Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pain and sad..


Last 2nd-4th October,IIUM was celebrating its 26th convocation.And alhamdulillah,my eldest brother managed to celebrate his graduation.

Just to share few sad and 'heart touching' moments on that day.

Alhamdulillah,our family members had the opportunity to attend the ceremony and snapping 'thousands' of memorable pictures.Afterall it was a first and the last time life experience.(if not furthering for master and PhD).

I saw some international students didn't managed to celebrate the convocation with their families.Perhaps their family are staying too far and having financial constraint to attend the convocation ceremony.

Hence,they just celebrated it with their fellow country friends.Having no family besides during the 'happy day' would be such a great pain inside the heart.Although being surrounded and celebrated with close friends,it's totally different.

A friend of mine told me that he saw one guy (foreign student) during the convocation day standing sadly with a camera in his hand.He looks around and see graduates with their family.Laughing and snapping pictures with their loves one.However,he was alone.In fact he was graduating for his PhD and nobody with him.

After a long observation,my friend went to him and offered a hand to help him snapping his pictures.That guy seems sooo happy and keeps on thanking my friend for being his 'saviour'.And Alhamdullilah a nice looking smile potrayed on his face although maybe he feel the pain deep inside his heart.

Imagine we're at their situation.I said to my parent the other day if they didn't attend my convocation next year (insha Allah)it would be ok.Just trying to feel the same situation.But my dad insist to attend it.He said,it would be no fair if he can attend my sister and brother convocation,then why not mine.

Trying to relate it with the Palestine issue,we're lucky enough having this and that.Family,friends,money etc.But then,we never or tend not to appreciate that.We forget to thank Allah for all of these.

Have we think about our brothers and sisters in Palestine today?What did they have for breakfast?Did they managed to attend to school today?

tepuk dada,tanya iman...



1)Congratulation to all graduates especially my brother,friends,sahabats etc.Nobody in our Kulliyyah/Faculty (Architecture,Landscape Architecture,Applied Art and Design,Quantity Surveying,Urban and Regional Planning) received 1st class degree.But,it ok.Not a big deal at all.All of my QS seniors already got job.Some with contractors,private firms etc.Congrat!

2)Final exam is coming soon.1st paper will be on this end of month.Please pray for me.

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salam. nice post. keep it up ;)