Wednesday, November 10, 2010



First of all i felt like, should i laugh for all these things?

My bad actually...But it wasn't not my fault.'They' started first..

Some of my friends/classmates being 'PRANK' by me..kekeke


ok,some of my classmates finished their exam today while some tommorrow.I'm among who will be finishing the exam tomorrow.So,those who had finished the exam kindda psychoing their friends who are still under 'exam stress'.

They keep on teasing us..
"Eh nak celebrate mana ek dh abis exam?"
"Eh jom packing barang nak balik rumah."
"Ape ni study2..Orang dah habis exam la."

and so on....

Even I received some of those psycho words from them.Huh..(Tapi tak terpsycho pun.Sbb my E.Q quite stable and I'm kindda cool type of person =))

But some of my friends who are among those to finished the exam tomorrow kindda 'terpsycho'

So,in bringing back the 'maruah' of my friends I pranked some of them who had finished their exam.Even those who weren't teasing me,terkena jua.Sorry..hehehe

How i did it?Just simple.Texted a short message to them n I received few phone calls which later it turned out to be kinnda 'false alarm'..sorry bik!

Even some of them marah-marah n said,"Woi kau dah pandai ek prank orang!.Mana kau blajar buat benda-benda ni ha?!!" I just keep laughing n at the end seeking their apology.

Well,do not under estimate me..I could do anything beyond your imagination..Hehe.especially under tense situation..

So,this post is dedicated to those I've pranked,Especially my classmates who wasn't the one who keep on teasing me..
Please pray for our final paper tomorrow.



MuNsYi SaMa said...

how did u prank them exactly? hehe

Hiromi Ichiban said...

ayat x boleh belah...

"Sbb my E.Q quite stable and I'm kindda cool type of person =))"...

i think its true. when i see your face for the first time, its kinda serious lion wants to eat their meal...huhu

ukur kira said...

I'll tell u when we meet later on,Insya Allah..hehe

Erk!!Really?Hahaha..It's an expected people's view on me.Dah agak bnyak kali orang kata mcm,what do u think about me now?hehe