Sunday, February 21, 2010

The smiles recalled the memories..

For months and even years I haven't met some of my sahabat whom I would consider my back bones during my life as a MATRIAN. (MATRI community especially my batch)

Alhamdulillah,I've met them and it was a sweet memories for me as it is quite difficult to gather all of us unless we are having a big mass program.I couldn't forget the moment we were shaking hands and hugging releasing the longing for the old days.

Actually it was unplan event for us to be met.They were unexpected to come due to the distance factor.However,we planned and Allah had His plan too.Allah plans is the best.

Many olden days stories were revealed one by one,and we started to laugh when it comes to the "stupidity/silly event" during our life in the beloved secondary school.
~sleeping while solat(sepecially subuh/qiyamullail),doing acrobatic show before performing Friday prayer due to the numbed legs.-slept during khutbah/sermon.
Even the story of fallen down from the double decker bed while sleeping.(it only happened during form 1-2 as some of the students had no experience sleeping on double decker bed)

Time envied and it passed too fast.It is just like a blinking of the eyes and suddenly we are standing right here at this moment and worse,some of us are getting married thus we have to accept that time comes and goes and we are getting older and can no longer having this kind of "bachelor party".

Anyway,I hope the sweetness of our memories while we were together,working on the path of Da'wah and Tarbiyyah will remains in our heart and it will be one of the sources to gain strength when we are facing difficulties and tribulations.-We are not alone.We are in the Jama'ah and Allah is with us.

Again....those smiles from my sahabat will make me remember the olden days.

May Allah bless our ukhuwwah and make us istiqamah to work and strive on this path.The path of our beloved Prophed,Muhammad S.A.W.

Note1 :I just met 'Akif Adam(he said he missed me a lot while chatting with him few days before),Hafiz Z.Abidin,Ikhwan Rosli,Umar Afifi,Zakiran.(hopefully I didn't miss to mention other names-my batch)~info:I'm not asobiyah.

Note2: I met some of my juniors.Ammar Amran,Naqiuddin(I haven't met them for quite sometimes).And I did met some of my respected seniors i.e hudzaifah,mughirah etc.

Note3: I met my brother,Ikhwan Zulkifli.While shaking hands+hugging with him I thought I was shaking hands with Allahyarham 'Ammar.He reminds me a lot to my beloved,unreplaceable sahabat.

Note4: Daurah Usul 20 really benefits me and make me more firm and confident to dive into the human ocean which full with 1001 problems.


ing said...

i miss u a lot too...hehe

ukur kira said...

to Ing:Miss u too.May u pass with flying colors this coming exam and I can't wait to meet u this August.

Amin Misran said...

u dont miss me?

ukur kira said...

to amin Misran:surely I miss all of my sahabat.we somehow have some kind of same interest.Hehe..Attending public lectures.

"Do all paths lead to Paradise?"
(Best bangat lecture tu)

You u why, right?