Monday, November 29, 2010

it's my way...


Me: What I'm suppose to be after I've graduated?I'm confused now.I don't think I can handle those corruptions in the construction field.I need to decide it right away so that i can plan my life accordingly.

A: Then you can pursue to your master degree.

Me: Sounds good,but i want to shift from construction to something else.But let say i've finished my master,then what shall i do?I need to work.Who else wanna pay my bills etc?

A: Don't worry,Allah surely will help you.It's better to be rich in experience rather in money.

Me: u're right.I'm kindda adventurous guy.Maybe I should travel from one place to another.Working 'biasa-biasa sahaja' but gaining lot of experience.I should go to Turkey,Oman,USA,Canada,Syria etc..Maybe I could be a good translator or working as international relations for any NGOs.

A: Then,when're u getting married?With who?I don't think there are any girls wanted to marry with a guy with no secured jobs and keep on travelling.

Me: Ada rezeki ada la.It's not a big problem for me.As long as I'm still istiqamah in Islam and working on the path of Da'wah its ok for me.No spouse doesn't mean I couldn't survive.Allah knows better..

A: ......

Me: ........


Atiqah said...

Listen to ur heart, find the lights destined for u and insyaAllah in the end, u'll know what ur heart want u to be...

jodoh will come at the right time and He will show u the right girl...

aja aja fighting!!

ukur kira said...

aja-aja fighting?

Atiqah said...

er...aja aja fighting means jia you! hehe..

LuQMaN M.J said...


ummi dah risik calon utk bng cik :D

ukur kira said...

jia you tu apa pulak?Sori x paham.anyway,if it's not important then just ignore it.

@Luqman M.J:
Cayok kau kata?
Hehe..Kau jgn b.chaq!
Jgn bg kita guling-guling mcm tenggiling.

Kita mana bleh langkah bendul.Lbih baik ummi pi risik utk kau.Kita beli kerisik utk masak bleh la..kekeke..