Sunday, August 15, 2010

Imam yang syahdu..


I just realized that my blog was updated frequently..What does it means now?I would say I'm whether in stress or happy because I will start writing once I'm having these two mood,but for sure I'm still in buzzzy mode!.But not to be panicked.Just calm and steady.

Just telling you that I like performing Terawih here,in University masjid.Feel like really 'rest'(tarawih comes from the word raha/rehat right?).Because sometimes at other places,the imam 'tergopoh-gapah' to finish 1 juzu' everynight.Thus,their recitation and physical movements are bit too fast and kind of in rush.Rushing for what?

Here in the university masjid the imams are coming from two different countries.The first 10 rakaat will be led by Imam Idris Bashier from Morroco and for the second half will be led by Imam Muhammed from Algeria.Subhanallah.They have a great voice.I like Imam Idris as he will using different intonation for different themes of Surah and ayat.Sometimes it makes the Jema'ah wanted to cry although we couldn't understand Arabic.Ayatullah can penetrate through humans' sincere heart-The Miracle/Mukjizat of Quran.

Yesterday,I met one of my best friend asking me whether I'm planning to 'iktikaf or not at the Masjid during the last 10 days as what we had done before.I couldn't promise him whether to do or not to do.It depends..I think I'll be at home during the last 10 days.

The day before,I met my Architecture friend who already finished his studies and still waiting for the convocation this coming October.He's working now and he already bought a car.CASH!More than that,he just bought a house at Melaka.He bear all of the expenses.I kindda 'wow'.

He just asked me to ring him if I need job after I've finished my studies.Alhamdulillah.Ade jugak kawan nak tolong.We knew each other since Matriculation.

At the same time,I didn't plan to seek for a job after graduated.Rasa macam nak further study dulu.And if ada rezeki just wanted to gain experience aboard. (sambil menjeling kepada ing.hehe)

Till then,wassalam.

1)Ramadhan ni suddenly I became rajin untuk read newspaper (berita harian).I used to read The Star.Why berita harian?Seronok baca 'Salam perantau'..hehe.tu je.

2)I just get to know that the Ford motor company was originally from Anchorage,Alaska.(sambil menjeling ing sekali lagi)

3)My beloved and respected Mudir,(MATRI) is in critical condition.Please pray for his strength,sabr to overcome Allah's tests.He is a good Murobbi and Dai'e.

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ing said...

Bestnya terawih kt masjid UIA gombak..(hrp dpt brterawih d sana suatu hari nnti)

bgs Nabil further study dulu...
time muda ni la nk jalan puas2..
hehe (smbil mmbalas jelingan nta) info about Alaska..

Moga Allah myembukn n mberi kkuatan pd UDMZ..
Amin ya Rabbal alamin..............