Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alhamdulillah..Release sikit..


Alhamdulillah..Phew..At last,after struggling and almost dying finishing our 1st coursework for Post contract subject,We've completed it successfully.We?Yeah, It's me and my partner.He did helps me a lot.Almost 70% of the work he done it.I just contributed the rest 30%.Demam hari tu..Tak leh bagi full commitment.huhu

So,tomorrow morning will go to the photocopy centre and bind our documents.Need to submit before noon.

So,I guessed there is 'time' for me to concentrate on my Ramadhan as there is no other assignment which need to be submitted in this short time.After Raya ada la..Banyak lagi..

This evening,I made myself free to have a walk and taking fresh air.Coincidently,I met my Kenyan friend.He asked me,what makes me so happy?because I was smiling.He said it's abnormal to see me smiling as I'm always in serious 'facial expression.'

I just kindda 'Errk??'Apekah?But I admit I'm kind of person who is very hard to smile.But for those who 'knows' me well,will not bother.

Actually,I've something to share but seems like it's not a right time and post.Maybe next time.Who wanted to know,please sms or call me personally..kekeke

Ok la,nak chow dah.

Kepada para manusia,jangan terlalu memikirkan raya sehingga terlupa Ramadhan.Sesungguhnya Lailatul Qadar itu tersimpan di 10 malam terakhir.Maka,Carilah ia..



1)Last Monday I've missed my class.First time for this semester.-Demam..But,morning class was postponed to after raya while the evening class was cancelled.So,Allah Maha Mengetahui.I didn't missed any lectures though.

2)Abah,dah lama tak pi camping.So,cuti Raya ni amacam?Jom plan pi mana-mana.-(Father n son discussion)


Mohd Jamil said...

Ok Nabil, insyaallah we'll go to Langkawi for 3days and 2 nights if hotel is still available,I'll confirm tomorrow. We'll soak ourself in the sea the whole day long. Your idea of camping out is not possible, the waterfall is still out of bound from leptospirosis bacteria contamination and furthermore we'll be taking the little 8 month along

Atiqah said...

"Kepada para manusia,jangan terlalu memikirkan raya sehingga terlupa Ramadhan"

erk...mcm terkena btg hidung sndr (lately my entries were all about raya :)

ukur kira said...

Tq..I think it's worth as it's difficult to gather all of us at one time except hari raya and certain occasions.

Anyway,if it happened to burdening u,just forget about it.Maybe next time.

Don't make me wrong.I didn't point out to u.That statement is focusing on me though. =)

Atiqah said...

hehe...just kidding ukur kira..somehow it reminds me though..only thinking about raya, i can see my mom's smiling face because when abah has decided to celebrate at her hometown, she will get really excited about it..that is why i kept mention about it in my entry...

Kedah is the best! hehe