Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To be the best, you have to learn from the best.


This post will be divided into several parts.Generally,the first part will be on a short true story.Next,it will be continued with my analysis on that particular issue and last but not least,my personal critics.May this post benefits all of us and your opinions and critics are recommended and highly appreciated.


"I is a good girl.I am fast in speaking English."What would you think about this statement?Believe it or not,this statement was writen down by a 1st class degree holder in his/her working form under point 'describe yourself'.

I'm not saying I'm perfect in English but doing silly mistakes in simple grammatical part couldn't be accepted especially by a 1st class degree holder.If he/she is a primary school student,then it will make no offence.

He/She was graduated from one of the prestigious local Public University.For your info,last convocation,that particular university particularly the xxx faculty/dpartment produced 25 students with 1st class degree out of 100 students.


The first question poped out from my mind was,who's fooling who here?The University fooling the students or the Education System?Or both?Or perhaps nobody fooling each other?

How far the quality of our education system?
Can I say some portions of our education system are nothing else rather than political 'entertainment'?

Maybe readers can answer it to yourselves.


Our education system is too bad in some aspects.Lack here and there.Hence we can't compare apple to an apple with other countries' education system.

My lecturer once tell us a story.Years back,when ITM (now UiTM) made an MoA with one of the university in UK to send the top 10 of the ITM students to persue their degree after diploma.Out of 10,all of them failed during the 1st year exam.Try to relate the story and think it yourself.

How are these 'brilliant' students lead the future country?(I'm looking from the view of political and economy points)

With our current country's economy unstable and GDP seems to be a bit frustrated,no wonder our neighbour country once said, 'in about xx years coming,we'll see your people coming to our country and work as a maid.'

Ever heard about BRICs?(Brazil,Russia,India and China).Please google it yourself to know more about BRICs.Don't be supprised if Indonesia is knocking the door to join the BRICs.In fact they predicted in 2050,Indonesia will be ranked top 10 for their GDP.Even USA at that time can't beat one of the BRICs country i.e. China.

It's all started from the education system..How these people are going to lead our beloved country?

Who's fooling who here??


Additional notes:

1)I love my university very much.I'm not promoting or under estimate other universities but no doubt,IIUM is the best..!

2)If you (IIUM students especially our Kulliyyah)realized,there were nobody received 1st class degree for the last convocation.Even if you scored 3.00 for the final cgpa,you're lucky enough.Our quality system is proven to be the best.So,don't give up or frustrated if your pointer is not good enough because in reality you're better.hehe(but please don't take it for granted)

3)Previously,I wasn't agree with the syllabus taught in our department/university.We are more focusing/concerning on theory/philosophy parts.We didn't stress more on the technical part compared to some other universities.Alhamdulillah now I've got the answer why so and so.

4)Please don't think that I'm promoting my university and look down to other universities.


Atiqah said...


Totally agree with doubt, i was thinking the same thing when I just graduated couple of months ago..that is the main reason why i am so eager to further my masters abroad..try to learn from a different education system, different environment and people..

there is a friend of mine criticizing on the fact that she didnt manage to reach 1st class degree with just one more UKM for my program, 1st class degree is 3.7 above..she got 3.69 which was why she regret the most of not being able to sit on the same line with her first degree's friends.. she suggested to her lect to downgrade to 3.65 so that she will get the same 1st class degree.

but i is not because of jealousy as she gets better than is because i am satisfied enough with what i had...with that kind of pointer, i know where am i, where should i put myself into, and i know...that i have to study even harder than i did before to reach the highest level. downgrading the grade would change nothing to our level of knowledge, would not change anything to show others that we are a brilliant students. It is when we apply everything in our everyday life for the sake of others, than we can see how far the knowledge that we gain in Uni can go further.


ing said...

"I is a good girl.I am fast in speaking English.

1st class degree holder pun kena tgk course apa yg dia amik...

mcm x pcaya jgk...

*cgpa nta brp? (saja tnya wlpn x akan d jwb..hehe)

ukur kira said...

That's it.thanks for elaborating more and share yr idea.

maaf bertanya.Apa kaitannya 1st class degree holder dgn course dia amik dgn simple english mistakes?

Yg tu blajar time sekolah,x kisah la course apa dia amik.

Even skrng ni semua local univ claim depa guna english as medium of teaching.

Lainla kalau guna vocab2 yg bombastic or jargon words yg memang payah.tu tak dinafikanlah.

Kalau dari math point of view,mcm 1+1=2.Perlu ke alasan budak2 course law kata depa tak tau 1+1=2 sbb tak blajar math d university.Padahal yg tu basic dan blajar di sek rendah.

cgpa ana?hehe..mmg ana x mau habaq pun.ana bukan d kalangan org2 mantap a.k.a 1st class.


amir said...

ana rasa dia dpt 1st class degree sbb dia score A+ dlm smua SUBJEK TERAS/CORE mcm math, fizik, kimia dll...
tp B.I mmg dia lemah nk bt mcmn...
B.I lemah x effect CGPA hour sikit sgt..kcuali UIA..

-kwn amir..kekeke

ukur kira said...

@amir a.k.a ing:
Terpulang la nta nak judge mcm mana.u're free to judge.

Anyway,thanks sbb bg comments and pndapat.