Thursday, November 4, 2010


salam and gooooood evening....

Currently,northern peninsular is facing a very hard situation where most of the area are submerged due to flood.

I heard even Kangar was totally covered by water.Subhanallah!

My hometown?Oh,did I ever mentioned that I lived in rural area?I received a call from my mom telling me that they are currently disconnected from the main road to the nearest 'cowboy town'.The route are totally submerged.Depth of a human chest.

Suddenly it reminds me about few years back where the same situation happened.But at that moment I was at home.Luckily our house located a bit higher from the normal ground level a.k.a on the hill (hill ke?small hill la)

Me and my dad drove our 4x4 vehicle and visit the flood prone area.Really interesting. (of course interesting but once it happened to us,no more fun i bet!)
Even at that time our home becoming the centre for foods distribution.(Instant noodles,sardines,eggs,rices etc.)

And if I'm not mistaken the chopper even landed at our area to distribute important stuffs.That was awesome! Felt like in a movie.The adventurous one.Kind of,roger roger,we have a problem Huston..Kekeke..And people are running here and there.Looking for covered.Suddenly a huge hurricane coming and....hahaha imagination too high!!

Back to the topic.But that was few years back when I was at home.Now I'm here,in town.Aaa..hmm.loved to be at home now.Mandi-mandi hujan.Maybe those in the township never experienced it.It's cool..At one time,me,my dad and my siblings even went for fishing..(menjala).

May Allah helps us all.

*I just received an sms from my bro saying that A.Star also submerged.KOINSAN naik air oii..!!Tolong2!! SOS.

Ooo Allah,please help us..


ing said...

p mnjala x ajak ana pn...
hehe...hobi ana mmg "fishing"..

*lama x singgah, dah brwajah baru rupanya blog nta ni

Moga sukses dlm exam

ukur kira said...

Menjala time banjir tu when I was in primary school.That time I even didn't know u..hehehe

I know.ur hobby menjala.but i never menjala dgn nta.huhu

Baru je tukar layout blog.dlm 2 hari.