Thursday, November 4, 2010

American Football


2 more papers to go for my final exam.Next paper will be on 10th and 11th November.

So,since there is a gap of time (about a week),I spend some of my time watching football clips.I mean american football.Really enjoy though.

Actually,I've been affliated with this sport about 2 or 3 years ago.That time I had a friend to talk with.But ever since he had graduated,i have no more mates to chit chat.hehehe

I'm not sure what u guys re thinking about this sport.But if u really have the magnetic attraction to it,then u can feel the passion.The team spirit,courages etc.

Btw,till now i'm still trying to understand the game.The rules,regulations,the defense,offences,the role of each players (quarterback,runningback etc.)

Really enjoying when they 'crushing' each others..hahaha.

Oh,if u have time,go on and youtubing a nice song from Kenny Chesney about the football."The Boys of Fall"

Even there are movies related to the football.My favourite one are Remember the Titan and The Blind Side.Both are based on the true event.

Remember the Titan was about a high school football team where it was the only team at that time in the USA having players mixed of between white and black americans.At that time the discrimination and oppression on the black was so extreme.You know it right?

Hence,football was the solution to end the oppression.Really moved to tears when

To know the rest of the story + The Blind Side movie,u gotta watch it yourself.

So,anyone having the same interest,are welcome to the club..hehe (since when I got a club?)

I really hope to watch the game.Not watching from the TV of course.Maybe better move off to USA someday.huhu

*am not an extreme/fanatic fan of american football.Just enjoy watching and learning.


MuNsYi SaMa said...

the Blind side movie is really a good movie. :)

we do hv american football in IIUM. u can join them if u want to.

ukur kira said...


are u sure there is american football team in our university?I thought it's only a normal rugby team.

Even if there do hav the team,it's impossible 4 me 2 join.Too late mayb?Dah final year..(hopefully x extend la..exam susah bangat!)

MuNsYi SaMa said...

ada. other than rugby. flight football team not with all those big pads. aaa..not so sure but we do hv one :)

dont worry. u'll do just fine. Just pray and hope for the best.

ukur kira said...

oo..i see.baru tahu.

insya Allah.Tq