Sunday, November 7, 2010

am I normal?


It's kindda foolish question if i'm asking myself whether i'm a 'real guy' or not.Wait the second.Don't make me wrong.(Of course i'm normal in that sense)

I was studying in my room when suddenly my friend entered and ask me to join him and the rest of my friends watching football match.

I looked at my watch.It's 11pm.That means,the match will be ended almost at 1am.Wow..I refused to join them as I'm not that particular guy who 'extremely/fanatic' with the EPL or what not.Even I didn't have my own favourite team to cheer up for.

Am i normal (as a normal guy) in the context of not having favourite football team?Huhu..I do love football,but it's seasonal.If i have mood to watch it,then i'll be watching it.But for sure i've my own limitation.I never stayed up/wake up early in the morning just for the purpose of watching the match.

Usually just watching the preview or just read the newspaper to know the result.Alhamdulillah Allah still guide me not to affiliate with those 'extreme supporters'.

After all one of the Zionist propaganda is by making football stick firmly in the heart of everybody.Until at one time,people will be putting their priority wrongly.-Oh i didn't mean that playing football is wrong.Please understand my phrase.

Just a reminder from one arab brother in the musolla few days ago;he reminds us about the solah.He said,people tend to give excuse for not praying in jama'ah especially during this exam weeks.Study is not an exception for not praying (jama'ah).However those who used to give the excuses,somehow can have a time to watch football match during the exam weeks.How come?

Are these excuses we are trying to give to Allah in the day of judgement later?
"Tepuk dada tanya iman".

*Conclusion:I'm normal for not having my own favourite football team.Huhu..Who cares?

*Oh hari tu saja nak test power whether my Arabic is still good or not.So,trying to translate sentences in english into arabic..Guessed what?Still got mistakes..*sigh*
Hmm...need more efforts.(boleh terima ke alsan tak dak masa nak belajar arabic?)

Suddenly teringat kisah2 zaman silam.'Perjanjian palsu' among me and some of my sahabat when we were in form 5.-Kononnya berjanji we won't apply any application for university enrollments and 'sehati-sejiwa' nak masuk khassah.(form 6 and taking STAM)

At last,sorang pun tak masuk khassah.kekeke..Haih..Arab2..Terpaksalah belajar sendiri.



.::: mr IQ :::. said...

Sememangnya setuju.. abg nabil mmg normal sama macam saya..

ukur kira said...

Bagus2..kita normal.ada geng rupanya..