Wednesday, September 22, 2010

They have gone,but their spirit lives on...

One of the signs whenever the doomsday is approaching is that,Allah will take the soul of the sincere Muslim scholars.

As a result,people will turn out looking for advises and answers regarding Islamic matters nowhere rather than the 'fake' scholars whom will lead the people away and astray from the path of Allah.Consequently,we will live in chaos,full of doubtfulness and coming to certain extent,Islam is no more other than a NAME..

This is what happening nowadays whether we realized it or not.

Few years back,we have lost some prominent muslim scholar.The death of Al-Fadhil Ustaz Mustafa Masyhur,the Ikhwanul Muslimin leader, before he was soon replaced by Dr.Mehdi 'Akef.It was quite shocked for those who are concern with Ikhwan.

Later,Ustaz Fathi Yakan was called by Almighty Allah to meet HIM.He is the Author of the Famous book 'Maza Ya'ni Intima lil Islam',the book used by most of the Usrah/Halaqah institutions as it baseline/introduction.

These two people gives a big impact to the Harakah Islamiyyah globally.From the desert of sahara to the greenish of tropica,from the tents of Bedouin to the skyscrapers of New York,from the below sea level of Netherlands to the highest peak of Everest;each and everyone can feel the presence of their strives i.e.reviving Islam as what has been done by the beloved Prophet,Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam.

Narrowing the scope,me and some of the people have lost our Murobbi recently.Starting from Cikgu Zainuddin Jusoh (my living skill teacher in MATRI),Sir Ghazali Omar (my English teacher in MATRI),moving to Ummi Halimaton Husin (my Bahasa Melayu teacher in MATRI),Sir Yahya Ismail (EST teacher in MATRI)and few days back,our beloved Mudir/Principle Ustaz Dahlan Mohd Zain.

If the Ikhwah in Indonesia mourning for the death of Ustaz Rahmat Abdullah once upon a time,and we Malaysian at that time felt the same thing although not as sad as them,now we're feeling the same way;loosing our 'Guru'...

I know and I realized that nobody can escape from death.From time to time,one of our loves one will go and meet HIM.The question is,they have gone,but how far we've take it as a lesson and how much their spirits lives on in our heart?

As-Syahid Syed Qutb once said;

"Neither me nor you initiating this 'struggle',
But it is the pioneer of the Nabi and Rasul.
We and the rest of those who struggle on this path are the chains,linking from the Pioneer.Now,I'm gone to meet my Rabb,hence has dropped one chain."

May we still Istiqamah in this path...Ameen Ya Rabb..

As-Syahid Hassan Al-Banna said;

"Wahai manusia,setelah kehidupan yang pendek ini kamu akan menjalani kehidupan yang abadi.Bila kamu memahami rahsia tugasmu dalam kehidupan ini dan mengikhlaskan amal untuk Tuhanmu,ada kenikmatan yang menantimu."


tiplu said...

Moga Allah mnempatkn fadhilah As-Syeikh Al-Mujahid Dahlan Mohd Zain d kalangan hamba2Nya yg beriman...

Moga Allah mmberi kkuatan kpd kita smua utk trus istiqamah d atas "jalan ini"..

ing said...

"Tidak hairanlah ada para 'huffaz' tidak berakhlaq dengan akhlaq islami."

nasib baik aku x hafal 30 juz Al-Quran...hehe (lawak jah)

(2)Amiin ya Rabb....(utk doa d atas)

(3)slh 1 kata2 UDMZ yg ana ingat sampai skrg ialah "ilmu x akan bg sbhgn drpnya kpd kita shingga kita bg smua yg ada pd kita (usaha+tenaga+masa+harta+dll)kpdnya..."

ukur kira said...

Insya Allah..Ameenn Ya Robb.

Betul2 ayat tu.Al'ilm la tu'ti ba'dhohu....(x ingt dah mcm mana ayat arabic dia)