Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mahu jadi soleh


It is really difficult to become a good Muslim.Once you've becoming a so called 'good muslim', you need to become musleh i.e.calling to people to become soleh.

Good things never come together with easiness.People need to have a high self motivation in preserving the good values or 'kesolehan' itu.Mujahdah an-nafs..Oh,I shouldn't use those 'impressive/wow terms'.


People can pretending to be soleh from their words,writing etc.But inside their heart,who knows?Only Allah...

People might say that the attitude of a writer reflects from his writing.Agree?No no no..You can't judge it as a whole.People can 'berlakon'from his writing.Even I can do that.I have basic islamic education and knowing lots of the 'islamic terms'.If i would using it in my writing and acting as if i'm an 'ustaz' those who didn't know me surely will think that i'm a 'good guy'..Err,,don't make me wrong.I'm not saying right now i'm a bad guy.It's just that i'm not reaching the level of what could say 'satisfaction'.I'm still kindda looking and searching..Still need lot of self reflection/muhasabah etc.

The most impotant thing is,our effort to become a good muslim.
I know,those who knowing me well surely comparing the old me and the current version.I don't care what people say.(like Prof.K used to say).Its up to you to judge people.

Hakikatnya kita sebagai manusia acapkali melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan.Tidak terlepas seorang manusia itu dari melakukannya.Yang penting perlu ada kesedaran dan keinsafan untuk bertaubat.Bukankah ada pepatah yang berbunyi;
"Kullu bani adam khatta',wa khaira khattai tawwabin"
(setiap bani adam itu melakukan kesalahan.Sebaik-baik yang melakukan kesalahan adalah mereka yang bertaubat)

Perlu kita sedar,setiap tindak-tanduk kita akan di soal oleh Allah di akhirat kelak.Maka,berbahagia dan bijak lah seseorang itu jika ia memikirkan pengakhiran kehidupannya di 'sana' nanti.Kesedaran yang benar-benar dirasai,akan menjadi dapur pembakar seterusnya menolak nafsu seseorang untuk ber'amal dengan amalan-amalan yang soleh sertan sentiasa mengharapkan pengampunan dari Allah Rabbul Jalil.

Allah berfirman di dalam surah Ali Imran ayat 113 yang bermaksud;
"Dan bersegeralah kamu mencari ampunan dari tuhanmu dan mendapatkan syurga yang luasnya seluas langit dan bumi yang disediakan bagi orang-orang yang bertaqwa"

See,I can produce such a so called 'a good and islamic writing'.It's not that difficult to write such things.People can manipulate their ability to 'mengkaburi' readers judgement.But I don't want to cheat the readers by trying to 'showing off' my 'kesolehan.'Trust me,those who have the islamic background could utter quranic verses,hadiths etc.It is just a piece of cake for them.

Hence,please don't make yourself 'easily attracted' to those who are having those 'sweet writing,sopan-santun etc.'I didn't mean to judge people as a whole but this is what life is all about.It's reality.

The anaolgy is simple,I bet most of us having friends who are coupling (before married)..Can u compare his attitude when meeting/dating with his/her bf/gf and during he/she is with you?His/her room?

Some of my friends' room can be catagorized as 'tongkang pecah'.(surely u know what i meant).But when ever he wanted to go for a date,pergh...kemas habis.spray minyak wangi sini sana..

He is acting differently..It is same goes with writers..
Some of them just pretending to be good.But in reality,wallahu'alam.I don't like to judge people although I'm a kind of a cynical type.

The conclusion is,just be yourself.Try to be as good as possible.Sometimes need to push up a lil bit in doing good things.Allah will surely looks at your 'usaha' not at your 'propaganda'..


Jom jadi soleh!!


MuNsYi SaMa said...

jadi soleh dan muslih. see, i can write so-called soleh comment. hehe.

no matter how bad a person is, if he writes about good things, we can always take the good thing and leave the bad.

jom jadi soleh~

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

walaupun abe NJ x ngaku soleh... stil u are better then me...
4 me, u are soleh... (broken english.. huhuhu)