Wednesday, November 3, 2010


salam and gooood evening,

just short stories...

1. suddenly people noticed I'm malay.

I went to the kiosk inside the university few days ago to buy some stuffs.The cashier was sooo friendly and keep on chatting and asking this and that to the customers.

When it came to the guy who was queing infront of me,the amiable cashier asked,"where are u from?"


"Pardon.were u just saying korea?"


"waa..1st time stumbled across a korean here"

That korean guy just smiling and left the cashier..

Came my turn to pay.I thought I might being asked the same question as lot of people thought I wasn't malay.

"Ye bang,ni je ke barang?"

" je..(dalam hati:eh macam mana dia tahu aku melayu.Cis!!)

2.Was it wrong?

I was walking inside the campus alone when suddenly my classmate came and started chatting with me.Oh,btw my classmate is a girl.So,it's rude if u just walk away in the sense of trying to honour your modesty by not talking to any girls.

We started chatting about exams, eidul adha etc.Then,we passed by two sisters wearing 'tudung labuh' and they stared at me like "oh my gosh! that 'beard' guy is walking with a girl and bla bla.." as if I was committing big sins!(what's the big deal with the beard?)

(Oh I sometimes can read people.that's why I can interpret the way they looked at me).
The question is,was I doing the wrong thing?I just trying to be professionalism.No gender bias or discrimination to girls.In fact,it's totally rude if someone starts talking to you and you just move your ass,let she/he chatting alone.

Please correct me if I was doing the wrong thing.



ammar said...

1.hahaha....perasan bukan melayu ka?..:D komen

Atiqah said...

I would like to give my opinion on the second stories...

I was having the same impression before. when i (the tudung labuh girl) talk or to be correct was having a discussion with a stranger who eventually was a guy or a group of guys, people who walked by and passing us were looking strangely at me.

but just be professional..u dont have to take others thoughts just to please them when u know u r actually doing nothing wrong..but make sure, there is a border or limit,or anything which could help u to unintentionally explain to the people who walk by, that u r not doing something wrong talking with girls in that kind of personality (beard or tudung labuh or whatever)...'

may Allah guide us and protect us from the evil eyes...insyaAllah

ukur kira said...

Bukan perasan.Tapi it's merely fact.Ramai dah orang kata I hav no malay look.Ada iras2 arab+mexico skit.hehehe

Hmm..u're right.Just be professional and need to have limitation.
May Allah guide us from tipu daya satan

MuNsYi SaMa said...

I second to Atiqah's opinion. :)

Maybe after u shave your beard, ppl wont look at u the same way. :)

ukur kira said...

but this is my trade mark.How can I clean shave it all?huhuhu

n i'll be likely looks younger + 'jambu' with no beard.i don't want that.

Anonymous said...

Actually there are 2 Koreans in UIA. I used to talk to them before. Unfortunately, I dont have that chance anymore once I left UIA. If I ever meet them one day, I will really ask them about Islam in Korea. It must be really exciting too know that. They are also nice.for the 1st one, I think you are of course a bit perasan. =P hehe

The second one, I like. It happened to me also.
Let them be, sometimes people like to judge without knowing having any basis.

p/s: btw, what happened to 'seyahat notlari'? =)


ukur kira said...

I did manage to have a chat with 1 of the korean guy last 2 years.But I didn't asked about islam in Korea.Just normal chit chat and asking about 'winter sonata'.kekeke
No i did not perasan. (mgkin sikit2 la).But the truth is...malas la nak cerita pnjg2..

seyahat notlari terkubur.Just bagi new look.that is.there is nothing bhind the scene n what not.

btw,ni iman mana ek?did i ever know u?Iman Fadzil ke?team multidip?I only have 2 friends named iman.1 girl n 1 guy.