.Our takbir version is like a 'ringtone' (ringtone?apakah?not monotone)..'berlagu-lagu' and 'mendayu-dayu'.

I thought I was late..My watch stroke at 7.30am..Usually when i was at my hometown,our masjid will be announcing what time the sunat 'eid adha prayer will be performed the day before the 'eid.

Yesterday when I was in the university masjid,there were no such announcement.Even after solat,there were no takbir like what we do in our society.Everyone just keep silent and left the masjid..

So, I walked all the way from my room to the masjid.On my way there,I saw many people.The parking lots started to full.The university road started to jam.But I can't see any Malays..Oh,btw today i was wearing my baju melayu.No jubah-jubah..MALAYSIA!!

I spotted one group of africans.About 10 to 20 people.Their clothes were nice.COLORFUL!Planned to walk with them..(Saja nak buat kawan baru).But I felt like oh,i'm too tiny among them.My height is about their stomach level.Huhu..Even I couldn't understand what they were talking.(Perhaps they are speaking Swahili)

So I walked alone until I met a group of chinese/Korean/Japanese.I'm not sure where are they coming from.But they have the 'chinese' faces.All of them wearing eh?They were about 10 of them.Plus they were some sisters among them.(Oh malu la..Ada sisters)

At last,i walked all the way alone until i reached the masjid.Oh,I was early.Alhamdulillah.Only few people in the masjid.So,after solah sunat tahiyatul masjid,I sat and started to takbir.Oh,the takbir sometimes 'mendayu-dayu' and sometimes not.Depend on the 'tekong'..

After a while,people started to coming and crowding the masjid.Oh,I was sitting at a wrong spot.It was the area of Africans.My left,right,infront,back side were all Africans.(terasa seperti anak kecil di celah2 orang besar).

8.30am,we started to perform the prayer.The khutbah was delivered by Dr....from department of general studies.The 1st khutbah was in Arabic and the 2nd was in English..Short but 'padat'.It was about the seerah of prophet Abraham and Ishmael.The 'ibrah etc.It was a good reminder for me..

Finished khutbah,I was 'stuck' inside the masjid.Too many people..All the africans beside me are so TALL..(tersepit di celah2).Yah Allah,ni baru kat masjid UIA.I couldn't imagine the thousands of Muslim in Mecca right now,performing the Hajj.

At the same time,trying to 'jenguk-jenguk' looking for my friends(kot-kot ada)or any Malays.But I couldn't spot one.Tengah-tengah mencari tu,I found a group of Malays.Around 10 to 20..But when I came near,they aint malay.I mean from Malaysia.They were Indonesian.Hohoho..

So,after struggling for a moment,at last berjaya melepaskan diri di pintu masjid.Alhamdulillah..

Oh,seems like it was only me having no friends..Every where I looked,there were groups of students.African group,Algerian group,Bosnian group,Yemeni group etc..

Again,I walked all the way to my room alone..


*Lontong nak kena perangat pulak ni..Nasi himpit dah di potong-potong..Just waiting for any visitors coming to my room..(hehehe..)



LuQMaN M.J said...

salam hari raya di perantauan :D

ukur kira said...


salam hari raya kembali..Huhu..
Nak balik!!! (hehehe)