Saturday, August 21, 2010

Media and Psychology


This post is more towards 'educational' scopes rather than 'sharing moment'.However,this is just based on my cynical perspectives.After all you will judge my idea and hopefully not judging me as a personal.

I've read online articles regarding the proposal to construct an Islamic Centre or Masjid near the 'Ground Zero' which previously was the WTC grid lines before the attack of September 11.And this proposal has beaten the drum for almost the whole community not only in the New York itself but the entire world.

It is really a controversial issue as the proposal has taken into consideration by the US President,Barrack Obama and the recent news stated that the proposal has been approved.

The approval of this proposal has created a little chaos around the NYC and people are questioned about it.Muslims has been pointed for the tremendous destruction and yet,they are allowed to construct an Islamic centre at the Zero Ground.

When Obama announced to the world that Muslims especially in the NYC has rights to construct the masjid and practise their believe without facing any anti-sentiment,some Muslims started to claim that Obama is actually a Muslim.He is more tolerate to the Islamic issues compared to the other US President.Some even declared Obama as the 'HERO'.

Personally,I didn't agree and I have my own reasons and interpretations about this issue.But right now,I'm trying to relate it to the Palestinian issue e.g. the embargo against the Gaza Strip.

After the Freedom Flotilla i.e. Mavi Marmara has been stormed brutally by the Israeli soldiers, both the USA and Israel received condemns from the whole world.Barrack Obama's reputation is stretched for being the 'back up' to the Israel, defending their uncivilized actions i.e. killing 9 'peacemaker' on board of Mavi Marmara.

Apart from that,we heard that the USA will keep on defending the Zionist Israel and supporting them.The USA even contributing sum of money to fund the Zionist army for developing their army based researches etc.

But people tend to forget about this Mavi Marmara issue which was almost a month being 'the front page issue' of each and every newspapers.

Personally,I think it is only a political tactic to 'rejuvenate' Obama's reputation.Media nowadays is trying to create peoples' trust on Obama by 'wooing'his goodness and his 'Islamic' thinking and approaches.How come the same person encouraging evils at the same time prohibit it.Doesn't make sense right?

This is nothing except Psychological attack.As time goes,people will be diverted from the main issue i.e. Palestine to the 'Obama The Muslim/Hero'.

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We as Muslims and have the understanding of it,shall have the 3D views.We cannot accept 100% from what we heard or looked.Allah says in surah Hujuraat verse 6:

"O ye who believe! if a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, Lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done."

I believed that the Family members of the martyr aboard the Mavi Marmara,would not accept Obama as a HERO.Our brothers and sisters in Gaza indeed.Why?Because they were the victims and they felt the missing of their loves one.We?something wrong with our heart as we didn't sensitive enough.

Believe me,we need to speculate the political issues and at the same time make our strategic planning to overcome their Media and Psychological war.Play our role as an individual or jema'ah to stess on the main issue before people started to be focus diverted.

Ustaz Noorazman Shamsuddin always said: "Tinggalkan maksiat dalam diri kita dahulu jika kita nak berjuang di Jalan Allah.Kemenangan akan terhijab oleh sebab maksiat yang ada dalam diri kita."


1)Sorry for writing something 'educated'.Hope it'll benefits others.

2)Ada gaya further studies in Psychology/Political analysis/IR tak?

3)I've bought an English novel entitled "Barrack Obama:Dreams of my father".Obama wrote the novel himself.400+ pages.Just read it halfway during the last semester break,but as soon Mavi Marmara was attacked,I have no mood to continue reading.I have a bad perception against him although I was thinking he is kind of "saviour" at the beginning of my reading.So,nak lelong je la novel tu.Ada yang nak beli ke?Still in good condition.


ing said...

ana pun x prcaya sgt dgn Obama ni..

*rajin nta baca buku noh...B.I plak tu...mmg sesuai smbung ngaji dlm bidang psikologi =)

Syed Ahmad Fathi said...

I personally agree with the reason.
Haq dan batil tak mungkin bersatu!

ukur kira said...

Masih ada syak dgn dia..

Membaca jambatan ilmu..hehe.IQRA'
Jom membaca

Tq2 4 supporting the idea.
I agree with u.Haq n Batil tak mungkin bersatu!

MuNsYi SaMa said...

totally agree with u.that's just a political tactic to win the heart of some muslims.

note 1: dont be sorry. it is indeed a very good piece of writing.

LuQMaN M.J said...

bagi buku barack obama tu kat 'alim soleh. :D

let him do the reading :)

ukur kira said...


Buku tu ada di rumah.
Wait until 'alim 8th birthday then I'll give him the book as birthday gift.