Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nuzul Quran


This post is not really reflecting the title.I just can't find the suitable title for this post.As Nuzul Quran was yesterday,then I feel like,oh nuzul quran sounds good.Sorry for that.

I really forgot about Nuzul Quran.Don't make it wrong.I didn't mean that I didn't remember the story or I've 'abandoned' the Quran and what not, but I just didn't aware that yesterday was Nuzul Quran.Make it worst,I totally forgot that Selangor and some other states in Malaysia make it that day as a holiday.

Hence,early in the morning,I walked all the way from my college to the faculty to attend the class.On my way to the faculty,I did realized that the library,banks and offices were closed.

There were nobody at the faculty that morning.No cars,bike etc. as usual.I sent an sms to my friend and 'she' replied,it is Nuzul quran holiday.I thought UIA is under Wilayah persekutuan KL.Believe me,for UIA students,please turn backside of your matric card and read the university address.

"IIUM, Jalan Gombak,53100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia."-Notice it stated KUALA LUMPUR.

So,I wasn't wrong although I'm in my final year and had the experience of celebrating the Nuzul Quran here.But I can't remember whether previous years it was holiday or not.My mind messed up.Thinking lot of things.

Yesterday was a very very good day for me.I can feel it.I really enjoyed the Friday sermon delivered by Asst.Prof... He is a Moroccan.Although it was in Arabic,but Alhamdulillah,I managed to get the gist of his khutbah.He didn't used any script as what other khatib used to do.Penuh bersemangat.Allahu Akbar!!

The terawih was led by brother Mustafa from Palestine.It's difficult to explain what did I feel.Bacaan Brother Mustafa is so so so nice.I've come across many Imams and some of the Imam I can feel the 'ruh'.I bet,those who never cry during solah,will Insya Allah at least menitis satu or dua titik eye drops.If tak juga,memang something wrong.

Rasa bersyukur sangat dipilih Allah untuk sambung belajar di sini.I can't imagine if I terima offer untuk buat dentistry di .... once upon a time after SPM.Or I accept to join AET (American Eagle Tanker)and study di ALAM (Akademi Laut Malaysia)as a marine engineer.

Memang perancangan Allah hebat.Here,I make many friends especially international students.Yamen,Sau'di,Turkey,Burkina Faso,Kenya,Ivory Coast,Algeria,Morocco,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Palestine,Syria,Brunei,Thailand,Indonesia and many more.Saya banyak belajar their culture,history,foods etc. Alhamdulillah..

Ok la..cukup dulu for now.


1)My dissertation supervisor is so nice.Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan so far.Now dalam proses nak muntah sebab kena banyak baca articles,journals,books etc.Please pray for me.

2)Shu'bah,ana dah dpt keje part time..hehehe..Tapi macam busy je and can't give full commitment.Well,at least I can work based on my schedule. 2 or 3 or 4 or even 1 times a week.It's so flexible.

3)Tomorrow ada invitation untuk iftar at my turkish friends' house.Esok tu ada iftar organized by my department.Haih..makan je..

4)Petang ni ada talk di EDU LR6 pukul 2-3pm.Jmput mai.Syeikh Dr.Muhammad Mahmood Siyam,Imam Masjid Al-Aqsa, Palestin datang.Jom pi kutip mutiara dari beliau.

5)Sekejap je nak habis dah part 2 Ramadhan.Jom boost up ke gear 5..


ing said...

best ngaji UIA...
byk sgt klbhn...
nta amat beruntung...

ukur kira said...


Alhamdulillah best.Allah bagi peluang kpd ana.

Nta pun ngaji di mesir x kurang bestnya.Beruntung jugak.