Sunday, November 7, 2010

May be we should revise...


Have you ever heard people supplicating to Allah for the destruction of America?I did heard about that.Usually they do so,as America is one of the Israel's alliances.

Personally,I'm not agree with that.Why?

Not all Americans are supporting the Israelis and it doesn't fair if we judging them as a whole.

There are Muslims in the USA which are actually our brothers and sisters.In fact Islam is the most fastes growing religion in the USA.Taxes alone is the house of approximately 300,000 Muslims.Dearborn Michigan is the most dense muslim population in the USA.

I know,some of us have the perception of "America is bad" etc.May I ask you something?Why you are having that kind of view on America?Because you heard from the Media?You read from newspapers etc?

If that the case,you can't blame Americans for having the same perceptions towards the middle east/Muslims.

The point is,we shouldn't supplicate for the mass destruction of USA as a whole.We might revise our du'a and pin point to the Kuffar.

Currently I'm reading many articles and watching videos about Islam in the USA.It's really heart touching.I rather say,they are much more better than us who are living in the 'islamic country'.

Even at one point,I've been thinking of 'marrying' a devoted American Muslim sister.(who knows?=)).- sorry terlari topic sebentar.

Oh,btw,I got a good link for those who wanted to know roughly the muslim community in the USA.Actually,I've been following this site since last

It's kindda travelling notes about two muslim brothers,Aman and bassam who was travelling across the USA during last ramadhan.Their aim was to stop and visit 30 mosques across the USA in 30 days.(Each day 1 mosque).Quite a nice story.For each stop,they'll telling about the muslim community there.

Ok then,hopefully u'll gain something.


Atiqah said...

my maksu is an American muslim lady who married to my uncle. She converted three years before she decided to marry a muslim guy who is from Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, my paksu himself has changing a lot after he married my maksu. My maksu does bring good impact and positive point of view in my paksu's life about islamic way of living especially on how to survive in US.

She wore better outfit than what most of my family members (women) wear in their daily life. Subhanallah..their daughter is a perfect little angel..may she grows as a good muslimah who devote herself to Islam and ummah.

Atiqah said...

oh forgot to write this

i do have that kind of perception when my paksu and maksu invited me to join and live with them in US. I prefer to go to UK as I could see the safer side of UK that US cant offer after what have been spreading on the news and media. My mom too would prefer if I choose UK than to live in US. ..I think, the links that u suggested will at least open up my eyes and mind on the real situation happening on Muslim in US...thanks

ukur kira said...

Nice..Oh,I did remember their daughter face.U did posted it in ur blog right?That cute lil girl.

*May be ur mak su could help me finding any 'suitable' US muslim sister for me.(MAY BE)-Please don't get me wrong

ukur kira said...

U're lucky.But maybe u hav ur own reason for not following ur mak su and pak su.If I were u,I'll be accepting their invitation,Insya Allah.

Hopefully that link will at least open a bit wider ur view on USA.
U're welcome

Atiqah said...

hehe...are u serious?? i will if u insist..insyaAllah when I have the chance to contact her or when they return home, i'll ask her about that. she sure has a lot of good American Muslim lady who suits for a good guy like u..may Allah guide you..insyaAllah

i was interested..but at that time, i was still waiting for my UK, that was why i refused to join them at the 1st place..hehe

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

Fuiyo... abg nabil dah pikir nak kawin org US... mantop la.. huhu

ukur kira said...

Kalau ada rezki n Allah izin la..Kena solat istikharah dulu.Knapa?Nta nk tlg carikan ke?