Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ponder upon...

One day,the Great Imam As-Syafi'ie went to his teacher and complaining about the weakness of his memory.His teacher told him to abandon the rebellion/sins,for knowledge is a light.And the light of Allah is not bestowed upon the rebel/sinner.

*Isk3..patutlah ngaji payah benor nak masuk.Banyak dosa rupanya aku ni..


unguviolet said...

its your 100th post of the year!=)

moga dipermudahkan memahami ilmu.sma2 la kta.

btw,thanx for your response.*menyemak plk kt sni*.u once lived in lunas?but i guess you are not kedahan,aren't you?

ukur kira said...


I wasn't born in kedah,but i've been living in kedah for almost 21 years.till now actually.

my primary school was in kedah (lunas)..So,i guess i could claim my self as "kedahan"

MuNsYi SaMa said...

thanks for this msg the other day. Cannot reply to u but very grateful to have a friend like you.

Keep reminding me kay :)

unguviolet said...
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unguviolet said...

@ukur kira.yes you could.

just arrived at your blog and digging interesting new knowledge.thanx for sharing.

sila beri tunjuk ajar,ya senior blogger.

ukur kira said...

insya Allah.i'll try.

u're most welcome.hopefully,u'll gain smthing here.

Insya Allah.We'll learn frm each other