Friday, November 5, 2010

Update 5/11


morning:piles of dirty laundry.(settled)

Went to the masjid a bit early for friday prayer.-baca al-kahfi

The friday sermon was very nice.Delivered by imam from egypt and if i'm not mistaken he is currently a syeikh in Yamen.Alhamdulilah he was using Arabic fushah and quite understandable.

With no text,he managed to deliver the sermon for about 50 minutes.Impressive.
The 1st khutbah was about the analogy of human life i.e. traveller to meet Allah/Darul akhirah from the perspective of trevelling for pilgrimage/Hajj.Quite interesting.Each and every 'manasik al hajj'he relates it with our journey of life.

The 2nd Khutbah was about baitulmuslim./muslim family.How it contributes to the establishment of the muslim ummah.Also very interesting.The responsibility of parents,childrens etc.It made me feel like..i'm not prepared to be a good daddy.Tarbiyyatul aulad bi tarbiyyatil islammiyah kamilah.Even u need to guide ur zaujah/wife.Ya Allah,if i'm still behaving like this rasanya memang akan membujang sampai ke tua.huhu..Ayuh,tubuhkan club for bachelor..hehehe.insya Allah as time passing by,i'll change..someday..isk3..

After friday prayer,I went to the library to return the books I've borrowed.Actually I'll be compounded as the due date was over.Alhamdulillah my face was beseri-seri kot at that time.I went to the counter to return the books and ready to pay the compound.The sister at the counter suddenly said,"oh tak pe..x payah bayar."
Alhamdulillah...But,panas yang disangka sampai ke petang rupa2nya hujan di tengah hari.Suddenly my friend who was queuing behind me bising2.."kak mana aci.Dia ni kena compound ni.Buku pinjam lama2,x reti nak pulangkan.Ish3..Compound dia akak."

But as a professional,I just looked at him and smile.Not to forget smile at that akak.'A Smile is a charity-Aw kama Qal Rasul P.B.U.H'

Alhamdulillah,panas terus sampai ke petang.Tak jadi hujan di tengah hari.That particular akak at the counter just ignored my friend..hehehe

(Maybe sbb time tu pakai jubah kot.Nampak macam 'budak baik' sikit.Astaghfirullah..hehe)

I walked all the way to my college for lunch.On my way I did asked my friend to join me for lunch at the cafe via sms.We met at the cafe and had a very long conversation while eating our lunch.From normal talk to private issues.huhu.Some of my secrets I revealed it to him.Oh btw,he is one of my good classmates.He used to remind me on many things.Even the moment I was down,last few days after finished my xxx exam and I decided to left the exam hall without saying 'bye'etc. to my friends,he was the one who could spotted my 'changed'.On my way back to college,he keeps on asking me why and why but i just keep it silent.I just told him I did very bad in the exam and I wanted to burn my room.

He just smiled and after I reached my room and started looking for lighter and matches (x de la..acah je.x bakar pun)I received an sms from him.

He wrote,
"Boleh jadi engkau mmbenci ssuatu sedang ia baik utk dirimu,boleh jadi engkau menyukai sesuatu sedang ia tidak baik utk dirimu,dan Allah itu Maha Mengetahui apa yang engkau tidak ketahui"-Al Baqarah.

"Dont burn ur room.Keep smiling bro.(senyum sokmo)"
Alhamdulillah...Cool down sikit..

Back to the topic,after having our lunch,we went to our friends' room.Saja2..Then,for the 1st time of this semester I did play games with my friends.PES 2011.(football game)..Hehehe..The last time I played was in my 2nd year.Kindda released stress sikit.Huhu..My hand numb for a while during the match due to holding the controller.(biasala,dh lama x main.Tangan kejang).The good news was,cuma kalah penalti je.Seri 3 sama kot.hehe.

Then asar,we stopped and ajak kawan2 lain gi musolla.After asar,we dispersed.Habis....Dah insaf,x mau main game lagi,insya Allah.

Oh yesterday I had a chit chat with two of my classmates.About Hajj and Umrah..Tengah2 discuss,tiba2 rasa sebak.One of my friend got the experience of went to umrah.He tells us his story,experience etc.Rasa sayu je..Dalam hati,nak pergi jugak.Isk3..But 1st,i need to purify my heart.The preparation starts from now.Oo Allah terimalah hambaMu yang Dho'if ini menjadi tetamuMu.


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hamba said...

I have an experience to perform Umrah, but for me, I’m quite little for that, I was in form 3.. I really appreciate to be there, but after a while, I realized that I was doing nothing.. I went there without enough knowledge about it and seerah that related to it and also the places there.. and for me, I didn’t really ‘menikmati’ all of that.. so, my advice, do try your best to seek for those knowledge, especially and seerah related, and you might ‘menikmati’ what you can and have to.. (this advice is also for me myself).. May Allah choose you, one day and do feel the ‘nikmat’, which I think, I wasn’t.. Wallahu a’lam..
p/s: sorry for my english.. hehehe..