Saturday, November 6, 2010

We have to do it..

Salam everyone.

Yesterday while I was sitting alone in my room,trying to gain the 'spirit of study' as there are still two more papers to go,something popped out from my mind.

It's actually some kind of self reflection.Why out of sudden,I've changed?I've changed in terms of my social life,attitude etc.(too many things to list it down here).WHY??

I am the one who choosed my way.This way.It's nobody faults and neither my faults.It is kindda collision of two interests i could say.And these two interests couldn't be at the same time.One should prevail.

Still blurr eh?Ok,I could say my changes happening when I'm keep on thinking about my future.I realized that I was a 'shy',unprofessional,and even can't behave exactly the way I should in certain occasions.Why?It was all started when I was in my secondary school.Alhamdulillah I've been exposed to the 'islamic environment' since there.And I love it very much.Each and everything I wanted to do,I'll be considering many things.It was good though to do that,but I realized that it affected my social life.

At that moment I was thinking of being serious,'matured' etc.I need to do that because the penetration of tarbiyyah urged me to do so.Islam really needs a serious muslim for its revival.

That is why if some of you noticed,I wasn't a 'good smiler'.Even it's hard for me to mixed up with my juniors.I kept on thinking this and that and it made me hard to smile.

That attitude followed me here,in the campus life.The 1st two years here,I have problems in mixing with people,especially sisters.When it comes to deal with sisters,I'll try to avoid it.-What else can I say?After all I never talked to sisters for 5 years (secondary school).Even at one time,one particular sister asked my male's friend about me."NJ tu garang ke?Knapa dia tak penah senyum?"

And if i did talked to any sisters,my body keeps on shivering.If they asked question,I couldn't give clear answers.My bad..

I keep on thinking.."Sampai bila harus begini?"Insya Allah if there is nothing happened,I'll be working in the industry where I need to deal with lot of people.The professionals i.e. the Architect,Engineers,Contractors,Local Authority etc.And not all of them are male!

So,I decided to starts from the bottom.slowly..1st step,2nd steps,3rd steps and it continues till now.I try to be as much as possible involving in 'social life'..not only with the sisters,but also the brothers.

For sure,each and every of our actions will be effecting this and that.I realized that,now I couldn't talk about 'islamic' things anymore.I kindda feel guilty.Who am I to talk about tarbiyyah,da'wah,harakiyyah?No no no..I'll be durn stupid if I did."Cakap tak serupa bikin"..

My social life is now affecting my core business.The business/transaction with Allah The Almighty.But yet,I still have to do it!

Now it comes to the situation where you need to sacrifice something for the benefits of something else.(Euthanasia?No laa..)I mean,these two things need to be balanced.Yeah someone might say,"kau ni,antara AGAMA dengan social life pun kau nak pikir2?AGAMA tu penting!"- yes I did know that.(it's actually kindda harsh word for me if someone said I didn't concern about my deen.I didn't mean to compromised my religion neither to neglect it.)

Btw,I'm not saying that now I'm perfect enough with my 'public relation' but I can feel the improvement ever since I've make the 'changed'.


I need to return to the 'pangkal jalan'..Hehehe (budget dah tersesat jauh..huhu).But i'll still remain the way i am right now.I don't want pretending to be good.What the values I have,I'll be practicing and promote it.I don't want to make a change for someone else,for other reasons etc.(Because some of my friends they changed because they wanted to marry.They said that kena la berubah sebab nak kawin dah ni.Kena jadi matang and bla bla bla.-I have my own believe;If u changed not for the course of Allah,then it'll not be long.Even u didn't get any pahala.Innamal 'amalu bin niyyat...)

You know best yourself.Make wise consideration where it'll balance your life here and hereafter.Trying to be good like someone else by following his steps is not wise enough.Being good like someone else by having your own way and path is better as long as your path doesn't contradict/astray from the syari'ah.Because diferent people having different strengths and weaknesses.You determine it yourself and starts choosing your way which could maximize your strength.

Wherever you are,whatever you do,no matter how it is,nobody have the exception to spread the BEAUTY and UNDERSTANDING of ISLAM and purifying yourself.


*Good luck for those who will be sitting for the SPM and STPM especially my cousins.Three of them will be sitting for SPM.Go Danial go!!


Atiqah said...

The transformation from bad to good or vice versa is actually one of many processes that we as a teenager will experience in order to find our true self. We see others, through observation, networking, relationship etc and we reflect it in our own way...

u are experiencing the transformation, the exploration of ur true identity..u r looking for the right characters and identity to put on and insyaAllah, one day when u figure out what u r gonna be...u'll be blessed that u did what u r doing now..there is no right or wrong to try something that will lead u to the right long as u did it at the right ways..insyaAllah.

a search for an identity...that is what u r doing now..never stop to find ur true self..insyaAllah with Allah's guide, one day u'll be someone who can also contribute to the deen and to ummah..may Allah bless..

ukur kira said...

Tq for sharing.Suddenly it reminds me on what Steve Jobs said during the graduation commencement at the Stanford University USA.

Although it wasn't directly related to the topic discussed,but it somehow inspired me and drives me for something.

"If u still cant find what u like/what u're looking for,dont settled.Keep looking!"-Steve Jobs.
(Really phenomenal)

Insya Allah I'll try to find my own identity,my own way.

May Allah bless u too.

Syahidah Roslam said...

Salam akh,
I think we are in the same shoes..Dulu, memang malu sgt dgn budak laki..Time by time, it changed. I think it's a good changed(for me) long as the boundary between u n sisters still in the right path, then it's ok. Guys didn't tease me or say something notty, it just that they still respect and they just keep smiling.n it Doesnt mean when u have "being more social", its a bad thing and stopped u from doing dakwah. It an on-going process ya akhi.Btw, It's all inside our heart. Biasalah tu, changed happens all the time..gewd luck:)

ukur kira said...

W/salam.Thanks sis for sharing.Knowing your limitation is very crucial in 'socializing'.

U're right.It's an on going process,and really hard to 'jaga hati'.

Good luck to u too.

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

sama la kite....
tapi bila kita terbuka sikit, mulalah ada benda tak kena. Rasa macam diri kita ni lebih2 pulak dalam pergaulan.

ukur kira said...

@mr IQ:
Aaa..sama la kita..hmm..