Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dare and Wise


It has been a while since my last post.I didn't have a proper time to update my blog lately.Well,hopefully this 10 minutes entry will benefits all of us,Insya Allah.

I'm not so 'outspoken'or dare to express my feelings to people except while supplicating and talking to my beloved Ummi.Making worst,if I need to express it in English.(It shows how bad my English is)

Yesterday,while in xx class I couldn't sit calmly as I was very late in performing my 'Asr prayer.The class should end up at 6.30pm but the lecturer insisted to continue his lecture up to 6.45pm.Maghrib prayer is just to come then.

In fact,that particular lecturer gave us questions to be answered in class while he went outside the class to perform the 'Asr prayer.It wasn't fair.!

The moment he came in,he started to give 'Tazkirah' which turn out to be 'bullshit'!(Sorry for using this term.)

I couldn't recall his exact words,but the gist is more or less like this;
"If people didn't perform the solah,it is not the society problem,it is the individual problem,hence you can't blame the society for any reason"

Suddenly and spontaneously I shouted 'NO!!' as reflecting to disagreement of his statement.I even didn't realized how my voice came out to said that.

And of course,few eyeballs were concentrating on me.It was like 'eh Nabil ke tu?biar betul.'

But I just pretending as 'it wasn't me' by looking elsewhere i.e ceiling etc.Of course I have my justifications to argue with my lecturer,but Alhamdulillah,Allah has granted me with rational and wisdom not to argue so and so at that time.

It isn't about you dare or not to argue,but it is about how you argue with people,and it is not appropriate to slam the PhD holder infront of the class.

Respecting others,or like Stephen Covey said,seek understand,then to be understood is the key.I might win the argument,but I will lose his heart forever and ever.I would say,this is not a Dai'e characteristic.

As a Dai'e,our aim is to win the heart of our Mad'u.Many people have the courage to argue and dare to slam people,but few people have the ability to stay calm,and put his wisdom ahead rather than his emotion.

“Invite (all) to the way of Thy Lord with wisdom and preaching; and argue with them In ways that are best and Most gracious: for Thy knoweth best, who have strayed from His path, and who receive guidance.” (An-Nahl:125)

Wallhu'alam.May Allah gives us the strength to spread Islam and Istiqamah on this path.


1.PhD might be translated also as 'Pandai habih dah.-Thus,their ego are quite high.Must have skills to tackle them.

2.There was a survey made to find the most trust people to be trusted in the society,and guess what,Professor was at the 1st rank.Civil society even didn't put their trust on Doctor.Worst were the politician and Policemen.

3.Wisdom alone isn't very helpful either.We need wisdom and courage,and currently,I'm not courage enough to pop out my words.


Ridhwan said...

PHD = permanent head damage..so don't take personal what they said..(some PHD)..many others r better..

ukur kira said...

Hehehe..Yeah.It doesn't matter at all.Just take what is good and beneficial.
Let us reach the PhD level as people will starts listening to our words..

mangchikla said...

Also acronym for 'Penghasut Hasad Dengki', quite rampant in every nook & cranny of life :D The next time it happens, may i suggest u excuse yrself to pray, afterall it's not more than five minutes. I've had similar problems with my boss who is fond of having meeting on Fridays almost dragging to almost solat time, I just stood up say my peace and left. Aaaaaah the good times :D

ing said...

org yg ada PhD x smestinya Professor..
jd utk bt org dgr ckp kita adalah bkn dgn hanya mncapai PhD tetapi dgn mncapai thp "Professor"!!
(wlpn ada jgk Prof yg mnipu n x boleh d percayai)

tp ana rasa mcm setuju jgk dgn apa yg lecturer nta ckp..(atau mgkin ana slh fhm)

*maaf komen dlm bhs melayu..sy x pandai bhs inggeris

Atiqah said...

the higher status + academic level u get, the more people will look at u or listen to u..sometimes, it is just a piece of crap, but they are fold-blinded with the status..

Anonymous said...

Why we need to condem the pHD holder...
Better condem the individual himself..
It is NOT the fault of having pHD..
Back to the issue of 'akhlak'..

ukur kira said...

You're right.Once u get ur PhD.,u already hold the title Dr.U need to fulfill certain criteria e.g.publish few numbers of journals,present research paper etc.locally and internationally,then only u'll receive ur Assoc.Prof b4 full Prof.
(Menipu tidak mengira PhD or Degree or SPM..Tak ada iman,then tipula)

It's ok if u agreed with my lecturer statement.Everyone have their own view.(Should I justify it here?)

Alah,tak apa.Nta komen dlm bahasa apa2 pun tak apa,as long as ana faham,insya Allah ana cuba respond.

ukur kira said...

Betul dan setuju.Tetapi bagi mereka2 yang punya Tarbiyyah,listening and accepting advices from anybody regardless their status or level tidak menjadi masalah.

Point utama nasihat adalah untuk kebaikan kita juga.

Hehehe..Condemning PhD holder..We shouldn't condemn anybody.Diri sendiri pun bnyak lagi kelemahan.

Ana setuju.Kita dah terpesong topic ni.hehe..

amirfathirah said...

PhD blum lagi sampai tahap pandai habih dah...baru hanya mengkhatamkan satu ilmu hanya satu permulaan utk membuka ilmu2 yg lain...PhD bg ana Persediaan Hadapi Dugaan...

ukur kira said...

Bagus2..Definasi PhD bg nta mmg sesuai,Persediaan Hadapi Dugaan.

But most people think, once u hold a PhD,u're 'superb' or like 'Aku ni pandai habis!'.