Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's hard to make a decision


Dah missed berapa hari posa?Joking! (But it's a FAQ during the childhood life whenever we met each other)

So,the last 10 days are coming soon.For those has prepared,just smiling and flashing the upper white teeth as a symbol of happiness and 'yeah I'm ready!'.

Allow me to divert a bit from Ramadhan topic to R.A.Y.A/ Eid Fitr. People might think that I'm crazy and kind of 'yea,yea nak raya' but no no no..It is just about how to go back for hari raya.

You need to plan right?For those who stayed in the eastern part,if you just start thinking to buy bus ticket,then u're in a big trouble.Most probably you should start collecting 'lagu-lagu raya' and roll it during hari raya as you'll be in 'perantauan'.

Choosing the right date and time to travel is very crucial.Or else you'll stuck in crazy traffic jams.

Me?I've booked a ticket for a charted bus for Anak-anak KEDAH.Alhamdulillah I'm managed to get a seat.But yesterday I just cancelled cause I planned to celebrate Raya here.(I bet u won't believe it.Of course not.Joking je..)No, actually my sahabat invite me to join him travelling by car from KL to Kedah.So,after considering few things like 'I never 'bermusafir' with this particular sahabat,then I agreed.

But then I received another invitation from my cousin to travel with him.Also by car.Alhamdulillah..Banyak sungguh rezeki kawe nak kelik nih.

The point is,how to decide?


ing said...

If I were u, i would kelik dgn sepupu..hehe =)

ikutlh, klau nk blk dgn shbt nta..
nta ckp elok2 kt spupu nta yg nta dah janji nk blk dgn kwn..
(sbb dia yg invite dulu)
ma fish mushkilah..

it's up to u,

ukur kira said...


I've been thinking the same,but how if ur cousin is a girl?Gonna think twice though.

But,my particular cousin is a 'boy'/guy.not a girl.
So, far x decide lagi macam mana..

Maybe I should consider and plan to celebrate Eid here.kekeke.

Thanks 4 ur advise