Friday, October 1, 2010

I might killed some people


Salam Jumaat.Just a short post.Need to rush for class which about another 45 minutes.

Last night I was dreaming.Very nice one.The story went like this;

I was so hungry.Then,I grabbed my 'kuih raya' which my beloved ummi gave it to me and starts eating.Nyum3...Burrpp..Alhamdulillah.Then I couldn't recall the rest of the story.

This morning when I woke up for subuh,I found that my 'kuih raya'was gone.The tupperware was empty.

The question is,was I dreaming or the thing was really happened?If it really happened,then,it was really 'crazy' eating while sleeping.(memang tidak sopan dan beradab)

And of course it is quite dangerous.Last night I was eating while sleeping.How about tonight and the other coming nights?I might killed people while sleeping.Who knows?

Any suggestion?



1)A bit sad cause my kuih raya sudah habis.Tidak dapat menghayati 'the taste of feeling' semasa makan due to my eat-while-sleep.


Anonymous said...

LOL.. seriously? do you always eat during sleep?

how about thinking that your kuih might be eaten by your friends/cats?

ukur kira said...

Did u think I was joking?Nope.In fact,this was my first time 'eat during sleep'.

No way.No cats in my room n never allow cats to come in.

Friends?Mustahil.My roomates semua sopan2 dan baik2 belaka.

I think It was me who finished off the kuih while sleeping,sebab pagi tu bangun for subuh,tangan bau kuih2 and ada kesan2 kuih.

Ad@Am said...

Nabil lapar sangatla tu..
sampai mengigau mkn kuih raye..
org suruh mkn mlm xnk..

xyahla nk diet2 Nabil..
nta dah kurus dah.. hehe

lawak je Nabil =)

ukur kira said...

Ana tak diet pun..Nta belanja la ana mkn.

Nandos bleh,Kenny Rogers bleh.TGI Fridays pn ok jugak.hehehe

Lawak ja..

Atiqah said...

hehe..funny..but if it's true then u have to take extra 15minutes before u go to sleep or at least drink something..

BAJETserendah said...

Alangkah bagusnye kalau dapat STUDY WHILE SLEEPING...

ukur kira said...

I used to hav my dinner before maghrib.(atas nasihat Dr.Azizan Ahmad).Maybe that's why tengah2 mlm dah start rasa lapar semula..

@pan:Setuju!Bagusnya dapat tidur time study.Eh silap.Study time tidur.Eh,ye ke?mana satu yg betul ni?

hoodsunny said...

Best eating a meal- minimally 3 hours before sleep.

Eating while sleeping? Seek for the doctor if it happens twice or more~

ukur kira said...


thanks for the info.Kena amalkan ni,Insya Allah.

Insya Allah.Hopefully tak berulang lagi.